Boost Translation Quality with Content Authoring

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You’re developing new content and it needs to be translated into multiple languages. So is Steve from marketing and Mary from human resources — the list goes on. Across your organization content creators are producing pages upon pages every day, all with different styles, independent of each other without thought to standardization. Sound familiar?  If so, you’re not alone.

According to Common Sense Advisory, “48 percent of survey respondents reported over 50 authors in-house and only one-third had fewer than 20 authors.”  With no guidance or visibility into how content is being developed by various authors and no defined style, translation can get chaotic, costly and inconsistent.  

Here is some information on why it’s important to standardize your source content and how you can implement these best practices to boost translation quality, consistency and overall cost efficiencies across your entire organization.  Download now to learn more!