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Bots are complicated. They're made to process repetitive actions autonomously and can be fairly easy to build, but they aren't always working on the side of good. Here's what you need to know.
- Posted Nov 27, 2019
Brand trust is not a new concept. By using the following best practices, businesses can start building a better foundation for brand trust.
- Posted Nov 26, 2019
Publishers that collect consumer data have skin in the game and will need to ensure that their data collection and security measures align with these emerging regulations. This may be easier said than done.
- Posted Nov 22, 2019
The world has gone vertical (at least when it comes to video). This is not just a cliche, but a true fact of life. Just look at the "Stories" taking over platforms like Instagram and Facebook.
- Posted Nov 20, 2019
Of the more than 450 billion emails sent out every day, over 85% are considered spam. Don't be alarmed or discouraged-there are proactive measures you can take to boost your deliverability.
- Posted Nov 08, 2019
Translation management systems include features that enable organizations to optimize the translation process. Not sure if your company is ready to adopt a translation management system? Here are a few signs to look for.
- Posted Nov 06, 2019
Nothing strikes terror into the hearts of digital asset administrators, production designers, marketing managers, or content specialists like incorrect, poorly organized or noncompliant digital assets.
- Posted Oct 31, 2019
There are hundreds of digital accessibility best practices, but we'll focus on a few of the most basic ones that even the most non-technical content creators can make part of their accessibility strategy.
- Posted Oct 25, 2019
Outside of public use, public records are being compiled into online databases and used by businesses to segment and target potential customers. Are these records right for your strategy?
- Posted Oct 23, 2019
The popularity of podcasts is soaring but whether you're into true crime, comedy, or culture podcasts you probably hear the same ads over and over again. We talked to Lynn Brown and Mollie Kehoe, co-founders of BrandVerge, about how podcast advertising is changing.
Posted Oct 18, 2019
In my homeland of Australia, there's been a recent crackdown on SEOs and digital marketing agencies that have been ripping off businesses. And in the near future, I believe this will be a global issue that all SEO consultants will have to contend with I call this SEO-Darwinism.
- Posted Oct 18, 2019
Content creators face growing monetization challenges as strategies evolve to overcome them.
- Posted Oct 14, 2019
You've invested thousands of dollars worth of time and money in your marketing content. Don't let it go to waste by failing to optimize it across all of your channels and platforms.
- Posted Oct 11, 2019
In Part III of this three-part series on "Artificial Intelligence and the Connected World," we examine the role of Linguistic AI in content distribution and how global marketers will deliver more relevant and effective content to engage with people.
- Posted Oct 09, 2019
Popular headlines would lead us to believe that cyberattacks are the most prevalent security-related threat. However, companies are actually 50% more likely to suffer a business loss from inadequate document governance than a digital data breach.
- Posted Oct 08, 2019
Many companies still aren't in full compliance with GDPR, meanwhile, some are calling for a federal U.S. data privacy law. Those who continue to dismiss the regulations do so at increasing peril to their business.
- Posted Oct 03, 2019
Publishers that don't own their platform are at the mercy of business owners and investors that aren't incentivized to put publishers first.
- Posted Sep 30, 2019
To maximize deliverability and ensure your message is getting in front of the right audience, validation is an essential tool. However, there are many misconceptions surrounding it, which can harm your marketing efforts.
- Posted Sep 25, 2019
We are still in the early days of privacy regulations. It is unclear how these new rules will be interpreted and enforced, but brands may have more to fear from the CCPA and an upcoming New York bill.
- Posted Sep 23, 2019
Getting the most out of your content spend is essential in achieving a good ROI on investment. You can maximize your returns by upcycling your content.
- Posted Sep 20, 2019
When Visit Indy wanted to extend its marketing throughout the year, it turned to the power of user-generated content to drive engagement through digital channels.
- Posted Sep 13, 2019
In Part II of this three-part series on "Artificial Intelligence and the Connected World," we examine the role of Linguistic AI in content translation and how for global marketers, this means more meaningful, timely and actionable content.
- Posted Sep 11, 2019
Whether on Facebook, GDN or Twitter, these are the moves that you should use to entice your rivals' audience. In this article, we reveal practical competitor targeting strategies.
- Posted Sep 06, 2019
The face of social media is changing, carrying younger generations' attention and dollars with it. Brands will need to shift their strategies in order to reach Gen Z--here's how.
- Posted Sep 05, 2019
The threshold for a product becoming a brand is debatable. However, just as it's reasonable to say an actor who is not famous is not a celebrity, it's also reasonable to say a company or product that is not famous is not a brand.
- Posted Sep 04, 2019
If you want to overcome your concerns and remain relevant, then you ought to put all your strength into approaching business trends with well-defined A.I. strategies and tools.
