March 2004 Issue

News Features

Increasingly, companies embrace the extranet as a better way to communicate with partners faster and more consistently. But once internal content becomes available outside the firewall, security needs increase exponentially.
- Posted Mar 08, 2004
If you need something done right, sometimes you have to do it yourself. Such was the case for ContentGuard and their work in the DRM space.
- Posted Mar 10, 2004
NewsGator, makers of the NewsGator news aggregator, announced the release of version 2.0 in February, adding a slew of significant new features.
- Posted Mar 05, 2004
Twice, Apple has stared down the barrel of organized customer dissatisfaction and dissent given life through Internet-enabled technologies.
- Posted Mar 03, 2004

Featured Stories

Today’s enterprise employees have more information at their fingertips than at any point in history. While this information can certainly help companies, how is an individual or even a large group able to keep up with the volume? One way may be with RSS.
- Posted Mar 08, 2004
The brain may hunger for content, but employees and internet users—despite more information available than ever before—are malnourished, starving for the right informational diet, and many are looking to Web-enabled initiatives like portals for sustenance.
- Posted Mar 15, 2004
The academic world has been particularly traumatized by the rising costs of the traditional publishing paradigm. Every university and college is constrained by these challenges, but few have attempted to reinvent the wheel. The University of California is one of those few.
- Posted Mar 10, 2004


Without trying to convince you that monitoring every XML-related occurrence is good for you, I will explain why I monitor the W3C and other sites. Perhaps you’ll see how stewards of econtent might also find it useful and even develop a taste for it.
- Posted Mar 01, 2004
Some lessons need to be repeated no matter how obvious they may appear. When it comes to online advertising effectiveness, the perennial lesson is that context is everything.
- Posted Mar 22, 2004
I took part in a conference on “Practical Strategies to Encourage the Frequent and Consistent Usage of the Intranet for Demonstrable ROI,” which led me to formulate some thoughts on how to do just that.
- Posted Mar 18, 2004
Back in the days of print domination, there were basically two choices an author had to publish content: Try to garner the interest of a big publisher or do it yourself. But times have changed and so has the definition of publisher.
- Posted Mar 10, 2004
As the expectation that computers communicate within an organization developed, publishing solutions transformed into technology solutions.
- Posted Mar 03, 2004

Faces of EContent

"It's not just about giving them just something, it's about the right content."
- Posted Mar 08, 2004