December 2004 Issue

Featured Stories

The EContent team suggests some sites, projects, and resources that—while outside the scope of the EContent 100 list—are well worth taking a closer look at.
- Posted Nov 29, 2004


While the word may cause eyes to roll, organizations may find that taxonomy also causes blood to boil.
- Posted Nov 29, 2004
I take pleasure in looking forward to the more promising new revenue streams (and trickles) of the coming year.
- Posted Nov 29, 2004
Of the many trends on which I could comment, there are three areas that stand out: information architecture, personas, and CMS.
- Posted Nov 29, 2004
We are accustomed to looking for a brand name but, clearly, a number of info pros are still reluctant to put our seal of approval on an emerging reference source.
- Posted Dec 01, 2004
The things that make an egoless company will also make a remarkable company and maybe even one that makes the EContent 100 list.
Posted Nov 29, 2004
I am confronted with the downside of emergent communication more than most. With the increasing pressure for real-time information comes the responsibility of balancing substance with speed.
- Posted Nov 26, 2004