A closer look at LinkedIn, a social network that attracts a mature audience by emphasizing the "network" over the "social."
- December 2007 Issue, Posted Nov 14, 2007
A closer look at Macrovision, which helps keep content vendors in control of their creations online.
- December 2007 Issue, Posted Nov 14, 2007
A closer look at Near-Time, which is trying to help business users tap their promise by offering a way to build wikis as publishing and collaboration platforms without IT help.
- December 2007 Issue, Posted Nov 14, 2007
A closer look at Newstex, which doesn't add just any old blog to its network.
A closer look at O’Reilly, which is pioneering an electronic subscription-based reference library for programmers and IT pros.
- December 2007 Issue, Posted Nov 14, 2007
A closer look at Siderean, which has developed a relational navigation approach using its own information platform system, Seamark, that is built around three basic principles: relationship, context, and participation.
A closer look at Sitecore, a content management system and portal software solutions-provider that has built a strong presence in the U.S., the U.K., and Scandinavia in its more than five years in business.
- December 2007 Issue, Posted Nov 14, 2007
These days, the maturing of the business intelligence market and heightened user expectations for easy information access means the gap between BI and search is narrowing. The question is: Will the two every become one?
- November 2007 Issue, Posted Nov 13, 2007
A recent partnership launched between Near-Time, Inc. and Wiley Wrox Press has opened the door to interaction among P2P digital publishing communities.
- Posted Nov 13, 2007
The Fair Use Doctrine, as outlined in Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976, attempts to strike a balance between copyright holders and those who seek to use copyrighted materials for noncommercial uses, parodies, or transformative works.
- November 2007 Issue, Posted Nov 08, 2007
YouTube has found itself facing a whole new slew of legal issues beyond copyright, which may force the site to take control over its content.
- November 2007 Issue, Posted Nov 06, 2007
While this one-size-fits-all search approach has proven adequate at delivering the expected results, it has created a market opportunity for search engines that dive deep into the areas we're passionate about to bubble up answers that are more tailored to our individual interests.
- November 2007 Issue, Posted Nov 06, 2007
The trouble with streaming communications begins when you try to define it: Ask 10 different people, and you'll likely get 10 different answers. Whatever the definition, however, streaming offers teh world of business communication an exciting new medium to deliver its message.
Launched on Oct. 30, Eluma 2.0 is a new personal web organization tool designed to aid personal productivity.
- November 2007 Issue, Posted Oct 30, 2007
The Wikimedia Foundation, founded in 2003, has created several past programs aimed at tackling the language barrier so that learning can thrive in the developing world.
- Posted Oct 26, 2007
Velocity, Vivisimo's flagship product, was built on a search philosophy that distinguishes it from the enterprise search platform pack.
- November 2007 Issue, Posted Oct 23, 2007
Social networking is all the rage online, and businesses are trying to get into on the action. In response, Generate has introduced a new technology designed to provide enterprise class social networking.
- October 2007 Issue, Posted Oct 02, 2007
We offer a strategic look at some of the latest tools and trends in the content management melee.
- October 2007 Issue, Posted Oct 02, 2007
Managing content and measuring results have been two distinct domains. Increasingly, the two are converging, as site publishers and marketers seek to take action based on measurable results.
- October 2007 Issue, Posted Oct 02, 2007
Companies are only as good as the content they deliver, so it pays to go past thinking globally and start structuring content that can play as well in Pakistan and Paris as it does in Peoria.
- October 2007 Issue, Posted Oct 02, 2007
Customer relationship management and content management have traveled parallel paths inside the enterprise. Though the two systems have a great deal in common, they rarely interacted, until now.
- October 2007 Issue, Posted Oct 02, 2007
As companies seek to create stickier, more interactive online experiences, they look to Web 2.0 approaches, creating new CM challenges.
- October 2007 Issue, Posted Oct 02, 2007
Insights into the difficult process of ECM purchase and implementation from industry experts.
