June 2010 Issue

News Features

While certain segments of the economy are rebounding, the content industry has continued to struggle to get back on its feet. With that in mind, many of the top executives from companies across the content spectrum gathered on April 18-20 at the 11th annual Buying & Selling eContent conference in Arizona to discuss Reigniting the Content Economy.
- Posted May 19, 2010
News roulette started out, like so many other projects, with an idle conversation between friends. Intrigued by the idea, Daniel Vydra went to his computer and designed an application that would call up a random article published in The Guardian in the previous 24 hours. Vydra's Random Guardian application is not a major corporate initiative or an attempt to change the way we view news-Random Guardian only took Vydra "2 or 3 hours" to create.
- Posted May 28, 2010
The French government and international news agency Agence France-Presse (AFP) have teamed up to spearhead a consortium of digital media content producers and publishers aiming to find a high-quality semantic search strategy for AFP's Arabic-language news, audio, and video multimedia content, a solution that creators hope could serve as a model platform for Arabic news organizations around the globe.
- Posted Jun 02, 2010
From the dawn of time, man has felt the need to express his feelings by means of communication. Millenniums ago, cavemen shared stories around the fire. But as man evolved, so did his methods of thinking and responding to his society. Now, as marketers face an audience craving viral information, they too must adapt. Conquest Research & Consultancy Ltd., a brand and product research agency, is hoping to help marketing departments with this dilemma.
- Posted Jun 09, 2010

Featured Stories

The number of mobile app downloads will increase from 7 billion in 2009 to an astonishing 50 billion in 2012. That translates into a $17.5 billion market by 2012. Even if these numbers are wildly exaggerated, and there is no reason to believe they are, this is a huge market and it's no wonder content providers everywhere are clamoring for a piece of this action. These numbers are enough to get anyone's attention, but there are many roads that can lead to app success… or failure, so content players need to get an accurate lay of the land.
- Posted May 26, 2010
As search technology has evolved and digital information has expanded and taken on new forms, "search" is less about finding and more about doing: integrating search and discovery into workflow to improve and speed decision making.
- Posted Jun 02, 2010
The expectation of professional interactions to be more like those on the open web extends inside the enterprise as well. If you don't use video inside your organization or institution for company meetings, corporate communication, or training purposes, you're missing out on a powerful tool that enables users to connect and collaborate in a manner rivaled only by true face-to-face interaction.
- Posted Jun 09, 2010


Ebooks have moved out of the niches and into the mainstream, and this panel demonstrated how players of all types are examining the opportunities they present. Not surprisingly, one of the primary concerns forum expressed is confusion given the number of devices and competing standards on the market It is time to rebuild the ebook infrastructure from the ground up.
- Posted May 31, 2010
Layar is a free application that uses your GPS location to show what is nearby by displaying real-time information on top of the image on your mobile's camera (it works on other platforms as well as the on the iPhone). The founders of Layar call it "augmented reality." I call it "cool."
- Posted Jun 02, 2010
As we move into the second half of the year, we hear that many of the major news brands-such as The New York Times and, perhaps, even ABC News-are thinking of imposing new metered or pay wall ideas. This tiered approach appears to have made traction because many feel that making only the most frequent visitors pay for persistent access helps to identify the real brand loyalists whose recidivist behavior demonstrates the value they already place on your brand. But will it work for much more commodified content like most newspapers?
- Posted Jun 04, 2010
I never did believe that information wanted to be free ... just respected for more than its good looks. Apparently, no one else got the memo. Econtent, in and of itself, often isn't seen as particularly valuable. We can find the same material elsewhere on the web if we look hard enough, or we can find something else that we perceive as good enough. For information-and access to it-to be priced profitably, the value of the content must be readily apparent.
- Posted Jun 09, 2010

Faces of EContent

"There is a plethora of research and historical materials here with value in the global open access environment. It is a sustainable model, as it will be maintained in perpetuity with URLs that never change."
- Posted May 31, 2010

Case Studies

As a financial firm that provides on-site consultation for its business clients, keeping in touch with traveling agents and salesmen is a priority for Klein Financial Services. And with the large volume and confidential nature of the documents the firm routinely handles, traditional methods such as phone, fax, and email are either too cumbersome or not private enough. Yet with no significant IT infrastructure and limited employees, the company can't deploy the sort of complex software solution a larger company might turn to.
- Posted Jun 07, 2010