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Buying & Deploying...Digital Content

Andy Moore

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Overture Article: The Surround Stuff [HTML] [PDF]
Jesse Kornbluth is the content director for AOL, and thus influences the most-read online resource in the world. I heard him address a conference, which he started this way: "I propose we find the guy who first coined the term 'content,' and kick the living %$•# out of him."
It's a funny line. Everyone cracks up. And then he proceeds to talk about the difficulties in talking about "content" as though it were a single identifiable substance. It's not, and if there's any better proof necessary, take a look at the assorted lot we have in this "content" white paper...

Peter R. Tierney, Sawyer Media Systems

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The Competitive Advantages of Rich Media [HTML] [PDF]
The world we live in is visual—but most business communication isn't. Think about the following facts:

• Studies show that people retain only 10% of the information they read, 20% of the information they hear, but 50% of the information they see and hear;

• According to a 1971 study by UCLA professor Albert Mehrabian, body language and facial expressions represent about 55% of the information that people interpret;

• Three generations of business users have been raised watching television, so they intuitively understand the way stories are presented in a visual medium...

Mike Tansey, Thomson Scientific

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Intelligent Content and Technology Integration [HTML] [PDF]
To create a unified digital library environment, information managers can no longer select database products based purely on content. Instead, they must seek out implementations from leaders who can also offer new technologies for organization, searching and links navigation.
Meeting the challenge of content management, therefore, means selecting the right content, and ensuring that the tools and technologies that accompany it build on the research environment already in place...


Page 8

Premium Content Integration: Capitalize on the Opportunities Now [HTML] [PDF]
Organizations today face unrelenting pressure to achieve greater productivity, higher revenues per employee and smart responses to clients and competitors. To realize these objectives, business professionals need access to content resources that enable them to answer questions and to quickly make informed decisions. While there is a staggering amount of content available from different sources and in different formats, all the content in the world is of little value unless it is trustworthy, easy to access and integrated into the user's work flow...

Phillip L. Green, Inmagic

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Sound Content Management Starts at the Local Level [HTML] [PDF]
As the ocean of information deepens every minute of every hour of every day, leading-edge thinkers in the world of corporate content management are coming to realize one inalienable truth: One size does not fit all. Information-intensive organizations are just not well served by strictly enterprise-level content management solutions. While it may be convenient for businesses to think of content management only in terms of the enterprise, the fact of the matter is the different business units of an organization have uniquely distinct information needs, so the most effective content management solution starts at the local level...

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