June 2006 Issue

News Features

Thomas Edison conceptualized the moving picture more than a century ago. Since then “we’ve been refining . . . but not innovating it,” according to FrameFree Technologies president Tom Randolph. FrameFree Technologies plans to pick up where Edison left off with its May 15, 2006, launch of FrameFree Studio, digital imaging software that Randolph hopes will set new standards for ease of use, picture quality, and even bring motion to still images.
- Posted May 16, 2006
PTC has launched its enhanced Windchill 8.0 content management system, which features integration with Arbortext XML authoring software. PTC, a Product Lifecycle Management and Enterprise Content Management solutions provider, acquired Arbortext in July of last year, and PTC developers have worked to leverage the synergies between the two companies to provide an integrated PLM content management and publishing system.
- Posted Jun 06, 2006
A judgment entered in December against bloggers, alleging that they illicitly disclosed trade secrets from Apple Computer, Inc., online, may have free speech implications for all online publishers. “This is not the usual, run-of-the-mill trade secrets case,” according to Karna Berg, an intellectual property attorney with Halleland Lewis Nilan & Johnson, in reference to Apple v. Does. The case is now on appeal with the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), the online civil rights group handling the defense.
- Posted May 24, 2006
Parents are between a rock and a hard place: they want to encourage their children to be creative individuals—and blogging offers an excellent opportunity to learn to express thoughts and feelings—however, they must balance this against the risk of exposure to Internet predators. Jeanette Symons, founder of San Francisco Bay Area-based Industrious Kid, thinks blogging is worth the risk, but believes that risk can be mitigated by limiting social networking to a familiar community. She put $6 million from private investments into development of imbee.com, a blogging site for children ages 8 to 14 years olds.
- Posted Jun 12, 2006

Featured Stories

New, global software standards are emerging for the publishing industry, promising to allow content to do more and make more. However, many publishers are hesitant to embrace these standards despite the potential they offer in easing workflow and enabling content reuse.
- Posted Jun 01, 2006
These days, Tim Berners-Lee’s dictum, “If it’s not on the Web, it doesn’t exist,” may need to be supplemented with, “And if your business is not creating XML content, it may soon cease to exist.” Here we take an extensive look at many of the popular XML content-creation tools on the market to help you navigate the power and potential of XML.
- Posted Jun 13, 2006
While enterprise search technology has been capable of searching multiple repositories for some time, it required a great deal of programming overhead and didn’t necessarily allow users to manipulate the results. XML and other Web Services have changed all that, enabling more effectual search results.
- Posted May 23, 2006


As our content divides, sub-divides, and disperses like so many amoeba into the new digital mediaverse, anxiety must be running high among media companies. Ad dollars visibly drained from network television and print this past year, and most media budgets are fully in play now. Advertising allegiances are fluid, as big-brand accounts flip daily from agency to agency, and chief marketing officers warn the whole ad business that they better start coming up with answers to this growing problem of how to focus the scattering eyeballs of a fragmented landscape and deliver measurable results. Many in the media and ad industries are predicting doom, gloom, or at least a long passage through chaos.
- Posted Jun 19, 2006
One of the great things about technical journalism is getting to talk to the people who are making the tools of tomorrow and thus changing the way we work. It’s also an opportunity to take the tools out for a spin. In this issue, I do my first comparative review of content-creation software XML Author and Developer tools.
- Posted Jun 13, 2006
We librarians are so far ahead of the curve in terms of information familiarity that sometimes we overwhelm clients with all the powerful databases we pay a bundle for, which we just know they’ll find useful. Unfortunately, it’s roughly the info equivalent of taking a tree-hugging tofu eater into Jean Georges in New York City. (Um, I’ll just have a salad and dessert, please.)
- Posted May 24, 2006
With an avalanche of mobile content coming online this year, subscribers can’t say they don’t have choices. They can complain about the tedious navigation process and confusing hierarchical menus they must endure to find and buy content, however. Navigation on mobile devices is particularly cumbersome, and most usability research suggests that users give up after 12 clicks or 30 seconds. Little wonder the industry is so excited about mobile search—thought by many to be a silver-bullet solution that will allow companies to present content within an acceptable click-distance and make that all-important sale.
- Posted Jun 01, 2006
Face it: face time remains the most valuable way to forge relationships. While the Web makes it possible to find almost anyone, nothing compares to shoulder bumping and elbow rubbing when you want to make useful business connections. That’s why networking remains the most compelling reason to attend the Buying and Selling eContent conference. Not only is the show a content-biz Who’s Who, almost every aspect of it is designed to provide networking opportunities. In fact, sometimes the actual conference sessions feel like they get in the way of why everyone is really there.
- Posted May 23, 2006

Faces of EContent

“Leading the standards efforts gives us an earlier awareness of worldwide adoption.”
- Posted Jun 16, 2006

Case Studies

RedDot Solutions helps streamline Web content management for NAIB's Aqua.org, which helped it reduce its IT needs and focus more on creating content and delivering a better user experience.
- Posted Jun 08, 2006