GeoSpatial Media Engineer

Fort Collins, CO

Job Description

Spatial multimedia engineer - must have media collection, processing, analysis and streaming experience for full motion video.  We are integrators of global positioning systems, geographic infomation systems, and camera area networking.  We deal with multiplexing metadata streams in NMEA form for point-of-view, cursor-on-target, and sensor(s).  Additionally we process audio streams for keywords.  Red Hen is a small business and we need to add to out team a geospatial media engineer.  We have applications from Android smartphones to spatial media servers.  XML is a common form of metadata.


Eduacitonal and demonstrated skill in commercial media streaming.  Must have skill to extend metadata indices for MPG, AVCHD, and MOV forms of media.  Should not be bothered by MJPEG or JPEG frames.

About the Company

Red Hen Systems is located in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Fort Collins is a high tech area with a 28,000 student university.  Its a great place to live. 

Neil Havermale