2008-2009 EContent 100 List

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Dec 01, 2008

December 2008 Issue

[ www.kickapps.com ]
 Category: Social Media
 Founded: 2005
 Employees: 80
 Chief Officer: Alex Blum, CEO
 Key Product(s): KickApps Platform

Liferay, Inc.
[ www.liferay.com ]
 Category: Intranets & Portals
 Founded: 2000
 Employees: 70
 Chief Officers: Bryan Cheung, CEO
 Key Product(s): Enterprise Portal, Journal CMS, Collaboration Suite, Social Office 

LinkedIn Corp.
[ www.linkedin.com ]
 Category: Social Media
 Founded: 2003
 Employees: 350
 Chief Officer: Dan Nye, CEO
 Key Product(s): Individual Accounts, Premium Individual Accounts, LinkedIn Corporate Solutions, LinkedIn Advertising, LinkedIn Job Postings 

LTU Technologies
[ www.ltutech.com ]
 Category: Search Engines & Technologies
 Founded: 1999
 Employees: 20
 Chief Officer: Alexandre Winter, Ph.D., CEO & Co-founder
 Key Product(s): LTU Engine, LTU Finder, and LTU Registry 

Mark Logic Corp.
[ www.marklogic.com ]
 Category: Content Delivery
 Founded: 2003
 Employees: 115-plus
 Chief Officer: Dave Kellogg, CEO & President
 Key Product(s): MarkLogic Server

The McGraw-Hill Cos, Inc.
[ www.mcgraw-hill.com ]
 Category: Fee-Based Info Service
 Founded: 1888
 Employees: 21,171
 Chief Officer: Harold McGraw III, Chairman, President, & CEO
 Key Product(s): Financial services, education, and business information

MCN, Inc.
[ www.mcn-inc.com ]
 Categories: Mobile Content, Search Engines & Technologies
 Founded: 2004
 Employees: 50
 Chief Officer: Marc Bookman, CEO
 Key Product(s): MobileSearch.net, allwords, PPC Content Promotion Programs 

Microsoft Corp.
[ www.microsoft.com ]
 Category: Intranets & Portals
 Founded: 1975
 Employees: 92,000
 Chief Officer: Steven A. Ballmer, CEO
 Key Product(s): Xbox, Zune, Windows, Office

Modality, Inc.
[ www.modalitylearning.com ]
 Category: Mobile Content
 Founded: 2006
 Employees: 13
 Chief Officer: S. Mark Williams, Founder & CEO
 Key Product(s): For iPhone and iPod touch: Netter's Anatomy Flash Cards; Frommer's travel guides; Mosby's iTerms Medical Terminology; Board Review Series Flash Cards; Zollinger's Atlas of Surgical Operation

News Corp.
[ www.newscorp.com ]
 Categories: Classification & Taxonomy, Fee-Based Info Service
 Founded: 1923
 Employees: 64,000
 Chief Officer: Rupert Murdoch, Chariman & CEO
 Key Product(s): Information Services including Dow Jones Indexes and Client Services & Factiva, Various Entertainment & News Media

Newstex, LLC
[ www.newstex.com ]
 Category: Fee-Based Info Service
 Founded: 2004
 Employees: 16
 Chief Officer: Larry Schwartz, President and Steve Ellis, Co-founder & CEO
 Key Product(s): News On Demand, Blogs On Demand, Video On Demand 

[ www.nexidia.com ]
 Category: Search Engines & Technologies
 Founded: 2000
 Employees: 101
 Chief Officer: John Willcutts, CEO & President
 Key Product(s): Audio-Video Search Engine

Ning, Inc.
[ www.ning.com ]
 Category: Social Media
 Founded: 2007
 Employees: 100-plus
 Chief Officer: Gina Bianchini, CEO
 Key Product(s): Social Network Building Platform

Nokia Corp.
[ www.nokia.com ]
 Category: Mobile Content
 Founded: 1865
 Employees: 112, 262
 Chief Officer: Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, CEO & President
 Key Product(s): Mobile Phones, Gaming Devices, Enterprise Architecture, Networks, Wireless Systems, Wireless Data Devices 

Northern Light Group
[ www.northernlight.com ]
 Category: Fee-Based Info Service
 Founded: 1996
 Employees: 55
 Chief Officer: C. David Seuss, CEO
 Key Product(s): SinglePoint Market Research Portals, MI Analyst, Analyst Direct, Northern Light Business News, Enterprise Search Engine, Custom Web Search 

OCLC Online Computer Library Center
[ www.oclc.org ]
 Category: Fee-Based Info Service
 Founded: 1967
 Employees: 1,200
 Chief Officer: Jay Jordan, CEO & President
 Key Product(s): WorldCat, NetLibrary, FirstSearch, QuestionPoint, Connexion

Open Source Matters, Inc.
[ www.opensourcematters.orgwww.joomla.org ]
 Category: Content Management
 Founded: 2005
 Employees: 200-plus volunteers
 Chief Officer: Elin Waring, President
 Key Product(s): Joomla

Open Text Corp.
[ www.opentext.com ]
 Category: Content Management
 Founded: 1991
 Employees: 3,000
 Chief Officer: John Shackleton, CEO & President
 Key Product(s): Open Text ECM Suite

Oracle Corp.
[ www.oracle.com ]
 Categories: Intranets & Portals, Search Engines & Technologies
 Founded: 1977
 Employees: 80,000-plus
 Chief Officer: Lawrence J. Ellison, CEO
 Key Product(s): WebCenter Suite, WebCenter Services, Universal Content Management, Information Rights Management, Imaging & Process Management, Digital Asset Management, Web Content Management, Oracle Secure Enterprise Search.

Orchid Software
[ www.orchidsoft.com ]
 Category: Intranets & Portals
 Founded: 1994
 Employees: 25
 Chief Officer: Ajay Sood, Managing Director
 Key Product(s): Orchidnet PRO, Orchidnet SE, and Orchidnet ASP 

O’Reilly Media, Inc.
[ www.oreilly.com ]
 Category: Content Delivery
 Founded: 1978
 Employees: 263
 Chief Officer: Tim O'Reilly, Founder & CEO
 Key Product(s): Safari Books Online (with The Person Technology Group), the O'Reilly Network, and the O'Reilly School of Technology

Pearson PLC
[ www.pearson.com ]
 Category: Fee-Based Info Service
 Founded: 1844
 Employees: 32,000
 Chief Officer: Marjorie Scardino, CEO
 Key Product(s): Educational Publishing, Testing, Penguin Consumer Publishing, Financial Times Publishing 

[ www.plone.org ]
 Category: Content Management
 Founded: 2001
 Employees: 200-plus
 Chief Officers: Alexander Limi and Alan Runyan, Co-founders
 Key Product(s): CMS (Open Source) 

Pressmart Media, Ltd.
[ www.pressmart.net ]
 Category: Content Delivery
 Founded: 2006
 Employees: 298
 Chief Officer: Sanjiv Gupta, CEO
 Key Product(s): Current Delivery Platform for Print Publications; Digitization Solution for Historical Print and Microfilmed Archives

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[ www.proquest.com ]
 Category: Fee-Based Info Service
 Founded: 1938
 Employees: 1,250
 Chief Officers: Marty Kahn, CEO
 Key Product(s): ProQuest, CSA, UMI, Chadwyck-Healey, Serial Solutions, Community of Scholars, RefWorks

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