Why Global Content Strategies Must Go Past The Purchase

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Your website is often the first point of contact for potential customers. In fact, an influx of international traffic is often the indicator that inspires companies to localize content in the first place. The important thing to remember, though, is that website content localization does not need to be an all-or-none proposition.

Most global content strategies start by delivering a minimum viable experience. The smartest strategies often entail prioritizing content that is most crucial to the customer journey and adapting that content first.   Companies translate website elements that light the path to purchase, adapt their checkout procedures to local regulations, and await a spike in international revenue. Content with less potential influence over purchasing decisions, such as blog archives, can be set at a lower priority for localization. That way, companies can start realizing returns in a matter of weeks instead of waiting months or years to launch a completely localized website.  This measured approach has merit, but it can’t be where the strategy stops.  Download this informative information to learn more!