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Quark Software develops a content automation platform that helps large organizations streamline the creation, management, publishing and delivery of business-critical content. The solutions automate the process with reusable Smart Content components that can be dynamically assembled and delivered with precision in any format and to any channel — web, tablet, mobile, print, and more. As a result, leaders in industries such as finance, manufacturing, energy, and government can reduce costs, save time, improve consistency and make their content brilliant. 

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Articles Mentioned
Automation is everywhere. Whether you're checking out at the grocery store or calling your bank, automating the task is an option. New research from Quark and Information Today, Inc. says as more organizations seek to embrace digital transformation, they are turning to content automation as a way to deliver information quickly and effectively to their customers and employees. We interviewed Gavin Drake, Vice President of Marketing for Quark Software Inc. about the research and what it means for the digital content industry.
Editorial/Commentary - Posted Oct 31, 2018
New Research from Quark and Information Today uncovers content practices and challenges, technology trends, and investment outlook related to enterprise content.
News/News Item - Posted Oct 09, 2018
This year's EContent 100 list includes companies that are changing with the times and some that are leading the charge. Find out which 100 companies made this year's list of companies that Matter Most in the Digital Content Industry.
Editorial/Feature - Autumn 2018 Issue, Posted Nov 05, 2018
New Smart Content Designer and Smart Content Builder Toolkits enable rapid deployment of content automation.
News/News Item - Posted Sep 27, 2018
Presenting EContent's annual Trendsetting Products list. Each year, we turn to our inboxes, our coverage, and our contributors to find out what products are helping content creators of all kinds stay on top of their game.
Editorial/Feature - Spring 2018 Issue, Posted Apr 02, 2018
Quark Software announced it has acquired Docurated, the creators of enterprise sales enablement solutions. Since its inception in 2012, Docurated has worked on SaaS-based enterprise sales and marketing software. Quark will integrate Docurated with Quark's content automation platform to enable sales teams to easily identify and deliver meaningful content to customer prospects.
News/News Item - Posted Dec 07, 2017
In order to survive, everything must evolve. The EContent 100 list of companies that matter most in the digital content industry is no exception. Every year during the voting process, we see how the changing list reflects the way the larger industry is developing. In 2017, a couple of trends emerged. The first, is the importance of artificial intelligence (AI), which is probably obvious to anyone in the content business. The second is the increasing importance of digital asset management (DAM). Next year, DAM will need its own category, but this year, we did our best to honor its contributions to the industry within our existing framework.
Editorial/Feature - November/December 2017 Issue, Posted Nov 01, 2017
Quark Software Inc. announced that it has been acquired by Parallax Capital Partners, LLC, a Southern California-based software-focused private equity firm. The new owners intend to help Quark accelerate the adoption of its content automation solutions through investment in organic growth and acquisitions.
News/News Item - Posted Jul 13, 2017
IHS Markit, similar to many global enterprises, found itself with the challenge of connecting 5,000 analysts, data scientists, financial experts, and industry specialists across the globe. Because the company had grown mostly by acquisitions, it had many different offices using any number of disparate production processes. It was clear the company needed an efficient, uniform way to create content, often across borders.
Editorial/Case Studies - - July/August 2017 Issue, Posted Jul 24, 2017
The EContent 100 list of companies that matter most in the digital content industry is now in its 16th year. Similar to most adolescents, it's going through some changes. We added new judges and new categories. As a result, we've got many new companies on the list. Among other changes, this year we added Online Video as a standalone category. We all know that video's popularity is on the rise; and as it's becoming a bigger part of the content puzzle, it clearly needed its own category.
Editorial/Feature - November/December 2016 Issue, Posted Nov 01, 2016
The EContent 100 list of companies that matter most in the digital content industry is now in its 15th year. We added new judges and new categories. As a result, there are many new companies on the list. Among other changes this year, we thought it was important to recognize digital marketing technologies in their own category.
Editorial/Feature - December 2015 Issue, Posted Dec 01, 2015
Quark Software Inc. announced the availability of Quark AuthorTM, new web-based software that allows business users and subject matter experts to create structured content within a word processor-like environment that keeps XML behind the scenes. With Quark Author, writers can create and organize content in components using standard content types such as sections, paragraphs, lists, tables, charts and figures. When created as structured components - or Smart Content - content can be dynamically assembled for output across mobile, digital, and print channels.
News/News Item - Posted Nov 25, 2014
Crafter Software Corporation, a web content management solution, announced a new partnership with an l IT consulting and services company Global Quark. Global Quark provides IT consulting services and solutions for enterprises located in Mexico and throughout the Latin American region. Through the partnership, Crafter Software and Global Quark will deliver a portfolio of services and solutions for enterprise customers in the areas of content management, web and mobile applications, intranets, and e-commerce.
