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EContent is a leading authority on the businesses of digital publishing, media, and marketing, targeting executives and decision-makers in these fast-changing markets. By covering the latest tools, strategies, and thought-leaders in the digital content ecosystem, EContent magazine and EContentmag.com keep professionals ahead of the curve in order to maximize their investment in digital content strategies while building sustainable, profitable business models.





Editorial Contacts 
Theresa Cramer, Editor of EContent magazine and the Intranets newsletter

The way to reach Theresa is by email.


Contributing Editors

Robert J. Boeri
Ron Miller
Marydee Ojala
Steve Smith

News Releases 

Send press releases, product announcements, etc. here. There is no need to query us about receiving press releases unless they are subject to a NDA.

Please DO NOT send press releases under NDA unless an editor expressly asks for one.

Letters to the Editor

We welcome your opinions and thoughts regarding EContent magazine. Send them here.

Writing for EContent

Article submissions should be sent to Theresa Cramer, Editor. See EContent's Author Guidelines for format and style information. Contact sales for White Paper and sponsored content information.

Industry Insights

Expertise is everywhere! That is why we have created a new opportunity at EContent for thought-leaders in the digital content industry who are eager to share their knowledge. Our new "Industry Insights" sections is designed specifically for content experts who want to share vendor-neutral, thought-leadership pieces with the EContent web audience.  

Like any other editorial content, the Industry Insights must be pitched to our editor, Theresa Cramer, and accepted based on their merit. They will also be held to our high editorial standards. Ideally, the Industry Insights will be between 800-1000 words, and should always aim to inform our audience, and enhance the discussion around the business of digital media.  

EContent Business Office

Information Today, Inc. Headquarters

143 Old Marlton Pike
Medford NJ, 08055
Phone: 609/654-6266
Fax: 609/654-4309

(No Contributing Editors are located at this address and we prefer not to receive press releases by mail)


Editorial Calendar

Download the Editorial Calendar here
(NOTE: Please use the editorial contact dates on our calendar as "services" often get these wrong.)

Working with EContent

The most effective ways to approach EContent regarding editorial calendar opportunities, news, ideas, and any other information.

Company/Product/News Briefings
News feature briefings are set up if we are given a minimum six week (NDA-protected) advance for print; two weeks for the web. Please contact Theresa Cramer to inquire about news briefings.




Print, Web, EContent Xtra e-Newsletter Advertising, and custom reprint requests:

LaShawn Fugate
Publisher, EContent magazine
859-278-2223, x104


Media Kits
EContent's Print and Web Media Kits are available for download in Adobe PDF format here.



Vice President of Content
Richard T. Kaser

Vice President, Marketing
Thomas Hogan, Jr.

Circulation Manager/ Customer Service (missing issue requests, mailing address changes)

Subsidiary Rights and Permissions
Lauree Padgett





Hugh McKellar edits KMWorld Magazine and is chair of the SharePoint Symposium
Jane Dysart is chair of the KMWorld Conference & Taxonomy Boot Camp
Dick Kaser is the VP of content at Information Today, Inc. (ITI) and supervises all of us.