Best Practices

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Digital channels have moved well beyond tactics such as personalization and retargeting to deliver messaging and offers to consumers that are relevant and timely. Marketers are now empowered to deliver context, content that is finely honed and shaped by a myriad of factors that take relevant messaging to the next level.

The purpose of this white paper is to describe the types of contextual marketing, the elements of context, technical requirements for execution, and finally, a peek over the horizon at the future of context in digital marketing.  Download to learn more!

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7 Ways to Leverage Competitive Intelligence on the Web by using automated web monitoring and extraction solutions.  Download this informative white paper to learn more!

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10 Foolproof Ways to Drive Growth and Profit Using Web Data

In this white paper, learn 10 ways to fuel key business indicators by using automated Web data monitoring and extraction. Real-life customer examples demonstrated.  Using an automated Web data monitoring and extraction solution, you can:  

* Expand market share

* Enter new markets

* Improve turnaround time

* Reduce labor costs

* 6 more ways to drive growth and profit

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Website content is arguably the most underused source of publicly available data—even though it can lead companies to better decisions, deeper insights about the competitive landscape, and new revenue streams.


This valuable resource is often not leveraged fully because it is difficult to harvest it reliably and at scale.


Connotate teamed up with CITO Research to bring you this complimentary whitepaper -- From Data to Dollars: How Website Content Can Power Your Data Business -- illustrating patented technology and machine learning science that make it possible to take websites’ visual, unstructured content and turn it into a high-scale flow of usable data.


Download the whitepaper and learn: 

·         how businesses are using web content in their data strategies and operations;

·         best practices for extracting and using web content at scale; and

·         examples of seamlessly incorporating web content into data flows

Gain Confidence to Compare and Choose Web Data Extraction Options  In this white paper, explore five questions you should ask when evaluating options for Web data extraction and how to compare today's HTML and hybrid solutions.  Understand your Web data extraction options and choose the best solution to suit your need based on:  * Resiliency * Accuracy * Speed and scalability * Workflow support * Flexible deployment