- October 2007 Issue, Posted Oct 02, 2007
While the internet and its contents are more accessible now than ever before, search tools remain somewhat archaic by comparison. One company tackling the problem, Collarity, Inc. was founded in 2005 by CEO Levy Cohen as a response to typical search frustrations.
- October 2007 Issue, Posted Sep 28, 2007
There was a lot of buzz online since last spring about The Secret Diary of Steven Jobs, a blog that contains the musings of an individual openly portraying Apple’s chief executive.
- October 2007 Issue, Posted Sep 28, 2007
Firms offering large scale search capabilities were on the prowl for online advertisers earlier in the year as Google acquired Double Click, Yahoo! purchased Right Media, Microsoft bought AdECN, and AOL acquired Tacoda. At press time, all of these deals were expected to close by the end of the summer.
- October 2007 Issue, Posted Sep 25, 2007
To keep a portal from being more than just a pretty face, it is essential to untangle this confusing market and examine portal functionality as it relates to different projects.
- September 2007 Issue, Posted Sep 11, 2007
Print plagiarism used to be considered an occupational hazard for scholars and writers. However, with the advent of the internet, plagiarizing someone else’s original work requires less heavy lifting than ever. Luckily, the digital environment can make spotting poached pieces easier too.
- September 2007 Issue, Posted Sep 04, 2007
The digitization of content, from print to video to audio and beyond, has major implications for corporations and consumers. Never has content been more flexible and accessible, and never has the threat of misuse of copyright been greater. Yet despite the ever-shifting shape of copyright problems, solutions are emerging to help users comply.
- September 2007 Issue, Posted Aug 28, 2007
The problem in Boston was not the number of violent crimes (which had indeed been rising), but the “code of silence and lack of cooperation” from the community, according to Boston Police Department (BPD) spokesperson Elaine Driscoll. Boston has had a Crime Stoppers tip line in place for a decade, but use had dwindled and a new commissioner—Ed Davis, who took the helm in December 2006—needed ideas.
- September 2007 Issue, Posted Aug 28, 2007
It wasn’t all that long ago that, if you wanted to purchase an item online, you needed at least a credit card or a checking account to complete the transaction. Not so any longer. With the latest online payment solution developed by BSG Clearing Solutions, dubbed Bill2Phone, all you’ll need is a telephone. Or, more accurately, a telephone bill.
- September 2007 Issue, Posted Aug 24, 2007
Right now, searching for an image relies on text, whether in the name of the image or somewhere in a description, which means the searcher is dependent on how an image is labeled. Search engines cannot “see” an image and report back based on description.
Activism has stepped off the soapbox and moved online. The IFAW is only one of the latest activist organizations to turn to the blogosphere to raise awareness.
- September 2007 Issue, Posted Aug 21, 2007
The rise of interactive Web 2.0 technologies has changed user expectations relating to the immediacy and accessibility of content in context. Nearly every day there’s a press release touting a new tool or site that allows users to customize, modify, and mash up traditional forms of media to suit a specific function or need. And nowhere have the ramifications been felt more than in the traditional print publishing industry. Publishing isn't just a two-way street, though; content is coming and going in every direction and publishers are racing to keep up.
While some speculate that the web unearths more news sources than ever before, research into the actual sources of online news point to a virtual duopoly of wire agency news sources, which some media analysts find alarming. Is the marked decline in original reporting a threat to the business model of online news sites or a necessary part of their financial survival?
- July/August 2007 Issue, Posted Jul 27, 2007
Wikipedia is well-known as one of the most extensive global web-based collaboration projects. However, the über-wiki is being made available for purchase on disc as well as for download and offline use. Released this spring, Wikipedia Version 0.5 is a compact disc collection of 2,000 articles pulled from the English Wikipedia.
