Sept 2008 Issue

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in its eagerness to make an impact in the enterprise search marketplace—a sector it has yet to satisfactorily conquer—Microsoft may have overlooked, or been inclined to dismiss, a number of apparent accounting irregularities on Fast Search & Transfer's books when it acquired the Norwegian search company for $1.2 billion in January 2008. The problems were no secret even then—inquiries related to FAST's accounting practices during the press conference call announcing the acquisition were met with pregnant pauses and "no comments"—but the story has grown more embarrassing for Microsoft in recent weeks as more details emerge about FAST and amid reports in the Norwegian press that the matter may come under criminal investigation.
- Posted Aug 15, 2008
When one thinks about the attacks of 9/11, and the ensuing national security hysteria, anthrax scares, and the impact it all has had on daily life and our government, the first thing that comes to mind probably is not the workings of the United States Copyright Office. Yet the effects of this tragedy resonate throughout the nation and into every aspect of our government activities.A lot of attention has been paid to the restructuring of the FBI and CIA, but the Copyright Office has also undergone a major overhaul as a result of that infamous day. On July 1, 2008, the Copyright Office (USCO) went public with the eCO (Electronic Copyright Office) after beta testing the system for about a year, and the all new FormCO, as part of a major overhaul of its system. These developments are, in many respects, a result of changes in Washington, D.C., following the anthrax scares of 2001, says David J. Christopher, associate COO at the USCO.
- Posted Aug 18, 2008
For more than 70 years, Disney has been engaging children and adults alike with clean, wholesome entertainment. Now, as the world of online content and media expands, is following suit, implementing new features to bring the familiar aspects of the Disney brand to web users. To further achieve this goal, in late August, Disney will launch a free social network designed particularly for parents and family called Disney Community.
- Posted Aug 22, 2008
The holidays came early to 125 high school students when Microsoft gave Zune players to students in exchange for research data, in hopes of expanding its products into schools across the country. Devices were given to 100 Fort Sumner High School students in New Mexico and 25 at South Valley Junior High in Liberty, Mo. The idea was for students to watch videos and listen to podcasts recommended by teachers and fellow students with the expectation of enhancing their educational experience.
- Posted Aug 25, 2008
There may be an ocean between them, but the U.S. and the U.K. are on the same wavelength when it comes to Enterprise 2.0 tools. These tools are increasingly in demand on both sides of the Atlantic. Recently, Trampoline Sytems—a London-based provider of social networking software—released research echoing these sentiments; of 111 businesses surveyed in the U.K. and U.S., 84% said that social networking would help with sharing knowledge and expertise across the organization.
- Posted Aug 28, 2008

Featured Stories

In a world of social media and online conversations, an increasing number of voices can be heard, and word certainly travels fast. Unfortunately, that word isn't always complimentary. Yet, many companies have no idea what negative information is being circulated and possibly eating away at their businesses and the reputations they have worked so hard to build.
- Posted Aug 25, 2008
Email has not just revolutionized the way we communicate, it has transformed the way we do business today. Along the way, it also added a significant layer of security risk. However, most corporations lack policies, much less solutions, to help mitigate the potentially costly problems of unmanaged email.
- Posted Sep 01, 2008
It takes a lot of time, effort, and money to build your company's brand and corporate identity. When you move into foreign markets, you don't want your message to get garbled—literally lost in translation. As with any complex business problem, technology can help, but it only takes you so far.
- Posted Sep 08, 2008


Many of us know that bookstores employ "cooperative advertising," which is little more than a pay-for-placement arrangement. So who can we trust? I get my best recommendations from friends, colleagues, and the library staff-picks shelf. In some ways, I am old-fashioned. However, I have also become quite addicted to user reviews...
- Posted Aug 15, 2008
Another day, another vertical. Earlier this year the press release mill worked overtime announcing that every imaginable media brand and ad entrepreneur was launching some sort of vertical network—either of content, ads, or (usually) both.
- Posted Aug 27, 2008
The number of consumers accessing web content on their mobile phones will likely surpass the number of users accessing the web via fixed PC connections by the end of 2008. But a singular focus on repurposing content for small screens ignores what makes mobile indispensable to our everyday lives: the ability to deliver the right content to the right user in the right context.
- Posted Aug 20, 2008
Working in groups with free online tools has become an American passion. In his great 19th-century, two-volume work Democracy in America, Alexis deTocqueville estimated that there were more independent associations in America than there were individuals.
- Posted Aug 27, 2008
I have been on the road for much of the last few months, and I have begun to dream of the day when I could appear virtually for some of my workshops and presentations. While it doesn't yet engage me enough for me to consider it my second life, I think of Second Life as a crude example of what the internet will soon become.
- Posted Sep 04, 2008
The techniques that lead to marketing success online are dramatically different than traditional marketing taught in school or that you've likely learned on the job. In fact, to succeed with web marketing, your existing knowledge about advertising and public relations will be counterproductive.
- Posted Aug 18, 2008

Faces of EContent

"They were stunned at how quickly and easily it was done."
- Posted Aug 21, 2008

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Impelsys helped Benchmark Education Co. develop materials that deliver information in a format that would enhance the reading experience, as well as subject matter processing.
- Posted Sep 08, 2008