March 2012 Issue

News Features

You've all heard it before: Publishers are struggling to monetize content. You've probably also heard that content licensing partnerships can provide new revenues for publishers, but no one is telling you where to begin.
- Posted Mar 05, 2012
Word-of-mouth has long been the best way to advertise a product, but how long does that buzz last -- especially in the digital age? A new study says that customers-turned-volunteer "brand advocates" are still much more likely to buy and recommend products than they were before they got involved in the marketing campaign a year before.
- Posted Mar 19, 2012

Featured Stories

Much attention is focused on the struggles of traditional news media brands to profit from the transition from print to digital. One often-discussed issue faced by media companies is the vast quantity of free alternatives-which range from bot-driven headline scraping to one-person blog sites and a whole generation of new media brands. Among these new media disrupters are an increasing number of operations with reputations for timely targeted news and content quality that have begun to rival those of some of the most venerated traditional media brands.High on that list is The Huffington Post.
- Posted Feb 27, 2012
Games have been around since before recorded history, but it's only within the past 2 years that they've really gotten down to (online) business. As acceptance of and familiarity with game mechanisms within online social networks and on entertainment sites increase, games are popping up on once-static web properties as a means of captivating audiences, enhancing market research, and stimulating conversation between companies and customers.
- Posted Mar 12, 2012
A comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide from the Real Story Group on how to choose the right web content management system for your company's needs.
- Posted Mar 14, 2012


When it comes to defining old media, you don't get much older or stodgier than The Associated Press (AP), which has been delivering the news for 165 years. In December 2011, it decided to finally join us in the 21st century by defining a new policy that would go beyond merely breaking a story first and go so far as to add value to it with analysis, video, and more.
- Posted Feb 28, 2012
The marketing of books has evolved dramatically over the past 10 years. Less money is being set aside for marketing, and the bells and whistles are generally saved for the biggest books of the year. For example, these days most authors will never go on a book tour; they're much more likely to go on a blog tour.Much of the marketing is now focused on the internet, and that's doubly true for ebooks. After all, if your target customer has an e-reader, chances are the internet is where they'll be.
- Posted Mar 06, 2012
From relevant mobile marketing and communications that reach us on every step of the consumer journey to mobile money services that enable us to conduct financial transactions to the advance of cloud-based services that give us easy access to our files and networks anywhere, anytime, mobile is finally taking its cues from people, not just what technology makes possible.
- Posted Mar 13, 2012
I think my email box might be even more fascinating than my Twitter feed right now. Every day there is a new article declaring a post-apocalyptic social media landscape."No ROI in Social Media Marketing," "Is Social Media Marketing Worth It?" and "Marketers Can't Gauge ROI on Social Media." Any minute I expect to see, "Zombies Attack Twitter, Proving That Social Media Is Dead."
- Posted Mar 20, 2012
Have you ever had the pleasure of walking into a production editor's office in a major publishing house? No? Well, you're missing out. It usually resembles an episode of Hoarders. Picture this: Stacks of paper teeter perilously around a desk while a stressed-out individual sits behind an ancient desk, washed out by fluorescent light bulbs. Hundreds if not thousands of books line the shelves, and if you're really lucky, you'll spot the ancient artifact referred to as a Fuji ... yes, like the film. A Fuji is a plastic sleeve filled with (hopefully) the final version of a cover sent by the printer for approval.
- Posted Mar 27, 2012

Faces of EContent

Rachel Goldberg is a solutions consultant with the professional services team at Brainshark, which provides cloud-based software for creating, sharing, and tracking online and mobile video presentations. "My role is a mix of being a product expert and connecting that to our customers' communication approaches in areas like customer and partner education, internal training, sales, marketing outreach, and HR," Goldberg says.
- Posted Mar 02, 2012

Case Studies

The ASA has been around for more than 100 years and publishes several different peer-reviewed journals as well as books, which means that its library is quite substantial. In order to give its members access to this plethora of information online, the library had been hosted by a third-party vendor. Unfortunately, this made it difficult to manage the content the way the ASA wanted within the vendor's capabilities while staying within the organization's budget. It needed a cost-effective way to house, manage, and control all of this content to fulfill the growing and evolving needs of its members, which included web and mobile access to information in the field.
Posted Mar 23, 2012