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Lead generation has become an important strategy for modern marketers, as they strive to create demand and get their messages heard by increasingly sophisticated, multi-channel buyers. In today’s complex world, marketers should use lead generation to build brand awareness, nurture prospects and customers, qualify leads, and ultimately generate measurable revenue.

In this comprehensive, 160 page guide, we cover topics ranging from content marketing and website SEO to telesales and content syndication — all through the lens of lead generation. Packed full of checklists, charts, and thought leadership from the leading experts in marketing today, The Definitive Guide to Lead Generation will teach you how to collect information from prospects across every channel, and deliver the highest quality leads to your sales team. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Define a lead and understand his or her buying journey
  • Build a robust lead generation strategy through marketing automation
  • Use content marketing, social media, your website, SEO, and paid programs for lead generation
  • Build enduring customer relationships with Middle-of-Funnel (MOFU) techniques
  • Test, optimize, and measure your lead generation campaigns

Download today, and learn how lead generation can fill your sales funnel with qualified, quality leads.

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Content is the foundation of your lead generation efforts. Marketers have come to rely on content to engage prospects and customers in today’s buyer landscape, but to do so, your content must educate, inspire, and beg to be shared. It should help leads overcome challenges and achieve their aspirations. If you are able to do that, leads will flock to you, and you’ll gain their trust. 

In this ebook, you'll discover: 

  • How content marketing can generate higher quality leads for lower costs
  • The biggest mistakes marketers make in their content marketing strategies
  • How to plan your content for lead generation
  • How and why you should create buyer personas
  • How to map content to buying stages
  • Why content is a vital part of your lead generation strategy

To learn more about generating leads, read The Definitive Guide to Lead Generation

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In the past, marketers often used social media as just another channel for publishing content and listening to their community. However, to maximize the success of social marketing, today's marketers need to become adept at integrating social into their existing marketing programs and strategies.  

You have to do more than social media. You have to do social marketing.  

Our brand new Definitive Guide to Social Marketing shows you how to add social to every marketing activity to amplify impact and drive buyer engagement, new business, and revenue.

Download our guide and learn how to:

  • Staff your social media team and get your entire organization on board
  • Turn your customers into powerful brand advocates by engaging in peer-to-peer sharing and influencer marketing
  • Leverage social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest into powerful lead generation channels
  • Incorporate social marketing into every stage of your sales funnel
  • Effectively measure social marketing to determine real business ROI 

Download today and make your social marketing efforts worth the time and money invested!


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Content is king. If you’re a modern marketer, you know why—it is the fuel for your lead generation and nurturing programs, driving leads through your funnel to become customers. 

But getting your content machine up and running is tough. Many marketers, in both large organizations and small, lack the budget, resources, and time to implement a content strategy that can truly drive leads through all stages of the funnel. 

Luckily, by learning to leverage the resources you already have and doing more with less, even marketers with limited resources can start to create the content needed to fuel demand.  

Download this ebook to discover:

  • How to craft the perfect content team—whether you have devoted content positions, or adding to content to your existing team
  • How to encourage and reward content creation throughout your entire organization
  • How to plan content that is mapped to buyer journeys and personas
  • How to slice and dice your content, to get the most mileage out of your investment
  • How to come up with that million-dollar content idea—and then come up with another!

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Choosing a CMS is complex, requiring you to weigh many factors. Consulting as much independent research and industry insight as possible ensures the best results, so we wanted to share this complimentary copy of a report by analyst firm J.Boye. It reviews how to select a CMS that supports your business.

Gain Confidence to Compare and Choose Web Data Extraction Options  In this white paper, explore five questions you should ask when evaluating options for Web data extraction and how to compare today's HTML and hybrid solutions.  Understand your Web data extraction options and choose the best solution to suit your need based on:  * Resiliency * Accuracy * Speed and scalability * Workflow support * Flexible deployment

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7 Ways to Leverage Competitive Intelligence on the Web by using automated web monitoring and extraction solutions.  Download this informative white paper to learn more!

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10 Foolproof Ways to Drive Growth and Profit Using Web Data

In this white paper, learn 10 ways to fuel key business indicators by using automated Web data monitoring and extraction. Real-life customer examples demonstrated.  Using an automated Web data monitoring and extraction solution, you can:  

* Expand market share

* Enter new markets

* Improve turnaround time

* Reduce labor costs

* 6 more ways to drive growth and profit