FIZ Karlsruhe Announces New Service; New Partnerships

Nov 29, 2005

FIZ Karlsruhe has launched a new version of its automatic broker service for document delivery, FIZ AutoDoc. FIZ AutoDoc allows to electronically order documents from both external and in-house sources, including subscribed ejournals. A third option is the manual order processing by the FIZ service team. FIZ AutoDoc's features and functions have been enhanced, designed to facilitate the ordering process. Customers will now have the possibility of electronically ordering individual articles from selected publishers in pay-per-view mode. All orders will be listed on a monthly collective invoice. Open URL 1.0 is now available to import order and user data and to link to subscribed ejournals. The interface and user interaction have been optimized. Among other things, new ordering masks for patent documents and other literature have been added. Full-text patent documents can now be ordered directly using a special order form. The order is automatically processed and the requested document can be delivered quickly. Additional search options within the „order history" include the permanent display of the current delivery address, more status messages, and an improved user management with cost center allocation and user administration.

FIZ Karlsruhe and CAS, operators of the online service STN International, have developed a tool to present information from online databases in a condensed form in an interactive workspace. STN AnaVist analyzes search results from STN files, groups documents with similar content, and visualizes the information in interactive charts and three-dimensional diagrams, the so-called "Research Landscapes". The various visualization possibilities are designed to help identify relationships between the data. Up to 20,000 documents can be analyzed at a time. Data can be extracted and visualized. Sub-sets of the results can be created by highlighting. These sub-sets can then be used as new data sets for further analysis. STN AnaVist is a Client/Server application using vector algorithms. STN AnaVist is available as a single- or multiple-user version. Prices for the different licenses can be viewed on the Web site. Up to December 31, 2005, the software system can be tested without any license fees. The document display will be billed according to the valid STN price list. As a special promotional offer, customers will receive $500.00 credit towards STN AnaVist usage in 2006.

FIZ Karlsruhe has also announced a partnership with the Max-Planck-Society (MPS) and the German Informatics Society (GI) for knowledge management. Together with the MPS, FIZ Karlsruhe is developing an integrated information, communication, and publication platform for Web -based scientific work. This "eSciDoc" project is part of the German e-Science Initiative dedicated to building a Web -based infrastructure for new methods of interdisciplinary, networked research. The MPS consists of 80 research institutes with more than 12,000 employees doing basic research in natural, life, human, and social sciences. eSciDoc is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. At the beginning of 2006 the informatics portal will be released on the Web . offers centralized access to knowledge in informatics by means of a standardized collection of publications in the field of informatics. It is also envisaged to establish special, expert-maintained pages dedicated to research topics (e.g., semantic Web , organic computing). The informatics portal was jointly developed by FIZ Karlsruhe, the German Informatics Society (GI), and the universities of Karlsruhe (TH), Trier and München (TU). The GI has about 24,000 members. Like eSciDoc, the informatics portal, too, is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.