May 2003 Issue

News Features

Faced with a growing number of competitors in the electronic document delivery space, Adobe—the granddaddy of digital delivery—will strive to set itself apart from the pack with the release of Acrobat 6.0.
- Posted May 05, 2003
Building upon its leadership position as a pay-for-performance search engine, Overture will acquire both the Web search unit of Norway's FAST Search & Transfer, a developer of search and real-time filtering technologies, and AltaVista, a pioneer in Web search technology and the oldest crawler-based search engine.
- Posted May 08, 2003
- Posted May 08, 2003
The press has not hesitated to cover attempts by large corporations, such as Disney, to extend copyrights seemingly indefinitely. There is another side to the issue, however: the side of the creators themselves.
- Posted May 12, 2003
XML has been touted as the next big thing in enterprise software and Web services for awhile now, but nothing signals its mass acceptance more clearly than industry behemoth Microsoft embracing XML and delivering its power to corporate desktops everywhere.
- Posted May 05, 2003

Featured Stories

A look at seven CM case studies in an effort to demonstrate content management’s objectives and abilities in helping solve some of the diverse informational and data problems faced by institutions and businesses today.
- Posted May 19, 2003
Not only is it exceedingly simple to buy listings by keyword and phrase, search engine pay-for-performance is now a billion dollar industry and the fastest growing form of advertising anywhere. Now whenever and wherever a business- or consumer-related search is entered, the results are likely to include ads.
- Posted May 23, 2003
If a digital asset archive is the answer to your rich-media storage needs, be sure you ask the right questions to get a solution that will meet your needs for some time to come.
- Posted May 19, 2003


Gathering market intelligence at a content site is one of those unkept promises of interactive publishing, a missing piece of the online business model that site owners like to speculate about but rarely pursue…until now.
- Posted May 19, 2003
Recently, two surveys have been undertaken that look at the factors that influence CMS purchase and the issues that arise in implementation. The commonality between the outcomes of these surveys merits close attention.
- Posted May 14, 2003
You know a concept has gone mainstream when you find that related products are frequently out of stock at your local discount warehouse. For me, that epiphany was prompted by—as unlikely as it may seem—paper shredders.
- Posted May 01, 2003
- Posted May 09, 2003
The Columbia Shuttle disaster demonstrated that digital content is simply the best tool available to understand a major unfolding news story.
- Posted May 07, 2003