Best Practices

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The Empolis Smart Content solution provides all efficient methods of content reuse, including translation management, single-source and cross-media publishing, and process control. Companies can thus lower costs and accelerate authoring and editing processes, while improving quality. Empolis Smart Content is the solution for generating and maintaining clear, consistent, and always current information that is published and distributed via a variety of channels. It covers every phase of the content life cycle, from planning to creation, maintenance, quality assurance and approval, translation, and ultimately, publication.  Download now to learn more!

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According to Internet Retailer, “52 percent of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions.” Video is now a critical part of a consumer’s digital experience, providing a compelling experience that gets their attention and which now is an essential part of buying decisions.  Continue reading this white paper to learn more.  

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Creating modern, personalized experiences takes far less time than before. “Previously, it could take up to a week to code the custom logic into pages. It now takes a little over 10 minutes to build custom right hand navigation. We can deploy it within 15 minutes.” Blue Cross of Idaho can also deploy marketing landing pages within a day – something that used to take days to complete. The organization has also seen another business benefit stem from the TeamSite and LiveSite combination: higher conversion rates on its new shopper site.  Continue reading to learn more!