Secure Content Collaboration with Information Rights Management

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Hard and Software
For Neoteris, a small company with over 400 customers, the solution comes in the form of an "Application Security Gateway" which is a 2U appliance running a proprietary operating system. The Meeting Series product Neoteris recently released extends the appliance-based approach typically associated with security gateways to effectively solve the problems commonly associated with real-time collaboration. In other words, it protects your meeting data.

Content presenters are able to schedule and host secure meetings and share information with the viewer using the Meeting secure plug-in that speaks back to the Meeting Appliance. All information passed between the viewer and presenter is encrypted using SSL and group-based authentication and authorization processes that can be easily modified by administrators and content managers. The presenter can use his PC to drive the meeting with PowerPoint slides, a Word Doc, Web surfing, or full-screen imaging. This is done seamlessly in the background at the application layer via Neoteris' special sauce.

The Meeting software logs all session data to include all data passed through to the viewer as well. For example, if you were to use the Meeting Series appliance to present sales material to your sales force, Neoteris guarantees that only users authorized by you will have access to this data and that your data will be secure and you will have a record of every action taken during the meeting.

As part of a holistic approach to security inside and outside the perimeter, Neoteris' product adds a secure conduit through which a company can present its information and know that it has ultimate control and rights to that information. For highly competitive industries where information is the business—such as the finance industry, healthcare organizations, or the legal world—this type of security is a must.

In Sync
If your company has a more conservative policy towards external communications and meeting collaboration software is more than you are looking for in a solution, conventional digital media is cheap and easy to use and the tools are probably already on your PC. In fact, using streaming media technology to communicate corporate information is an exploding trend with corporate expenditures on streaming video technology predicted to hit $3 billion by 2005. Everywhere you look today in corporate America someone is moving his training videos or certification classes or legal depositions into the digital arena to drive down costs and drive up usability. So with all this spending on streaming media technology one has to wonder what is being done to manage the security of this information as it moves outside the corporate boundaries? Norwalk, California's SyncCast offers a slick solution to your problems.

The company's SyncPack DRM packager is a standalone .NET certified application that runs on content owners PCs and allows them to encrypt any Windows Media file into a protected piece of content with persistent policy attached. Previously, this was done by having to upload every file that you wanted encrypted so the technology itself moves this process to your machine and uses your CPU to do it. It also eliminates the headache of moving large files about the Web that will also cut down on your deployment time.

Once the content is encrypted, the SyncPack app uploads all the metadata and key data associated with your content to SyncCast's databases, which are a part of their overall rights management infrastructure that includes their license clearinghouse service. Users get a system login that allows them to set business rules and rights policies that extend over large groups of content or just a single video.

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