October 2011 Issue

News Features

If any company could propel an ebook-first publishing model, it is probably Amazon. With the popularity of the Kindle and the extensive information the company holds on its clients, Amazon is better positioned than most to push targeted ebooks to customers. The company even released a statement earlier this year showing that ebooks are outselling print books on Amazon.com. Despite this, Amazon is foraying further into the print publishing world.
- Posted Oct 05, 2011
There was a time, long ago, when writing on virtual walls, being "poked" by friends, and tagging pictures was entertainment enough to convert everyday internet surfers into Facebook users. But compared to today's Facebook, on which people share videos, play games, check in at locations, and make virtual purchases, the original Facebook's entertainment offering seems bare-bones. According to Facebook statistics, users install 20 million apps every day. Playing games and streaming videos have become social activities. With more app support and more content sharing, Facebook, and social media in general, is increasingly becoming a multimedia entertainment platform-which seems to be the end goal for many of these sites.
- Posted Oct 19, 2011

Featured Stories

Whether you're a traditional publisher with corporate money at your disposal or a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants blogger, you should already have a solid strategy in place that guides the content you offer on your website. For most publishers, no matter their size, that strategy involves the kind of content that your site visitors read. Attention-grabbing headlines and search engine optimization (SEO) are no doubt at the top of your priority list, but with the popularity of websites such as YouTube, easy-to-use digital video equipment, and computer monitors that can double as television screens, content providers are beginning to recognize the importance and value of having an online video content strategy as well. It's becoming increasingly necessary to appeal to site visitors who want to view, not just read, your content.
- Posted Oct 26, 2011
People love saving money. Sales and coupons are time-honored advertising traditions for a broad field of retail businesses, from supermarkets to office suppliers. The latest manifestation of human beings' long-running obsession with coupons is the daily deal-websites and mobile apps that deliver a selection of daily coupons and deals to savings-hungry consumers.Companies such as Groupon, Inc. and LivingSocial have made a name for themselves by combining daily coupons, group buying, and local marketing. And the success of these two companies is spawning a thriving ecosystem of businesses, publishers, and deal networks all looking to get a piece of the pie.
- Posted Oct 12, 2011


I fear we are entering a new era that I'm calling "Portal 2.0." As the major social sites jockey for position, recent evidence suggests, sadly, that Google, Facebook, and Twitter are building walls around the applications in the exact same way that the Portal 1.0 players did in the late 1990s. I'm looking at you AOL, Lycos, Excite, MSN, and Yahoo!.
- Posted Oct 03, 2011
It is autumn in New England-my most beloved time of year. Apple fritters, harvest festivals, and all sorts of baked goods covered in cinnamon: These are a few of my favorite things. Outside the EContent office windows the leaves are turning, and inside there's plenty of change afoot. Yep, 2011 has been a year of reimagining for us, and it's all starting to come to fruition.
- Posted Oct 10, 2011
It seems baffling to me that in 2011 there are media companies that are still so clueless about the realities of digital publishing. In fact, many act surprised, as though it's something new that just dropped into their laps rather than a transition that's been happening over the past decade.
- Posted Oct 17, 2011
The proliferation of connected devices and platforms has encouraged dozens of companies and providers--including online retail giant Amazon--to establish an application storefront and get in on the action. More marketplaces may mean more choice for consumers, but it also turns up the pressure on publishers and marketers to learn how to do business in a new, booming "App Economy."
- Posted Oct 24, 2011
The day I bought my iPad was the day I began questioning my lifelong commitment to reading several print newspapers a day. For some people, it was the digital subscription app and the interactive crossword puzzles from The New York Times that did it. It took being able to get Wired magazine's videos and other multimedia on the iPad for me to really grok life without print subscriptions. Tablet computers may be the long-awaited electronic newspaper delivery device.
- Posted Oct 31, 2011

Faces of EContent

Of her title as conference co-chair and community manager for O'Reilly's Tools of Change for Publishing (TOC) area of practice, Kat Meyer says, "That's a long way of saying I am a connector. I seek out and bring together the people, companies, and organizations that are creating the future of publishing." The TOC team produces in-person events, co-produces events and publications with partners, and publishes books. Meyer helps maintain TOC's online and social media presence via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and the O'Reilly Radar blog.
Posted Oct 14, 2011

Case Studies

As a website known particularly for its classified listings, original editorial content had always been put on the back burner for AutoTrader.com. Scott Markle, now the website's senior manager of content strategy, asked for a chance to see what could be done with editorial content in early 2009 and has been working on it ever since that summer. In order to work toward publishing more original editorial content, AutoTrader.com needed to find a CMS that could handle its high traffic as well as simplify its complicated initial model.
- Posted Oct 07, 2011