Day Software Ships Digital Asset Management Solution

Jul 20, 2007

Day Software has announced general availability of its stand-alone digital asset management solution. Part of Day's family of products, Communique Digital Asset Management (CQ DAM) leverages JCR (JSR 170), making a native JCR standard-compliant solution. CQ DAM provides centralized management for digital media files and essential metadata information, all within the context of creative workflows. The new solution includes DAM services such as a metadata management engine, comprehensive version control, user and workgroup management, and integration with relevant 3rd party tools. CQ DAM is designed with property protection by creating rules for each asset or asset class in order to control access and user rights.

Key Features: CQ DAM provides an AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) user interface, delivering the power of a desktop application (including extensive drag & drop support), through the a web browser; Thumbnails are automatically generated from embedded images, CQ DAM allows the conversion and recompression of images, supporting image filters, scaling, cropping, and watermarks; Allows importing and exporting of Final Cut Pro EDL, scene sequences and clips can be produced in the system and keyframes can be extracted, annotations and attachments can be added to all video assets.; Designed for importing of an extensive variety of audio formats, ID3 tags are extracted and organized into an appropriate metadata structure, Embedded images are extracted for thumbnail generation; Compatible with a variety of document formats including MS Office, Adobe PDF, and Quark Express, documents are indexed when imported, metadata is automatically extracted, enabling full text search in documents, as well as keyword search in meta data or taxonomy; CQ DAM provides a workflow and notifications functionality, the grouping of assets from various locations in trays allows joint processing and download of any set of assets, access control on repository level allows to easily managing access rights. Metadata from all digital assets is extracted and indexed during the import stage, and can be managed and extended on a fine, granular level, additional metadata information can be added at any stage, these metadata are consistently versioned together with the corresponding asset. Information about digital rights connected to the assets is maintained as a specific type of meta data. CQ DAM supports the webDAV protocol, Using a webDAV folder facilitates the mass import and export of digital assets, XML import and export is also provided. CQ DAM uses the powerful JCR versioning functionality for versioning of all digital assets