Team Collaboration, Content Development & Publishing

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All marketers experience some kind of conflict with other departments, groups and teams. Wait, that’s not quite correct. Only 98% of marketers experience conflict (what are the blessed 2% doing?), according to Workfront’s State of Marketing Work report. Conflict shouldn’t catch marketers by surprise, so it’s no shock that successful teams find ways to circumvent conflicting priorities and communication gaps. According to Salesforce’s Fourth Annual State of Marketing report, high performing marketing teams are 12.8x more likely than underperforming ones to heavily coordinate efforts between touchpoints. And according to CMI and MarketingProf’s report, when it comes to project management flow during the content creation process, 56% of the most successful teams rated theirs as excellent or very good. Only 11% of the least successful teams could say the same.  Download now to learn more!