September 2004 Issue

News Features

Picture this. You’re going to visit relatives across the country; to amuse yourself on the journey you take a few movies and favorite TV shows, a couple of audio books, a few thousand of your favorite songs, and an inordinate number of new photos to show your family when you arrive. So what did you have to cram in your carry-on? Nothing more than a slim Portable Media Center (PMC) that takes up about as much room as a couple of CD cases.
- Posted Sep 07, 2004
Newspapers grew out of local communities’ need to communicate, for the most part, the more mundane aspects of life, but over time, the newspaper’s role shifted from community service tool to expertise and entertainment vehicle. The Northwest Voice has gleaned a lot of press for being one of the first print and Web newspapers to be produced almost completely by voluntary contributions, in its case, from the people living in the northwest part of the Bakersfield, CA community it serves.
- Posted Sep 03, 2004
Increasing complaints by new media firms that big-name media companies are blocking their access to content has prompted EU Competition Commissioner Mario Monti to launch an investigation. Speaking before an audience of telecommunications and entertainment companies in Brussels, Monti said his office would open an inquiry later this year into the provision of content—music, films, and sports—over the Internet for such services as video-on-demand (VoD).
- Posted Sep 01, 2004
News Technologies LLC has introduced the latest member of its TriggerNews family dubbed TriggerNews PL Multi-Brand. The product, announced in late August, builds on the company’s premise that information consumers need meaningful ways to bypass the information overload problem presented by the open Web and publishers need to get content to them in more targeted ways.
- Posted Sep 09, 2004
As spam, adware, and other abuses of the Internet become evermore prevalent, the need to have a meaningful way in which end users can report this abuse has grown exponentially, not to mention network administrators’ need to have an automated system to facilitate these complaints. This is the problem that George Davey, network administrator at Des Moines University, has set out to solve through the development of a new protocol, dubbed the Iowa Internet Abuse Logging Protocol (IIALP).
- Posted Sep 15, 2004

Featured Stories

Content can be specialized to fit virtually any business need—no matter how obscure. Here we take a look at one horizontal and five vertical offerings to demonstrate how content helps companies do business.
- Posted Sep 01, 2004
While their spelling would make your English teacher cringe, the brevity and simplicity of SMS (Short Message Service) messages can’t be be denied. Long the rage in Europe and Asia, SMS is exploding in the U.S. As it takes off, companies of all types are exploring how to use SMS as a content delivery mechanism, a marketing tool, and a platform for internal communications.
- Posted Sep 17, 2004
The ability of wireless networks to reach virtually any point on the planet makes mobile communications one of the most important and challenging frontiers for the enterprise. To be successful, organizations must absorb mobility into their way of doing business. This fundamental transformation demands new methods—and a new mindset.
- Posted Sep 13, 2004


I doubt that the growth in new intranets has been high, so I’ll say that 200,000 intranets is a solid conservative figure for the U.K. However, if finding out the installed base of intranets isn’t hard enough, try finding out the number of CMS licenses.
Posted Sep 20, 2004
In their enthusiasm to embrace all things digital, some info pros place themselves in awkward situations.
Posted Sep 09, 2004
New communication technologies interact with cultures in subtle ways. Publishing used to be a fairly top-down affair. But the Internet and email have permanently transformed that familiar relationship between readers and editors.
- Posted Sep 06, 2004
Other than improved business, what are companies talking about this year? Based on decidedly unscientific measures, solutions and anything XML are hot.
- Posted Sep 06, 2004
Despite our enthusiasm about emerging digital content delivery technologies, we need to look sharp before we leap. Vendors can help by working with companies to create viable business models.
- Posted Sep 01, 2004

Faces of EContent

"Not eeryone can look at a press rlease and, within seconds, find the really important news buried in it."
- Posted Sep 01, 2004