News/News Item - Posted Apr 10, 2014
For content jockeys, of course, it is the dream: a single information store and automated delivery to multiple platforms in numerous configurations, all at the push of a button. And it is not a new ambition--it predates the tablet and smartphone outbreak by decades. The need for smart content management and the ability to automatically generate customized outputs, then, is greater than ever. Luckily, getting there is easy. All you need is intelligent content and cross-platform code development. (Okay, maybe getting there sounds easy.)
Editorial/Feature - - May 2013 Issue, Posted May 15, 2013
The 2012-2013 EContent 100, a list of the 100 Companies that Matter Most in the Digital Content Industry.
Editorial/Feature - December 2012 Issue, Posted Dec 04, 2012
Quark announced the new App StudioTM, the next generation digital publishing solution. By combining the market-leading HTML5 technology from the recent acquisition of PressRun with Quark's existing digital publishing technology, App Studio is now the only digital publishing solution that allows users to create customized apps with HTML5, QuarkXPress, InDesign, and XML.
News/News Item - Posted Oct 16, 2012
Quark announced its new enterprise publishing platform for customer communications. Quark Publishing PlatformTM is an integrated solution that automates the creation and delivery of rich, interactive content across print, web, and digital formats. As an open solution, Quark Publishing Platform is architected to work with existing enterprise infrastructures and business systems to optimize the publishing process.
News/News Item - Posted Sep 27, 2012
The 2011-2012 EContent 100, a list of the 100 Companies that Matter Most in the Digital Content Industry.
Editorial/Feature - December 2011 Issue, Posted Nov 29, 2011
iMedia Revenue Ltd. developed a publishing platform that gives newsrooms tools to publish content simultaneously across multiple channels such as mobile, email, web, and print. The SaaS solution offers pre-press layout integration with Quark and InDesign in an effort to automate each step of the publishing process.
News/News Item - Posted Nov 30, 2011
The Chief Marketing Officer Council announced a multi-channel, multi-format publishing initiative to deliver a new quarterly journal called PeerSphere. The official journal of the CMO Council, PeerSphere will be available in print as well as digital formats for web, mobile, and tablets.
News/News Item - Posted Sep 08, 2011
Platinum Equity announced the acquisition of Quark, a developer of design and publishing software for businesses. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. According to the company, the acquisition will benefit Quark by providing them with Platinum's expertise in mergers and acquisitions, as well as market strategy.
News/News Item - Posted Aug 11, 2011
Quark released Quark XML Author 4.0 for Microsoft Word, Quark's add-on for Microsoft Word that lets users create structured XML content. Quark XML Author 4.0 introduces new usability features, enhanced DITA mapping features, and an optional module for publishing to the DITA Open Toolkit. Quark XML Author 4.0 also supports Microsoft Office 2010.
News/News Item - Posted Jun 09, 2011
Quark is releasing QuarkXPress Server 9, the latest version of Quark's dynamic publishing server for systems integrators and application developers. QuarkXPress Server 9 features a web-based user and administrator interface that lets users access the server from any enabled computer for configuration and management. The release also includes complete compatibility with QuarkXPress 9, and allows third-party developers to offer hosted software as a service (SaaS) solutions such as Web-to-print offerings.
News/News Item - Posted Apr 21, 2011
Quark is preparing to release of a large number of XTensions that expand the functionality of the recently-announced QuarkXPress 9, the company's graphic design and page-layout software. QuarkXPress 9 XTensions will give users hundreds of additional ways to add more functionality to QuarkXPress, and were developed by members of QuarkAlliance. XTensions software cover a range of applications, from advanced spell check, pre-flighting, and exporting solutions to translation applications.
News/News Item - Posted Mar 24, 2011
appMobi gets a new CFO, while Quark's new vice president targets strategic partner sales. Get the whole story in this week's Peopleware.
News/Peopleware - Posted Mar 10, 2011
Quark announced the April 2011 launch of QuarkXPress 9, the newest version of the graphic design and page-layout software. QuarkXPress 9 allows users to publish directly to digital devices without the use of programming code, in addition to supporting print, web and Flash media publishing.
News/News Item - Posted Feb 24, 2011
Quark has partnered with IXIASOFT to integrate Quark XML Author for Microsoft Word into DITA CMS, IXIASOFT's content management software designed to manage the entire DITA documentation process. Quark XML Author is an XML authoring and editing add-in for Word that allows anyone using Word to create or edit XML content.
News/News Item - Posted Nov 22, 2010
Our list of the 100 companies that matter most in the digital content industry.
