November 2004 Issue

News Features

Founded in 1848, The Associated Press has long been considered a venerable news institution with considerable authority, clout, and expertise. With its announcement of Electronic AP (eAP) last October, add cutting-edge to the list.
- Posted Nov 02, 2004
Ah, the coveted 18-24 year-old voter. Every election year, the public is assaulted with statistics on the apathy of youth, and experts and political pundits debate how to get the demographic registered and voting. MTV and Rock the Vote want to make it cool to vote, and, this election year, they have the very specific goal of getting 20 million 18-24 year olds to the voting booths.
- Posted Oct 26, 2004
Revenue leakage, insufficient marketing, and inadequate mobile operator business infrastructure rank high among the issues holding back the development of mobile commerce in Europe, according to a September survey of major mobile content providers. The Mobile Content Providers Confidence Study, conducted by Qpass, a U.S.-based provider of mobile commerce software solutions, revealed that 85% of mobile content providers believe operators are “constrained by poor or inadequate systems for mobile commerce.” Moreover, 70% of content providers deemed this situation “unacceptable.”
- Posted Dec 10, 2004
"More, More, More, How Do You Like it?" Who knew that Andrea True’s disco lyrics would presage today’s digital information dichotomy? When you really need to know, quantity without quality just won’t do. Anybody using a search engine realizes that, unless you get a perfect hit on page one, too many results are a very bad thing. And if you are a researcher, the seemingly endless resources of the Web seem swell until you actually have to pull a needle of data out of a haystack of results.
- Posted Nov 03, 2004
Matrix Semiconductor, Inc. has introduced a low-cost, write-once flash memory chip called Matrix 3-D Memory (3DM) that could create an important new content delivery platform for devices such as cell phones, PDAs, and media players equipped with a memory card slot.
- Posted Nov 02, 2004
Over the last three years, mergers and acquisitions have become de rigueur in the ECM market as major players in the space strive to broaden the definition of enterprise content management, especially through the addition of digital asset capabilities. In 2001, Bulldog Group—a Canadian company that specialized in DAM—was acquired by Documentum. Interwoven signed an agreement in June of 2003 to acquire MediaBin. Less than two months later, in August of 2003, Stellent followed suit and purchased DAM vendor Ancept. Then in August of this year, Open Text announced its acquisition of Artesia Technologies.
- Posted Nov 04, 2004

Featured Stories

Mobile content was once considered mass market and low value, so primitive DRM solutions sufficed. Today, the distribution of rich multimedia content and an increasing amount of sensitive corporate content mandates a much more stringent approach to mobile DRM.
- Posted Nov 12, 2004
The overriding goal of implementing CM, CRM, KM, BPM, and collaboration technologies is to make enterprise employees operate more efficiently, but sometimes in spite of all these databases and information repositories and graphical front-ends, business needs to get done with good old-fashioned, one-to-one human communication. But do how do you make the connection? Somewhere in the organization is someone who has an answer, if only you knew who that person is or even how to look for him/her. The answer may lie in a growing niche market known as Expert Locator software.
- Posted Oct 27, 2004
Companies are opting for elearning over more traditional learning due to the increasing mobility of the workforce, the need to save on training costs, greater acceptance of Web-based training, and better interoperability of system.
- Posted Nov 15, 2004


I find that a whole lot of people fail to pay sufficient attention to content migration, but this can be a massive undertaking and some careful calculation must go into it from the outset of an intranet CMS implementation.
- Posted Nov 15, 2004
You may have heard me drone on that people will pay for content that facilitates connecting to others. Well that same principle is now being played out in another content area: online gaming.
- Posted Nov 10, 2004
I can only imagine how my teenage years would have been different—but probably no less misspent—had there been online social networking systems like Friendster or orkut.
- Posted Oct 27, 2004
Search engines aren’t just popular, they’re indispensable; almost one-third of respondents said they couldn’t live without Internet search engines. And business people, in particular, are open to experimentation as new search tools emerge.
- Posted Nov 12, 2004
With the slew of mobile acronyms shooting up all around us, it’s no surprise that we purveyors of content can get a bit tangled.
- Posted Nov 01, 2004

Faces of EContent

"The system is always evolving rather than a slice in time."
- Posted Nov 02, 2004