April 2004 Issue

News Features

Who wants to read a whale of a book like Moby Dick on a minnow of a display like a PDA? So instead of fighting this fact of life, a new, yet not so new, technology has risen to the challenge: epaper.
- Posted Apr 13, 2004
Safari Books Online, a joint venture between technology book publishing giants O’Reilly and Pearson Technologies, has managed to succeed in the ebook market where so many others have failed.
- Posted Mar 15, 2004
Two companies have recently entered the scene with the intent to turn your musical affinities into recommendations for other titles, albums, and artists, and, not only could it revolutionize the way consumers find music, but it has implications in a host of other consumer arenas.
- Posted Mar 31, 2004
Companies everywhere are trying to conjure the magic formula that will miraculously transform their corporate intranet from being just another place to find the company phone list to its rightful role as the lifeblood of corporate communications. Intranets.com has developed a philosophy to coincide.
- Posted Apr 01, 2004

Featured Stories

According to many publishers large and small, the contextual ad programs set up by the major search engines and some other ad networks are spreading ad revenue wealth generously. But will it last?
- Posted Apr 19, 2004
In an effort to simplify the searching process and bring more meaning and context to the results, a number of search engines and tools have been developed over the last several years that present a visual map of the results, rather than a text list.
- Posted Apr 07, 2004
In the world of content management, the road to bliss can only be found when content flows efficiently, with nothing hindering it on its path to usefulness. While content management can function to keep businesses healthy and profitable, unstructured information has the potential to weigh companies down in content chaos.
- Posted Apr 23, 2004


Early adopters of these behavioral tracking systems are discovering several ways in which the next evolution of ad technology gooses the bottom lin
- Posted Apr 16, 2004
User interfaces are going to be a lot fuzzier in the next couple of years. The skills that I have been so proud of all these years do not make much of a difference when working with an information management system that relies on the 30,000 foot view of the information landscape.
- Posted Apr 05, 2004
I still find that far too many intranets are being built on the basis of putting as much information up as possible instead of around users’ needs.
- Posted Apr 01, 2004
What role does marketing play in the econtent industry? Marketing is developing and positioning an econtent product so that someone will actually want to buy it.
- Posted Apr 23, 2004
Again, the dichotomy of being a digital content magazine rears its head here at EContent. Early this year, we worked with E-Book Systems on our very first foray into digital delivery of the entire magazine.
- Posted Apr 14, 2004

Faces of EContent

"No matter how the industry changes over time, it always comes down to what business problem a product can solve.
- Posted Apr 19, 2004