December 2003 Issue

Featured Stories

The EContent team suggests some sites, projects, and resources that - while outside the scope of the EContent 100 list - are well worth taking a closer look at.
- Posted Dec 19, 2003


Some clients of mine are intolerant of large quantities of information; true, they don’t suffer abdominal distress or anemia, but they do fail to “digest” the information if it’s presented in a way that’s unfamiliar to them or if it’s just overwhelming in terms of amount or breadth.
- Posted Dec 15, 2003
It was with some regret that I was not able to attend Intracom 2003 in Montreal in October, as the previous two conferences have provided valuable insights into intranet issues. It was at the 2001 conference that I discovered Web logs (often called blogs).
- Posted Dec 09, 2003
2003 has been the “year of content,” and 2004 promises even more excitement. By content I mean a “book-like collection of related information objects;” “book-like” because nearly all content carries some of the attributes of books.
- Posted Dec 12, 2003
The EContent 100 issue with the most important, influential, and successful companies in the content industry seems like a good spot from which to project forward a bit and “Follow the Money” into the content industry’s likeliest revenue streams in 2004.
Posted Dec 12, 2003
Thinking about the strange phenomenon of surfing your inbox, I was struck by how many other bits of econtent are best viewed in applications far removed from the original user interface
- Posted Dec 16, 2003
Sometimes I feel like I’m penning my epitaph here at EContent. The editor of a print magazine so completely extolling the virtues of the digital delivery medium is contradictory at best.
- Posted Dec 10, 2003