January/February 2005 Issue

News Features

WiFi access has been cropping up in some unexpected places lately. While access at airports and other hubs of activity is useful, if not terribly surprising, WiFi is slowly making its way to more off-beat locales. New York has made Bryant Park and other public areas WiFi-enabled; Starbucks and retailers around the country provide access while you sip your latte, grab a burger, or make copies. The latest on the WiFi roadmap is the city of Tempe, Arizona. And you better believe that the state the Grand Canyon calls home is doing WiFi in a big way.
- Posted Feb 11, 2005
Legitimate email marketers have turned a wary eye towards a new proposal gaining momentum at the Federal Trade Commission that would award hard-cash bounties to ordinary citizens who help arrest the bane of email marketing today: spam.
Posted Feb 23, 2005
As automotive entertainment and information options grow from your basic AM/FM radio and CD player to include GPS devices, backseat DVD players, satellite TV and radio, and even hard drives, the industry is on the lookout for content that appeals to drivers and passengers. With this potential for a near-captive audience at stake, the automotive market has just started to heat up.
- Posted Feb 24, 2005
Napster, KaZaA, and Gnutella have fuelled consumers’ passion for downloading and swapping MP3 music files—and BitTorrent and eDonkey are doing the same for video. Now, a handful of upstart vendors are poised to move peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing applications from the wired Internet to the wireless space to create an anywhere, anytime network for content creation and distribution.
- Posted Feb 22, 2005

Featured Stories

It has taken nearly a decade for the vast majority of Web content to prove the old mantra that media money always follows the eyeballs, but it won’t take that long for Web logs to find reliable business models.
- Posted Feb 16, 2005
Open source isn’t for everybody, but for a growing number of organizatons, taking the open road can lead to a customized CM solution.
- Posted Feb 18, 2005
Financial services—among the most regulated companies in the world—lag behind most other industries in implementing CMS, but those that are doing so are reaping benefits.
- Posted Feb 24, 2005


The blessing and curse of the price drop in storage media is that we have more of an incentive to save information rather than evaluate it and decide whether or not it’s worth keeping.
- Posted Feb 22, 2005
Content providers had better keep their eyes on this rapidly evolving sector. Search is becoming a lynchpin both of the Web economy and the way users navigate to your content.
- Posted Feb 23, 2005
Sharing best practice knowledge is one of the stated goals of a “community of practice,” an increasingly used content industry buzz phrase. McKinsey & Co. defines a community of practice as “a group of professionals, informally bound to one another through exposure to a common class of problems, common pursuit of solutions, and thereby themselves embodying a store of knowledge.” But even if a small community agrees on a particular best practice, where is the motivation for them to share their knowledge with one another and the wider industry?
- Posted Feb 24, 2005
The influence of business and political blogs has become too large to be dismissed by the econtent industry. Blogging provides experts and wannabes with an easy way to make their voices heard in the Web-based marketplace of ideas. Companies that ignore independent product reviews and discussions about service quality found on blogs are living dangerously; information aggregators and distributors need to do some soul searching to determine where blogs fit in to their offerings; and info pros should be prepared to advise their organizations on the impact of blogs on a day's work.
- Posted Feb 21, 2005
Focus is a good thing, but myopia isn’t. Once in a while I have to get my head up off the page (or screen, as is increasingly the case) and look around at what’s going on in the world. This doesn’t always mean a change of scene, though—this week content made the evening news.
- Posted Feb 11, 2005

Faces of EContent

"Blogs are my passion because they're a collaborative tool."
- Posted Feb 11, 2005