May 2011 Issue

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WikiLeaks has raised a lot of questions, most of which have nothing to do with the stolen documents the organization leaked to the world. Julian Assange and his whistle-blowing organization have made many people question the notion of the press and wonder what implications these kinds of organizations have for businesses with confidential information. All these questions have spurred the American government to act.
- Posted May 04, 2011
In his Gettysburg Address, President Abraham Lincoln expressed the hope that he envisioned for our government: "that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom-and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth." As the citizenry grows accustomed to immediate access to global information via smartphones, social media apps, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, blogs, videos, and streaming media, it has been difficult for bureaucrats to assimilate. At least one company has been keeping tabs on the situation, though.
- Posted May 18, 2011
Imagine being a Digital Native--part of a generation that has never known a world in which the internet didn't exist. From the time you could work a mouse, you were instant messaging your friends and asking Google questions about your homework. Eventually, you probably got a smartphone, and now you can text your friends while in class or scan a bar code in a store to find the best price on your next purchase. And you're also making your way into the workforce.
- Posted May 28, 2012

Featured Stories

Discovery has never been a simple process for organizations, even in the "old days" when discovery generally entailed gathering piles of documents into large boxes and wading through them by hand. Information long ago evolved from print documents to electronic formats, which has created challenges and opportunities.
- Posted May 11, 2011
By now, most of us know the basic ingredients for a good website. The mobile experience, though, is still a relatively new concept compared to the traditional web—so figuring out how to provide the best mobile search interface remains a work in progress. Yet organizations with digital content are wasting no time working with the technology to expand their traditional web search capabilities into the mobile space.
- Posted May 25, 2011


In our real-time world, one person with passion and an internet connection can make a huge difference. The first few months of 2011 have been a great example of that. In January, I followed the terrible flood situation in and around Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. As a result, I've also followed the remarkable story of Baked Relief, a crowdsourced support group that emerged to help those affected by this natural disaster.
- Posted May 02, 2011
For Hollywood studios, rigidly defined distribution windows have traditionally dictated the sequential release of a movie: first exclusively in theaters, then on DVD, then on premium cable, and so forth. Previously pleasant relationships are being strained as theater owners try to maintain their place in the chain and studios try to bleed out as many bucks as are left in Walmart's dying (but still substantial) DVD revenues. As these battles distract the traditional Hollywood players, new platforms are quickly sneaking past the guards.
- Posted May 09, 2011
I have a not-so-secret secret. I like to write fiction and hope to someday write the great American novel, leave behind my glamorous life as a technology journalist, and retreat to the woods of New Hampshire to become a Salinger-esque recluse. Of course, that little confession could have been made by just about anyone who makes his or her living as a writer of any sort. But wait … I am, as aforementioned, a technology journalist! Shouldn't I be leaving the fuddy-duddy world of publishing behind and hawking my works of literary genius on the web?
- Posted May 16, 2011
My inbox runneth over with can't-miss bargain offers. I am not sure how many Groupon and LivingSocial daily deal lists I actually subscribed to, but each morning my inbox is stuffed with 50%-off offers for everything from massages to theater tickets in several nearby locales. Clearly, one of the most lucrative innovations in emarketing in recent years has been the group buying and daily deal model. When LivingSocial sold a $20 voucher from (one of its primary investors) for $10, 1.4 million people took the bait ... including me.
- Posted May 23, 2011
The term "cloud computing" has become ubiquitous in the IT world. It has stretched out into the rest of the business world too, becoming one of the hottest buzzwords in recent memory. Some believe with a passion that all IT and data will ultimately reside in "the cloud." Others take a more nuanced view.
- Posted May 30, 2011

Faces of EContent

"I never get to sit at my desk."
- Posted May 12, 2011

Case Studies

As a global law firm, Orrick had documents in repositories around the world. If someone at the firm needed to access the information in one of these repositories, he would need to search each one separately until he found the document he was looking for, taking up valuable time and resources. "The document repositories are not really user friendly," says Mark Salamon, senior knowledge analyst at Orrick. "So one of the main things we wanted to accomplish was being able to search all that content at once, and also being able to search it more easily."
- Posted May 05, 2011