Editorial/Feature - December 2010 Issue, Posted Nov 22, 2010
Quark partnered with IXIASOFT in order to integrate Quark XML Author, an XML authoring and editing add-on for Microsoft Word, into DITA CMS, IXIASOFT's content management product. IXIASOFT reports that that this collaboration will allow non-technical subject matter experts to create content without the need for complex DITA or XML editors.
News/News Item - Posted Nov 18, 2010
The analyst and consulting organization, Outsell's Gilbane Group, has announced the release of its latest study, "Smart Content in the Enterprise: How Next Generation XML Applications Deliver New Value to Multiple Stakeholders." Rather than focus on why companies adopt XML in the first place, this research examines the factors that contribute to broader adoption across an organization.
News/News Item - Posted Oct 05, 2010
Quark announced that Quark Publishing System can now be integrated with Microsoft SharePoint 2010. In uniting the Quark Publishing System with SharePoint, knowledge workers are able to better collaborate within a single system to create, edit, revise, and publish all types of marketing communications.
News/News Item - Posted Oct 05, 2010
Solzon sees executive and ownership changes, while and Quark announces an executive promotion. Read all about it in this week's Peopleware.
News/Peopleware - Posted Aug 26, 2010
Quark announced a partnership with, a provider of hosted catalog production services, to help catalog publishers, retailers, mail order producers, and agencies streamline their multichannel catalog production process., based in part on QuarkXPress Server, offers production and print online publishing of catalogs.
News/News Item - Posted Aug 10, 2010
Bebo hires Akash Garg as its new CTO, while Susan Sachs becomes the new president and COO of Common Sense Media. Plus new hires from Aptara,, Managing Editor Inc., and EMC in this week's Peopleware.
News/Peopleware - Posted Aug 05, 2010
Quark announced that it has partnered with social computing provider NewsGator to help publishers and other content creators deliver digital content to the iPhone, iPod Touch, and soon, the iPad. Quark Publishing System users can now publish content to Apple's digital devices through a newsreader application created through NewsGator's TapLynx framework.
News/News Item - Posted Jun 29, 2010
Quark lifted the curtain on its new publishing strategy, called Digital Publishing 2.0. The initiative includes new versions of QuarkXPress, Quark Publishing System, and Quark XML Author, aimed at enabling users to create interactive content from color touchscreen devices without any knowledge of programming languages.
News/News Item - Posted Jun 22, 2010
Altova's conversion and data mapping tool, Altova MapForce, is now integrated with Quark Dynamic Publishing Solution. The company also rolled out Version 2010 Release 3 (v2010r3) of the Altova MissionKit, an integrated suite of XML, database, and UML tools.
News/News Item - Posted May 06, 2010
Our list of the 100 companies that matter most in the digital content industry.
Editorial/Feature - December 2009 Issue, Posted Nov 24, 2009
Quark and Microsoft debuted a new collaboration solution targeted at editors, graphic designers, and layout designers in the field of multimedia journalism.
News/News Item - Posted Oct 16, 2009
Quark has announced an update that spans its entire product line: the 8.1 versions of QuarkXPress, Quark Publishing System, QuarkCopyDesk, and QuarkXPress Server.
News/News Item - Posted Aug 07, 2009
Managing Editor, Inc., (MEI) announced the release of Integrated Production Suite (IPS) 4.6, an updated version of the company's collection of MEI products for enterprise publishers.
News/News Item - Posted Jul 24, 2009
Quark announced its work with EMC to integrate Quark XML Author with the EMC Documentum enterprise content management solution to bring easy XML authoring to anyone using Microsoft Word.
News/News Item - Posted Jul 07, 2009
CMS Watch released the report, "The XML & Component Content Management Report 2009," which found that XML/CCM technology buyers require new strategies.
News/News Item - Posted Apr 10, 2009
Quark announced that it has teamed with IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) to integrate Quark XML Author with IBM FileNet Content Manager.
News/News Item - Posted Apr 03, 2009
Quark announced Quark XML Author 3.0 for Microsoft Word, the next version of Quark's XML authoring tool that allows users to create XML content within Microsoft Word.
News/News Item - Posted Mar 31, 2009
Scott Abel of The Content Wrangler Interviews Quark's Michael Boses about the Need for User-Friendly XML Authoring Tools and the Role of Structured Content in Dynamic Publishing
White Paper/Article - The Content Marketplace Issue, Posted Mar 22, 2009
Canto Japanese partner, Hulinks, showed live demonstrations of the new Cumulus/Quark Publishing System integration developed by Canto Professional Services at Tokyo's Page2009 exposition.
