Elluminate Launches Elluminate Live! 6.5

Sep 16, 2005

Elluminate, Inc., a provider of live eLearning and Web collaboration solutions for the real-time organization, has announced the launch of the latest version of its flagship product, Elluminate Live! 6.5. Elluminate Live! 6.5 is designed to provide a comprehensive ADA 508C compliance with improved video, enhanced accessibility, usability, and scalability for a high quality user experience.

In support of the American Disabilities Act (ADA), Elluminate Live! 6.5 provides a number of new features that promote accessibility, such as multiple streams of closed captioning, increased font sizes for text messages, the ability to automatically detect platform color themes, and the ability to work with screen reader products. The new closed captioning capability is designed to enable the use of multiple language streams in a single session. The moderator determines which attendees can provide the closed captions during the live session, and can allow attendees to provide closed captions enabling them to blog the session live. All of the closed captioning or blog streams can be recorded and are available for review while watching the recording. In addition, installation of the Java Accessibility Bridge allows screen reader products, such as JAWS and Narrator, to provide verbal cues within the Elluminate Live! interface.

Additional features include: the ability for users to have access to a larger video window, including the ability to broadcast video from Mac OS X 10.2.x or higher, and additional Windows support for compressed video, Direct X video, and high-end cameras for broadcasting video; access to the application sharing facility, which allows users to share any applications on their desktop with others in the session, even when individual users are on different platforms such as Windows, Mac, Java Desktop System or Solaris; Spanish language translation for menus and dialogs, automatic notification when someone enters a session, and the ability to password protect remote desktop sharing and control; and scalability with support for multi-processor systems to scale to thousands of simultaneous users on a single server. Elluminate Live! 6.5 will be generally available for purchase in September 2005 directly from Elluminate or through its network of resellers worldwide.