- Posted Aug 28, 2019
The emerging field of AI-driven market research is putting marketing's holy grail within reach--with market research available more broadly at a fraction of its former cost and time commitment.
- Posted Aug 21, 2019
In Part I of this three-part series on "Artificial Intelligence and the Connected World," we examine the role of Linguistic AI in content creation and how global marketers can prepare for a future where content creates itself, and prevent content "parking lots" or mountains where material may become obsolete or overlooked.
- Posted Aug 07, 2019
Given the mounting costs of investing in data stack technology, reputation issues, and regulatory concerns that publishers routinely face as a result of behavioral ad-targeting, iis cookie-based ad-targeting worth it?
- Posted Jul 31, 2019
So how can digital marketers create a highly interactive and satisfactory customer experience for their brands? The answer lies in leveraging the best technologies to build immersive, personalized customer journeys across every channel.
- Posted Jul 17, 2019
To engage with your prospects on an impactful scale that's both measurable and manageable from a budgetary perspective, social advertising is mission critical. Here are three ways real estate marketers can build a successful social strategy.
- Posted Jul 16, 2019
Why publishers should be cautious about the latest self-proclaimed savior of quality journalism.
- Posted Jul 15, 2019
The healthcare industry is evolving rapidly and digital marketers who produce the content that is often included in an RFP response are on the front lines when it comes to securing new customers and locking down important revenue streams.
- Posted Jul 12, 2019
The WCAG 2.0 guidelines and the newly-minted 2.1 updates are a useful starting point for digital publishers to make their content more accessible. According to these guidelines, publishing accessible content involves adhering to four key principles. Here are some quick general tips for addressing each of these principles.
- Posted Jul 10, 2019
Combining machine learning, sentiment analysis, and facial tracking offers one promising way to decipher crucial variations in response to ads across different demographics.
- Posted Jul 08, 2019
Link building can be an important part of SEO strategy, but Google frowns on many of the most commonly used link-building techniques. Here, we weigh the pros and cons of the link building marketplace.
- Posted Jul 03, 2019
By placing ads in publishers' email newsletters, brand advertisers not only benefit from a captive subscriber audience, but they also get built-in tracking precision in an affordable CPC model.
- Posted Jul 01, 2019
Consider these four key elements to build a dynamic content marketing program. This includes developing your brand voice, understanding your audience and channels, assigning roles within your team, and taking calculated risks.
- Posted Jun 28, 2019
Old ways of identifying your potential customers won't cut it anymore. Now, you need a specific buyer persona in mind to reach the buyers you want.
- Posted Jun 26, 2019
Content Delivery Networks can improve download speeds for end-users, but they aren't a "set it and forget it" solution. Try these three tips to perfect your CDN performance.
- Posted Jun 21, 2019
Taking a content-driven approach differentiates you from your competitors. Here are three examples of companies that took a content-driven approach, which resulted in increased revenue and improved the customer experience.
- Posted Jun 19, 2019
For brands trying to reach an ever-growing multicultural audience, let alone global brands, the merging of machine learning and human optimization can help marketers tackle this huge responsibility.
- Posted Jun 17, 2019
Explore the five ways programmatic ad technology is strengthening the industry for future growth.
- Posted Jun 14, 2019
This year's Cannes Lions will focus on a number of trends. Expect transparency and accountability, consumer privacy and how publishers make money long-term to be among the biggest areas for pharma marketers—not just at the event, but beyond.
- Posted Jun 13, 2019
Marketers can create a new CX battle plan by "reverse engineering," which involves deconstructing, analyzing, and reworking your company's current customer interactions to help optimize CX more quickly and with fewer resources in the future.
- Posted Jun 12, 2019
The EU's new Digital Single Market Directive will disrupt the relationships among digital platforms and audiovisual (AV) rightsholders such as studios and licensees. Here, there are lessons to be learned from science publishing.
- Posted Jun 07, 2019
When it comes to user experience (UX) and conversion rate optimization (CRO) there are plenty of site features and content ideas you might find on competitor websites, or websites belonging to aspirational brands, which aren't actually conducive to success.
- Posted Jun 05, 2019
It's time to think past the Millennials because GenZ has started to take over the internet. If you aren't already targeting Gen Z then your content marketing strategy has a serious blind spot, and you need to rework it to include the Gen Z audience.
- Posted May 24, 2019
If you are looking for a way to take your B2B company to the next level, chances are that international expansion has crossed your mind once or twice. So, how can you ensure that you are able to not only connect with international customers but truly impress them by standing out from your global competition?
- Posted May 22, 2019
Research from Mobile Posse and Phoenix Marketing International found 88% of mobile users regularly exhibit appnostic behavior, while only 11% of users have a specific app in mind more than 90% of the time. Mobile Posse's CMO, Greg Wester, says that savvy app makers will take advantage of this "appnostic" state of mind.
Posted May 21, 2019