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You may not have thought of it this way before, but you probably have at least one BLP. In fact, it’s a pretty safe bet that everyone involved in a global business has at least one BLP.  What’s a BLP? It’s a Big Language Problem, and there are essentially five of them preventing today’s global communicators from firing on all cylinders.  Take a minute and consider what’s keeping your global business from communicating with international audiences.   You’ll probably identify at least a few of the main big language problems right off the top of your head.  Click here to learn more!

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10 Foolproof Ways to Drive Growth and Profit Using Web Data

In this white paper, learn 10 ways to fuel key business indicators by using automated Web data monitoring and extraction. Real-life customer examples demonstrated.  Using an automated Web data monitoring and extraction solution, you can:  

* Expand market share

* Enter new markets

* Improve turnaround time

* Reduce labor costs

* 6 more ways to drive growth and profit

Gain Confidence to Compare and Choose Web Data Extraction Options  In this white paper, explore five questions you should ask when evaluating options for Web data extraction and how to compare today's HTML and hybrid solutions.  Understand your Web data extraction options and choose the best solution to suit your need based on:  * Resiliency * Accuracy * Speed and scalability * Workflow support * Flexible deployment

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7 Ways to Leverage Competitive Intelligence on the Web by using automated web monitoring and extraction solutions.  Download this informative white paper to learn more!

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If content is king, context is the kingdom. It is the place where your content is shaped, directed and delivered in a way that creates an optimal customer experience. It is the place where data is leveraged from numerous sources to define what is contextually relevant and then defines it again in real time when new insights become available. In the end, regardless of the touch point, your customer emerges with a positive feeling that directly or indirectly becomes associated with your brand.  To learn more on how contextual content can help you, download this SDL white paper!