Copyright Clearance Center Extends Rights Licensing Database to Vendors

Nov 18, 2003

Copyright Clearance Center, a licensing agent of text reproduction rights, has provided direct access to its licensing services from applications created by Ex Libris and XanEdu. Through Copyright Clearance Center's Copyright Integration Services, Ex Libris, a supplier of software solutions for libraries and information centers, and XanEdu, a publisher of online and offline course materials for the higher education market, now provide a way for their application users to lawfully reuse copyright protected materials. By extending its rights database to vendors that provide access to content, Copyright Clearance Center increases the ease and likelihood of copyright compliance by providing new points of access at which application users can obtain the permission they need.

XanEdu has integrated Copyright Clearance Center's licensing services and transaction engine into its production system in an effort to streamline the way it secures permission to lawfully produce educational coursepacks. Ex Libris now provides a way to use Copyright Clearance Center's licensing services through its SFX link server that provides librarians with a connection to collections services where content users can access and request permission for the content they wish to reproduce.

Copyright Clearance Center's Copyright Integration Services enable content suppliers, aggregators, copyshops, document deliverers, and high-volume users of its services to integrate rights licensing into their application workflow. The services currently include: Permissions Gateway--a Web service consisting of application programming interfaces (APIs) that provide integration between a software application and Copyright Clearance Center's rights database, and Permissions Direct--a link from a software application or portal that connects to a specified area in Copyright Clearance Center's Web site using OpenURL standards. Organizations can use either Permissions Gateway or Permissions Direct to integrate with Copyright Clearance Center's rights database, depending on their systems, processes, and desired level of integration. These Copyright Integration Services can be used to support a variety of end-user needs, such as interlibrary loans, library reserves and ereserves, course management, coursepack management, and document delivery.    

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