- July/August 2007 Issue, Posted Jul 27, 2007
The second provision of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) of 1998 gave service providers a “safe harbor” from copyright infringement if they removed the alleged infringing content from their websites at the request of the copyright owner. However, content-filtering technology has evolved since Congress passed the DMCA, which may in turn affect how the law is interpreted and enforced. Thus, despite an increasingly blurry line between who is responsible for removing content, the courts have begun to send a message to service providers: Now you have technology available to help avoid infringement, so you need to take a more proactive role in filtering copyrighted content.
- Posted Jul 24, 2007
That old stalwart, email, and some Web 2.0 upstarts like wikis and blogs, are supposed to make us more productive and collaborative. However, organizations must consider how to get all digital communication and collaboration tools to conform to business best practices and legal requirements.
- July/August 2007 Issue, Posted Jul 20, 2007
News aggregation is a beleaguered market that has become increasingly consolidated and beset by free news portals. However, with its acquisition of NewsEdge from the Thomson Corporation, Acquire Media believes it can sharpen this product with its technological edge, and hone it into a leading targeted real-time news tool.
The Internet Governance Project (IGP) has worked since 2004 to advance the discussion of global internet governance. Its work took a public turn in May when the IGP released a proposal to decentralize authority over domain-name system (DNS) authority.
- July/August 2007 Issue, Posted Jul 09, 2007
Recognizing the need of publishers and other purveyors of print including authors themselves to make the “transition” into digital media, O’Reilly Media convened the first ever Tools of Change for Publishing or TOC Conference in San Jose, California, June 18-20.
- Posted Jun 29, 2007
For its part, the information industry has been abuzz with talk of how technology can be used to disseminate information rapidly and efficiently to contained environments like college campuses in the event of an emergency. Companies across the industry are taking this opportunity to promote concepts such as collaboration, mobile, and search as solutions to these very topical concerns.
- June 2007 Issue, Posted Jun 01, 2007
In the days of the dot-com bubble, many people believed that web content management (WCM) was just a hype-induced fad that would never become more than just “document management for the web.” But WCM technology has bounced back from the dot-com bust, underwriting thousands of vendors around the world. Those vendors are growing, which means that people are buying. WCM is back.
- June 2007 Issue, Posted Jun 01, 2007
While the use of video in corporate environments for webcasting earnings calls and the like is taking off, and vodcasting—or video distributed via RSS—has gained some traction in the entertainment space, vodcasting in the enterprise has yet to realize widespread adoption. What is holding it back?
- June 2007 Issue, Posted May 29, 2007
A one-year global initiative may prove to be not only a vital step in developing a vaccine for avian flu and other viruses but also a revolutionary scientific method. A research team with members from the University of California, San Diego and the University of Hawaii, along with people in Japan, Korea, and China, will use bioinformatics, grid computing, and networking infrastructure to understand the molecular structure of the virus.
- June 2007 Issue, Posted May 29, 2007
Investors never stray very far from their favorite source of financial news. Whether it comes in over the internet, their BlackBerries, or even old-fashioned newspapers, getting business information from Bangladesh to Boston before it becomes old news is a big business in its own right.
- June 2007 Issue, Posted May 21, 2007
Video search solutions have begun to emerge. The latest is a new product from Gemstar-TV Guide, which enables users to effectively search, browse, and watch clips from American Idol or any of their favorite television shows or movies.
- June 2007 Issue, Posted May 15, 2007
In the beginning, there was text search and we had some keywords and a title and it was good. Then we came to expect full-text search. Now, the content that people want to find—inside and outside the enterprise—has grown to include audio and video, and search technologies are struggling to keep up with expectations.
- June 2007 Issue, Posted May 15, 2007
Not all that long ago, content flowed one way. These days, however, content is a two-way street. The trick is how to avoid content traffic jams.
- May 2007 Issue, Posted May 08, 2007
Most citizens equate the national emergency alert system with an annoying green screen accompanied by a high-pitched screech that inevitably interrupts a favorite TV program. However, recent natural disasters have left Americans wondering why government officials are still tied to old technologies—land-line phones, TVs, radios, and even wailing sirens—in their efforts to warn citizens about emergencies.
- May 2007 Issue, Posted May 03, 2007