Spring 2019 Issue

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As of January 2019, Netflix counted 139 million subscribers, while Amazon reported 100 million Prime subscribers in April 2018. The subscription model extends to the realm of digital media, where long-standing publications such as The New York Times, as well as newer players such as The Information, have built strong subscriber bases. Nevertheless, many companies may be wondering how to build a strong subscriber base or how to retain those subscribers once they have them.
- Posted Apr 15, 2019

Featured Stories

Are publishers moving into a post-advertising world? The short answer is "yes," but it's more complicated than that. It's not that advertising has gone away or even that it will. It's more that the ways in which publishers earn revenue to support their business operations are changing in a digital information environment.
- Posted Apr 08, 2019


What even is the media? Is it The New York Times? Vogue? CNN? Facebook? Google? Netflix? YouTube? Tumblr? A podcast? All of the above? Something greater than the sums of these parts?
- Posted Apr 02, 2019
Early in 2019, the newly inaugurated 116th Congress introduced H.R. 1, a piece of legislation that has the potential to initiate a new era of official government censorship of online media.
- Posted Apr 16, 2019