People Pessimistic about Quality of Their Organization’s Data

Apr 25, 2006

TDWI has released its latest survey report, "Taking Data Quality to the Enterprise through Data Governance." The report, which is based on a late-2005 survey of corporate data quality practices and initiatives, identifies several noteworthy data quality trends, including: nearly 50% of survey respondents believe their organization's data is "worse than everyone thinks"; 53% of respondents' companies have suffered losses, problems, or costs due to poor data quality (up 9% from a similar 2001 TDWI survey); and "Inconsistent data definition" and "data entry" topped the list as sources of data quality problems (75% of respondents cited each area as a leading trouble spot).

The survey also found several reasons for optimism that the data quality picture will improve in the future. Since TDWI's publication of similar data quality survey results in 2001, there has been a significant jump in the percentage of corporations with data quality initiatives that are in the planning-phase, in development, or are already deployed. TDWI's 2006 survey report shows a corresponding 50% drop in corporations without a data quality initiative plan when compared to the 2001 survey results. 73% of survey respondents also reported that the data quality allotment of their upcoming budgets would provide the same (42%) or increased (31%) funds for data quality issues.