News/News Item - Posted Feb 13, 2009
Our list of the 100 companies that matter most in the digital content industry.
Editorial/Feature - December 2008 Issue, Posted Dec 01, 2008
Take a closer look at Quark, Inc., one of the 12 companies that inspired the most banter among the EContent 100 judges during the voting process.
Editorial/Feature - - December 2008 Issue, Posted Dec 01, 2008
Canto announced at the IFRA Expo new versions of its Quark integration products: QXP Companion, QXP Server Companion, and QPS Companion.
News/News Item - Posted Oct 28, 2008
Publishing is a highly competitive industry. The software industry is no less so, and a few names dominate the publishing software industry. One of these—Quark—has made a move that enables more flexibility for publishers today. Quark, a provider of desktop publishing and publishing software, has extended the capabilities of Quark Publishing System 8 (QPS 8) to include support for both QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign.
News/News Feature - - Posted Oct 28, 2008
Xinet, Inc., provider of digital asset management, announced the release of Xinet's XTensions to support QuarkXPress 8.
News/News Item - Posted Sep 23, 2008
Quark Inc., provider of desktop publishing software, announced that it has acquired the assets of Research Corporation, a software company that developed the add-in to Microsoft Word for XML authoring.
News/News Item - Posted Jul 18, 2008
Quark announced the release of QuarkXPress 8. QuarkXPress 8 delivers design power through a new interface developed for the creation of high-end page layout, print, web and Flash authoring tools, design-driven typography, and global publishing capabilities.
News/News Item - Posted May 30, 2008
Quark Inc. announced that it is leveraging its existing desktop publishing, server, and collaborative workflow knowledge to launch a new enterprise solution in the emerging dynamic publishing market.
News/News Item - Posted Mar 07, 2008
Quark Inc. and Alfresco Software, Inc. announced a new partnership to develop integrated enterprise-class publishing and content management solutions for professional and corporate publishers.
News/News Item - Posted Dec 21, 2007
Quark Inc. announced the launch of QuarkCopyDesk 7, Quark's text and picture editing software designed for writers, editors, and others who contribute to publishing workflows.
News/News Item - Posted Dec 07, 2007
QuarkAlliance partner picturesafe and Quark Inc. announced an integration between the digital asset management system myCONTENT and the newly announced Quark Publishing System 7 (QPS).
News/News Item - Posted Nov 02, 2007
Canto and Quark Inc. announced an integration between the Canto Cumulus digital asset management system and the newly announced Quark Publishing System (QPS) 7.
News/News Item - Posted Oct 12, 2007
Day Software has announced general availability of its stand-alone digital asset management solution.
News/News Item - Posted Jul 20, 2007
April was a busy month for content management trade shows, each bigger than the one before, and each with an emphasis on multilingual content.
Column/I Column Like I CM - - Posted May 01, 2007
Canto Software has announced the availability of BrandAssistant, offering professional digital asset management right from within QuarkXPress 7.
News/News Item - Posted Dec 19, 2006
These days, Tim Berners-Lee’s dictum, “If it’s not on the Web, it doesn’t exist,” may need to be supplemented with, “And if your business is not creating XML content, it may soon cease to exist.” Here we take an extensive look at many of the popular XML content-creation tools on the market to help you navigate the power and potential of XML.
Editorial/Feature - - June 2006 Issue, Posted Jun 13, 2006
New, global software standards are emerging for the publishing industry, promising to allow content to do more and make more. However, many publishers are hesitant to embrace these standards despite the potential they offer in easing workflow and enabling content reuse.
Editorial/Feature - - June 2006 Issue, Posted Jun 01, 2006
Quark Inc. and Canto Inc. have announced an alliance to integrate QuarkXPress 7 with Canto's Cumulus digital-asset management (DAM) system.
News/News Item - Posted May 26, 2006
SDL International, a provider of global information management (GIM) solutions, has announced the early-bird release of SDL Trados 2006.
News/News Item - Posted Feb 14, 2006
SDL International, a provider of global information management (GIM) solutions, has announced the first interoperability versions of its Translation Memory products, SDL TRADOS 7.1 and SDLX 2005.1.
News/News Item - Posted Dec 22, 2005
Quark Inc. has announced that it has acquired the business and assets of A Lowly Apprentice Production Inc. (ALAP), a provider of extended technology for the publishing and graphic design industries.
News/News Item - Posted Dec 16, 2005
eMotion, a provider of hosted solutions for managing and distributing digital media assets and marketing content, has announced the immediate availability of eMotion 6.0, the latest generation of the company’s suite of on-demand solutions designed to enhance an organization’s ability to maximize its rich media assets.
