August/September 2003 Issue

News Features

No stranger to the rise and fall of marketing budgets, Leopard, a business-to-business marketing communications services provider, saw a need for outsourcing the digital asset management that effective marketing mandates. After frequently finding itself in the position of actually having to create technologies to better deliver marketing messages, the company added technology services or “business process outsourcing” to its traditional role as developer and deliverer of marketing strategies.
- Posted Aug 25, 2003
Adobe's recently announced intelligent forms designer product expects to target three main users: the graphical designer who is interested in the look of the form, the developer who writes text for the document, and the business user who needs to be able to edit the form but lacks the technical skills of a developer. Adobe expects it will be ready to ship in early 2004 and you can bet that one way or another you will encounter the product before long.
- Posted Sep 01, 2003
Thanks to an innovative digitization project adopted by the British Library, appropriately called Turning the Pages (TTP), patrons are now able to digitally view collections of priceless rare books.
- Posted Aug 19, 2003
It is a case of musical Darwinism. When your career spans decades, it is inevitable that you have adapted to the times in order to survive. Such is the case with Metallica and Pearl Jam who have both made major strides in adapting to the use of the Internet for digitally distributing their music.
- Posted Aug 29, 2003

Featured Stories

Typically with B2C, much of the fresh content is free and includes ads, but readers are charged for archived data. That’s all well and good for B2C, but what about business-to-business publishers and their online properties?
- Posted Sep 11, 2003
Once the province of teenagers, IM has percolated through the mainstream until, by natural extension, it has reached into the enterprise.
- Posted Sep 17, 2003
Looking for a solution to manage all your digital assets? EContent looks at two companies that took divergent paths in building a DAM solution.
- Posted Sep 17, 2003
Mobile needs to be free to take any shape in order to find and empower users when and where they need it. But by virtue of its malleable nature, mobile is difficult to grasp and as a result, content providers—already cautious from scars garnered during the wild and wooly dotcom days—aren’t so quick to chase what might seem like a PDA pipe dream.
- Posted Sep 22, 2003
Perhaps no group of workers needs quicker access to accurate, current information than medical professionals. So it comes as little surprise that the medical community has been among the early adopters of mobile content.
- Posted Sep 10, 2003
The technology’s readiness should be welcomed by those who have wanted to mobilize corporate content but found that the infrastructure, devices, and software platforms couldn’t deliver anytime/anywhere access to corporate data in practical formats.
- Posted Sep 17, 2003


What fascinates me is the idea that, while the concept of cataloging all the world’s knowledge is impossible, so many people are willing to spend time cataloging their small corner of the world.
- Posted Sep 04, 2003
Gaming companies may have a thing or two to teach content companies about diversifying revenue streams and keeping paying customers satisfied.
- Posted Sep 08, 2003
I have a problem with Knowledge Management as a discipline, and am much happier talking about knowledge exchange.
- Posted Sep 22, 2003
Blogging has inexorably changed journalism, no doubt about that.
- Posted Jul 01, 2003
If you work with STM publishing, sooner or later you’ll need to produce mathematical expressions, which seems simple until you try to bridge the gap between authors and production.
- Posted Sep 16, 2003
What’s really at stake with the over-hyped concept of branding—in fact, what branding’s really about—is a focus on the customer.
- Posted Sep 19, 2003

Faces of EContent

"I can apply my great mix of business and intellectual property experience to help customers."
- Posted Sep 10, 2003