July/August 2007 Issue

News Features

News aggregation is a beleaguered market that has become increasingly consolidated and beset by free news portals. However, with its acquisition of NewsEdge from the Thomson Corporation, Acquire Media believes it can sharpen this product with its technological edge, and hone it into a leading targeted real-time news tool.
- Posted Jul 17, 2007
The Internet Governance Project (IGP) has worked since 2004 to advance the discussion of global internet governance. Its work took a public turn in May when the IGP released a proposal to decentralize authority over domain-name system (DNS) authority.
- Posted Jul 09, 2007
Wikipedia is well-known as one of the most extensive global web-based collaboration projects. However, the über-wiki is being made available for purchase on disc as well as for download and offline use. Released this spring, Wikipedia Version 0.5 is a compact disc collection of 2,000 articles pulled from the English Wikipedia.
- Posted Jul 27, 2007

Featured Stories

That old stalwart, email, and some Web 2.0 upstarts like wikis and blogs, are supposed to make us more productive and collaborative. However, organizations must consider how to get all digital communication and collaboration tools to conform to business best practices and legal requirements.
- Posted Jul 20, 2007
The rise of interactive Web 2.0 technologies has changed user expectations relating to the immediacy and accessibility of content in context. Nearly every day there’s a press release touting a new tool or site that allows users to customize, modify, and mash up traditional forms of media to suit a specific function or need. And nowhere have the ramifications been felt more than in the traditional print publishing industry. Publishing isn't just a two-way street, though; content is coming and going in every direction and publishers are racing to keep up.
- Posted Jul 31, 2007
While some speculate that the web unearths more news sources than ever before, research into the actual sources of online news point to a virtual duopoly of wire agency news sources, which some media analysts find alarming. Is the marked decline in original reporting a threat to the business model of online news sites or a necessary part of their financial survival?
- Posted Jul 27, 2007


Making the business case for a technology change is primarily about your return on investment (ROI). To make the business case for structuring your content, you must align the many advantages of structured content with specific needs in your business or organization.
- Posted Jul 03, 2007
Years ago, the CEO of a then-young video search firm insisted that some day soon everyone would need a query box to navigate the video records of their own lives. Video camera technology was becoming so cheap and light that many people would take to recording every moment and then dump it onto those equally cheap multi-terabyte hard drives at home. Facial recognition algorithms and speech-to-text operations would help you index everyday video so that you could query footage of grandma at your kid’s fourth birthday just as effectively as Googling a keyword to find articles.
- Posted Jul 17, 2007
Internationally, the talk about moving to ODF is widespread. Meanwhile, Google and others are offering web-based alternatives. Corel WordPerfect is offering both an online office suite and promises to work interchangeably with Microsoft and ODF office suites. What’s going on here? Massive confusion and change, and this is just the beginning.
- Posted Jul 24, 2007
I have spent much of my career trying to foretell the future. I am no astrologer, but I have worked for high-tech market analysis companies that offer five-year market and technology forecasts to their clients. At the time of publication, the logic behind the forecasts always looks so convincing, but I have copies of reports that I was involved in writing in which the logic now looks totally irrational.
- Posted Jul 27, 2007
Despite his lighthearted take on the power of the Google brand, senior product and marketing manager for Google Enterprise Kevin Gough had some serious insights into how the consumer market dictates expectations inside the enterprise. Without doubt, IT departments hear users say they want enterprise search to “work like Google,” while serious searchers bemoan the sheer quantity of results the engine generates.
- Posted Jul 10, 2007
Prior to YouTube making video commonplace on the web, you’d only see small forays into corporate video and usually these efforts were mundane and predictable—things like a broadcast of the CEO speech at the annual meeting. Well, okay, some people might watch, but unless the CEO makes a dramatic gaffe, a video like that is unlikely to go viral (develop pass-along value). However, I’m increasingly seeing effective forays into viral video marketing.
- Posted Jul 17, 2007

Faces of EContent

“Regular users, readers, and drive-by people come in and let us know what they think.”
- Posted Jul 31, 2007

Case Studies

MetaPress helps SpringerLink provide a unified interface and one-stop shop for Springer’s massive and diverse content collection.
- Posted Aug 02, 2007