April 2009 Issue

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Ross Mayfield, chairman, president, and co-founder of Socialtext—a provider of Web 2.0 solutions for the enterprise and other organizations—heard the news about massive layoffs at companies across the country. But unlike many of us, he was in a position to help.
- Posted Mar 20, 2009
Few will argue with the idea that in a time of tight budgets, pared-down IT departments, and slashed staffs, it's imperative to do more with less and adopt efficient, streamlined, and easy-to-use solutions. The tanking of the economy last September may ultimately prove a boon to the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, where ease of use and little need for tech support are major selling points.
- Posted Mar 25, 2009
During the inauguration of President Barack Obama, people across the country put down their political boxing gloves long enough to celebrate the historic event, but behind the scenes a debate was brewing. It started when it was reported on Wikipedia, a web-based, free-content encyclopedia project, that Sens. Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd had died during the inauguration luncheon. Both men were still alive, and within a few moments Wikipedia editors had erased the inaccurate post, but the damage was done. This latest snafu ignited talk of Wikipedia possibly changing its information verification process, angering Wikipedia users and adding more fuel to the information accuracy fire.
- Posted Mar 30, 2009
Most of us only work at one desk. We've got it all there—our computer monitors, our sticky notes, our files and folders, our staplers, the pictures of our friends and family, and everything else we need to get the job done. The developers at EverEZ Systems, Ltd. hope to bring the one-desk theory to business computers with the April launch of their new software integration technologies, EverDesk Optima and EverDesk Mail.
- Posted Apr 02, 2009

Featured Stories

With so much enterprise information now residing online and in overlapping applications both inside and outside firewalls, with employees and contractors dispersed in offices around the globe, and with software as a service becoming an everyday part of enterprise architecture, the need for flexible and secure identity and access management has become of foremost importance for any organization.
- Posted Mar 27, 2009
The web has radically transformed the way we think about content creation; we have witnessed the democratization of media. We are no longer bound to the owners of the press to print our writing because today, anyone with a computer and an internet connection can be a publisher. Yet most academics still find themselves constricted by the 20th-century system.
- Posted Apr 06, 2009
Has the enterprise portal been helped by or swept into oblivion by the successive waves of progress of Web 2.0 and the already-much-ballyhooed Web 3.0? Despite the phenomenal growth of collaborative web culture, the notion of a centrally managed, single point of entry to reach company applications and content persists in companies across the globe. Yet the opinions of experts in the field differ greatly on what the priorities should be today.
- Posted Apr 09, 2009


When I was a bartender back in my college days, I often marveled at what people were willing to do to get a free t-shirt. OK, it went beyond marveling: Sometimes the bouncers and I would really push it, trying to find a point at which the crowd would cry out, "No, we will not do a chicken dance while singing ‘The Tide Is High' just to get that Jägermeister t-shirt." The thing is, there was almost always someone willing.
- Posted Apr 02, 2009
There is no getting around it. This column's moniker begs for a snarky retort in these dark times, so I may as well beat you to the punch line. By the time you read this, I expect that more than a few startups that made a big splash last year will be running out of cash, fading away, and/or selling out cheap.
- Posted Mar 30, 2009
The mobile phone, a personal device we have on us at all times, has gained a new importance at this intersection. As Alan Moore, author and independent consultant, points out, "We are inevitably moving towards the Mobile Society, where our mobile devices become the remote control of our daily lives."
- Posted Apr 07, 2009
I was recently blogging about a conference presentation I was preparing, and, being a conscientious info pro, I was planning on tagging my blog post (and, heck, my Twitter Tweets too). And suddenly, I realized I was channeling my grad school Cataloging 101 professor: Am I going to be doing descriptive tagging or subject tagging?
- Posted Apr 16, 2009
Since this issue comes out during the annual Buying & Selling eContent show, I've been thinking about conferences and how they're marketed. In November, I keynoted the MeetingTechOnline (MTO) Summit. Since my topic was How Exhibition and Events are Impacted by the New Rules of Marketing and PR and the organizers were game, we did a little experiment. About a month prior to the gig, I sent an update to my Twitter followers (I'm "dmscott" if you're on Twitter) and said that I would be speaking at the event, and then I offered a discount for anyone who registered using the discount code I provided.
- Posted May 06, 2009

Faces of EContent

"I am at the front line of customer interaction."
- Posted Apr 02, 2009

Case Studies

There were two problems facing St. Joseph Medical Center: The first was an issue with payroll and time management. Second, the Diabetes Management Team was looking for a faster way to monitor and report blood sugar levels in patients. Two different problems needed answers; no one suspected that the problems could be solved using one product.
- Posted Mar 30, 2009