June 2012 Issue

News Features

Innovation in the marketing industry is moving faster than ever before, according to Greg Ott, chief marketing officer at Demandbase, Inc. Vendors have backed out of traditional marketing-to-sales funnels, and the landscape is transforming dramatically, says Gerry Murray, research manager for the CMO Advisory service team at IDC (International Data Corp.). "Marketing is no longer a long-cycle and event planning and collateral building and annual cycle process," Murray says. "It's now happening minute by minute through Twitter and Facebook and all the other social media channels, and it's kind of blown up the whole model." Expectations, too, are changing. Marketing has become about forging deeper and more personalized relationships, Murray says, and engaging prospects sooner.
- Posted Jun 11, 2012
Live sports have long gotten credit for keeping cable customers subscribing. With almost everything else streaming on websites such as Hulu, sporting events have often resisted the call of the web. That has been changing, little by little. Earlier this year, the Super Bowl was streamed live on the web, and now, NBC is upping its streaming game during the London 2012 Olympic Games. The network announced earlier this year that all 32 Olympic events will be streamed on NBCOlympics.com. While this is great news for cord-cutters and those looking to view their favorite events on their smartphones and tablets--and at work--NBC's decision does come with a few caveats.
- Posted Jun 25, 2012

Featured Stories

On the chaotic and often tumultuous playground that is the World Wide Web, one thing is becoming more and more clear: Publishers have to play nice with social media if they hope to succeed. Yes, Facebook and Twitter are the popular kids on the playground, and they're the ones spreading the word about your content. According to the "State of the News Media 2012" report from the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism (PEJ), "Facebook users spent an average of 423 minutes each on the site in December. By contrast, a PEJ analysis of Nielsen Net View data puts the average time on a top 25 news site at just under 12 minutes per month."
- Posted Jun 04, 2012
For some, it might be hard to remember what life was like before smartphones, tablets, and e-readers. How did we ever survive? We had to wait until we were settled in front of our PCs to check our email and watch the latest episodes of our favorite TV shows on our TVs (gasp!). We even had to buy GPS navigators for our cars to find our way to new destinations. Mobile devices and the apps that live on them have certainly made our lives easier-and maybe even more exciting-but they have also had a significant impact on the publishing industry.
- Posted Jun 18, 2012
So, you want to get social? You realize your business cannot live without it. Kudos to you for having a strategy and a plan and for not just putting up Facebook and Twitter pages. But now you realize how time-consuming it will be to drive real measurable success. So let me tell you how we determined the right tools to help us drive our social media practice.
- Posted Jun 20, 2012


I'm in the process of reading Walter Isaacson's excellent biography of the contradictory and unpredictable man that was Steve Jobs. Isaacson wrote that in 2010, wracked with cancer, Jobs was on a mission to accomplish as much as he could before he died-and to that end he turned his keen attention to journalism.
- Posted Jun 05, 2012
Earlier this year, Hulu held its Best in Show competition. During the first week of voting, the online video site paired up shows and pitted them against one another. Like Weimaraners and border collies in their breed categories at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, TV shows such as Misfits and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia went head to head, with viewers voting for their favorite. Predictably, Always Sunny won that one, but Misfits—a British show that exclusively airs on Hulu in America—is one of my favorite shows. Much like the American Staffordshire terrier, Misfits seems to be misunderstood.
- Posted Jul 03, 2012
Lately, it seems that every other article about ebooks is news about a new lawsuit. Ebooks have a series of legal ramifications inherent to the format, problems that did not exist (or did but to a far lesser degree) in other book formats. Collusion, piracy, and who owns the right to publish what are just a few of the legal boondoggles that ebook publishers and authors are currently facing.
- Posted Jun 12, 2012
The web is dead. Apps are the future. Is tech blogger Robert Scoble on the mark when he makes this claim? It all depends on strategy.As a channel to the customer, mobile apps offer significant advantages. They allow companies to generate increased awareness, encourage interaction, and boost loyalty. It's no coincidence that media companies around the world are grasping the opportunity with both hands, producing an avalanche of smartphone apps and iPad apps aimed at getting their content in the hands of customers on the move.
- Posted Jun 19, 2012
I teach workshops on digital strategy and web writing, and the first rule I teach is "Know Thy User." I talk about different methods for understanding your audience, including user personas. User personas are a user experience design tool-your team brainstorms and creates three to five different archetypes that describe the users of your website. In marketing, we refer to it as audience-or customer-segmentation. Yet so many executives have resistance to using this tool. They would prefer to shoot in the dark or to pretend that their audience is just like them.
- Posted Jun 26, 2012

Faces of EContent

As an applications engineer for Bunchball, an industry leader in the field of gamification, Kasey McCurdy develops front-end applications for the Nitro gamification platform. "I started my career primarily as a designer, and because of my unique background, I often find myself helping with design, user experience, and the overall conceptualization of different products and solutions," McCurdy says. "I get to implement Nitro with a large variety of platforms, from Salesforce.com to Jive Software to mobile."
- Posted Jun 15, 2012

Case Studies

As Cooking.com acquired more and more properties, it became more and more difficult to manage its email marketing and to deploy as many emails as it needed to in an efficient manner. Emails were sent using an in-house email system that was just not scalable to the growth of the company. "There was the need [for] an enterprise email system that could handle not only the volume, but also the multiple organizations," says Matt Bunn, director of email marketing for Cooking.com.
- Posted Jun 08, 2012