October 2003 Issue

News Features

Until recently, the publishing models in science, technology, and medicine—the STM market—have been twofold. You published your research results either in a journal sponsored by a professional association or in one produced by a for-profit company. Enter the Public Library of Science (PLoS).
- Posted Oct 10, 2003
In an era when cyberterrorism is more than just a nuisance, the need to provide effective means to thwart such attacks is critical for today's leading businesses and universities, as well as the general public.
- Posted Oct 06, 2003
Where should the line between maintaining national security and infringing on personal freedoms be drawn? The Department of Defense has recently added some fuel to the fire in this perpetual debate.
- Posted Oct 01, 2003
Libraries lead the way in pioneering many digital initiatives, but what the local library implements to manage its ejournal collection or even a more ambitious digital archiving project will rarely scale to enterprise proportions
- Posted Oct 14, 2003

Featured Stories

"In two years, KM will be a subset of elearning. Or elearning will be a subset of KM." That Gartner prediction, cited in Rosenberg's book e-Learning, was made three years ago. Neither variation has come to pass. Instead, the interactions of the two fields continue to increase and there seems to be a widespread agreement that KM and elearning are converging.
- Posted Oct 13, 2003
Speedy communication is only one aspect of doing business in real time. Even more important: the ability for execs to find out what's going on under the hood in time to fix problems before they cause something important to blow up.
- Posted Oct 15, 2003
Until recently, weblogs were primarily the domain of a tightly knit community of personal bloggers offering their insight and opinions, but they are finding their way into the workplace as organizations begin to recognize their promise as an inexpensive way to communicate information about dynamic events.
- Posted Oct 20, 2003
To combat the ebb and flow of inforation from internal corporate computing networks, corporations, institutions, and organizations alike have, until now, protected their digital documents, multimedia, and code with perimeter-based systems, but there are a new crop of IRM tools that strive to ease the burder of manageing secure collaboration and allow for the flexibility that the corporate environment requires.
- Posted Oct 07, 2003


We are approaching the end of the first decade of intranet deployment. What lessons have been learned in that time? I am tempted to say, "Not many!"
- Posted Oct 13, 2003
Online micropayment is an idea that just won’t die…nor will it quite come to life. While growing seven-fold in 2002, they still represent a mere 1% of online content revenues.
- Posted Oct 02, 2003
Google has taught us that it is no longer necessary to go through the effort of defining our information need. We put a word or two into the search box and let a search engine disambiguate the query and provide an answer.
- Posted Oct 27, 2003
Finding one-off statistics and stock photography used to be a pain in the butt for marketing professionals, but times they are a-changin'.
- Posted Oct 01, 2003
With limited resources and more people to manage, department heads face a dire need to get their message across, foster collaboration, and maximize human resources and intellectual capital.
- Posted Oct 10, 2003

Faces of EContent

"I spend a lot of time serving as a link between EPA staff and the commercial vendors."
- Posted Oct 20, 2003