July/August 2012 Issue

News Features

They say content is king. While that remains a royal truism, this monarch's loyal subjects are clamoring for a new castle to be built—one where the walls aren't paper-thin and fading fast. Ask Mark Gross, president and CEO of Data Conversion Laboratory, Inc. (DCL), a Fresh Meadows, N.Y.-based content conversion and publishing services business, and he'll tell you that, while paper won't disappear entirely over the next few years, most content published will be electronic—including legacy content.
- Posted Jul 09, 2012
Simply put, there is likely no website in the world as popular as Facebook. According to Facebook's IPO filing released in February, there are 845 million active monthly users of Facebook worldwide. Each of those users spends an average of 20 minutes on the site per visit—although, as anyone who's caught himself looking at pics from his old college roommate's recent trip to Vegas can tell you, 20 minutes is probably a low estimate for a lot of people.
- Posted Aug 13, 2012

Featured Stories

Hollywood has long struggled with the challenge presented by digital content. The internet has at once been a source of consternation—with pirates abounding—and a source of endless new opportunities. Thanks to the success of streaming video at companies such as Netflix, Hulu, and TV Everywhere, Hollywood is finally starting to give digital content the respect it deserves.
- Posted Jul 02, 2012
It used to be easy to identify the biggest players in the news market. Names such as Rupert Murdoch and Ted Turner and their wealth of well-known media brands and properties would immediately come to mind. Today, the web and social media, in particular, have quickly and effectively changed the news media terrain. No longer are people devoted to that one brand or channel for their news or that one stalwart that runs a nationally known newspaper or cable (or network) news channel.
- Posted Aug 06, 2012
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of maximizing your site's visibility in search engine results, which is an art and science, according to Rebecca Lieb, analyst of digital advertising and media at the Altimeter Group. "In laymen's terms, it's being on the first page of Google results, not on page 372, where people are unlikely to see it," she says.
- Posted Aug 20, 2012


I continue to be amazed by the inability of big media in general—and newspapers in particular—to understand the internet. This is 2012 after all. The web is more than 20 years old now—old enough to drink. You would think we would have arrived at some basic level of knowledge about how to use the most important communication tool of our time—but no, apparently not.
- Posted Jul 03, 2012
I get about a hundred press announcements and story pitches a day. I give each one a glance and make a quick save or delete decision. One caught my eye recently: "Drupal, Open Source, and Jobs." As I was reaching for the DEL key, I hesitated. Jobs and employment are in the news daily. The subject line was tantalizing and led to some interesting conversations with senior executives who provide Drupal services: Ron Huber, president of Achieve Internet, and Ben Finklea, CEO of the Drupal SEO company Volacci Corp. I wondered, could open source software (OSS) really help turn around the economy or enrich your career?
- Posted Jul 17, 2012
In a generally dismal climate for European newspapers, British newspaper circulations are among the most disheartening. To the casual observer, therefore, it might have come as a surprise to read at the beginning of 2012 that MailOnline, the digital version of the U.K.'s midmarket tabloid the Daily Mail, had become the world's most read newspaper website.
- Posted Jul 31, 2012
Outstanding experiences are few and far between, especially on the web, in ebooks, and on smartphone apps. I know it. You know it. And, so do your customers. When I make this proclamation to clients and peers alike, I often get significant pushback. "Hey, we do a good job on the web," they say. "We've had 23,000 people download our app. That's a win!" And, "Our clients don't complain about our ebooks, so we must be doing it right."
- Posted Aug 14, 2012

Faces of EContent

As a lead front end architect at Kaltura, which provides an open source video platform for more than 150,000 websites, Michael Dale's role boils down to making it easy for people to communicate with video online. "My focus is on platforms that support the HTML5 video standard on desktop and mobile," Dale says. "I work to build a front end video player architecture that scales well to massive amounts of video views and supports rich online video experiences."
- Posted Jul 05, 2012

Case Studies

In a world of constantly shifting consumer demand and increased market competition, publishers of all kinds, no matter their field of expertise, need a little help in understanding how they can stay ahead of their competitors and increase their revenue, and perhaps most importantly, what their customers are looking to get from their brand. Academic publisher, SAGE, recognized this need. That's why in 2011, it decided to cut out the guesswork of consumer targeting and, instead, get a handle on its customer data by implementing a customer insights program.
- Posted Jul 16, 2012