News/News Item - Posted Nov 18, 2005
ClearStory Systems helps SPE find a better way to manage its assets and to compress the time associated with review and approval cycles
Editorial/Case Studies - - November 2005 Issue, Posted Nov 01, 2005
Quark Inc. has announced enhancements in QuarkXPress 7, the next version of its publishing software.
News/News Item - Posted Sep 13, 2005
ClearStory Systems, a provider of enterprise content management solutions, has announced the release of the Radiant Enterprise Media Server (EMS) 2.0, an enhanced version of its media services software platform. Radiant EMS features functionality for managing complex video, graphics, compound documents, and other rich media, and a flexible foundation for forward-looking enterprise content management (ECM).
News/News Item - Posted Apr 19, 2005
Context Media, Inc., a provider of content integration solutions, has announced the immediate availability of Context Media Interchange Suite 4.2, the latest version of the company’s content integration software solution.
News/News Item - Posted Nov 23, 2004
Canto, a provider of digital asset management (DAM) solutions, has announced the immediate availability of HELIOS Companion 2.0.
News/News Item - Posted Oct 15, 2004
A triple-barreled question facing many enterprises today is whether to use an application-building tool or "framework" to build a content management system (CMS); to buy one of the many out-of-the-box finished products in use by major Web sites; or to simply rent a CMS from an application service provider (ASP) and avoid the headache of running an application server in the enterprise’s data center.
Column/I Column Like I CM - - Posted Aug 03, 2004
It would seem that traditional publishers have much to teach other types of organizations about the digital content mantra: Create once, use many. And what better way to use a CMS than to channel content into multiple outlets, allowing an initial expense to yield multiple revenue streams. But in reality, are traditional media companies deploying content management systems?
Editorial/Feature - - July/August 2004 Issue, Posted Aug 16, 2004
WAVE Corporation, an asset and content management software development and engineering services company, has announced its catalog and retail production software, B.Media, will support Quark 6, InDesign 2.0, and Mac OS X beginning with Version 5.0.
News/News Item - Posted May 07, 2004
INSCI Corp., a provider of enterprise content management (ECM) solutions, has announced its new WebWare ActiveMedia Desktop Client Connection for Quark Xpress and Adobe InDesign files.
News/News Item - Posted Apr 06, 2004
Chuckwalla, Inc., a developer of enterprise digital asset management technology that manages rich content across multiple communication channels, has announced the availability of Chuckwalla v5, the newest version of the company's flagship suite of products for managing rich media content.
News/News Item - Posted Mar 30, 2004
Abacus e-Media has announced enhancements to its flagship content management software product, Webvision, that are designed to demonstrate the benefits of a single editorial workflow for print and electronic products.
News/News Item - Posted Feb 27, 2004
For better or worse, publishers choosing an ejournal hosting provider today have many options and capabilities to choose from that weren’t available in the first generation. The rapidly changing landscape also means that publishers should reassess their ejournal delivery method to evaluate new opportunities every two to three years. The need to address rising user expectations, continual technological developments, and powerful new standards means every econtent provider in the library market can gain insights directed to journal publishers.
Editorial/Feature - - January/February 2004 Issue, Posted Feb 03, 2004
Looking for a solution to manage all your digital assets? EContent looks at two companies that took divergent paths in building a DAM solution.
Editorial/Feature - - August/September 2003 Issue, Posted Sep 17, 2003
A look at seven CM case studies in an effort to demonstrate content management’s objectives and abilities in helping solve some of the diverse informational and data problems faced by institutions and businesses today.
Editorial/Feature - - May 2003 Issue, Posted May 19, 2003
WebWare Corporation, a digital asset management software company, has announced the introduction of WebWare ActiveMedia Access--an enterprise-ready digital asset management system for under $50,000.
News/News Item - Posted Mar 28, 2003
One evolving channel for digital content distribution, the digital magazine format, got serious in 2002, as users surprised even the digimag technology providers with their hunger for downloadable versions of print products.
Editorial/Feature - - February 2003 Issue, Posted Feb 01, 2003
If you have recently begun looking at the issue of managing digital assets, you will encounter a blizzard of terminology and acronyms on data storage, networking, analog-to-digital capture and encoding, metadata, indexing, and distribution.
Editorial/Feature - - October 2001 Issue, Posted Oct 01, 2001
Cross-media publishing, or repurposing, has been talked about ever since the exploding of the Web in the mid ’90s. But now, cross-media publishing has taken on a greater meaning, giving rise to two important concepts: Create One, Produce Many and the Content Master.
Editorial/Feature - - July 2001 Issue, Posted Jul 01, 2001

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