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About Mag+

Mag+ is a complete digital publishing ecosystem comprised of a creative toolset, a powerful web-based backend, and reader apps for iOS, Android and Kindle devices. Mag+ pioneered touchscreen publishing on the first iPad and remains the fastest, most flexible platform for creating and delivering content to mobile devices, without the need for programming skills. Mag+ also offers a range of services, from SDK-based custom app development to consulting to creative services via Mag+ Studios.

From consumer publishers to Fortune 500 enterprises, design agencies to app developers, Mag+ is ideal for anyone who wants to bring immersive, engaging and targeted content to the millions using the new generation of digital devices. Clients in a range of industries have now built nearly 2,000 innovative apps on the Mag+ platform, including Toyota, New York Magazine, WeSC, Volvo, Hemispheres (United Airlines), SHAPE and The Nation.

Articles Mentioned
When Merchant Warehouse launched its Genius Customer Engagement Platform-which "supports mobile commerce and traditional payments on the merchant countertop from a single customer engagement device," according to its website-the company was looking for "a glossy, high-end PowerPoint that we wanted to do for presentation decks" that could be used as a sales tool, says Reichenbacher.
Editorial/Case Studies - By - September 2014 Issue, Posted Sep 15, 2014
If you work in the digital content industry, you probably rely on dozens of tools to get your job done. As the list of available tools of the trade grows, it becomes more important to differentiate between the products that get the job done and the products that are identifying the trends impacting the industry and making sure that—to paraphrase hockey player Wayne Gretzky—they skate not to where the puck is, but to where it is going. Here at EContent, we turned to our inboxes, to our coverage, and to our contributors to find out what those trendsetting products are in 2014. We looked across the spectrum, but we were especially heartened to see the number of tools aiming to help publishers deal with data, manage the total web experience, and find new ways to monetize content. We hope that you find these tools as interesting and as potentially helpful as we do! —Theresa Cramer, Editor
Editorial/Feature - May 2014 Issue, Posted May 05, 2014
Mag+ released version 5.0 of its platform for creating mobile applications. All of the changes in Mag+ 5.0 focus on helping clients to engage their users, bolster conversions, and increase sales. The update offers a richer in-app storefront and real-time newsfeed, new marketing tools and more.The most visible change in Mag+ 5.0 is a new interface for its white-label reader app, which includes a more customizable storefront for document and issue management, as well as a full-screen newsfeed window for delivering more frequent content updates.
News/News Item - Posted Jan 29, 2014
There is no question that consumers love their mobile devices and are willing to pay for quality mobile content. App downloads continue to skyrocket with more than 800 apps being downloaded per second at a rate of over 2 billion apps per month in the App Store. And according to the latest forecast by PQ Media, consumer spending on digital media content and technology is expected to grow nearly 12 percent to $1 trillion this year. But it's a congested space, and today's consumers are distracted. If your brand wants a piece of the pie it's crucial to stop thinking like a brand, and instead think like a consumer.
Editorial/Sponsored Guest Commentary - By - Posted Oct 07, 2013
Mag+ and Appboy are joining forces in an effort to help digital publishers convert readers into loyal users. Customers of Mag+'s digital publishing platform, which include magazines like The Atlantic and New York Magazine as well as many international corporations, can now access Appboy's mobile relationship management (MRM) platform to build their businesses.
News/News Item - Posted Aug 21, 2013
Apple has sold about 140 million iPads worldwide since the tablet's launch about 3 years ago. The wildly successful device has disrupted many industries, creating headaches for some (think personal computers and Microsoft) and opportunities for others, including content owners who can take advantage of the device's capabilities.
News/News Feature - By - July/August 2013 Issue, Posted Aug 26, 2013
Mag+ released several enhancements to its creative toolset for designing digital content apps for touchscreen devices. These new features give designers the ability to develop digital content, including the ability to make apps that don't look like magazines at all. Other additions include pinch and zoom functions, panning and dual layout options, support for the Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch and Google Nexus 10, and more options for packaging subscriptions, and single issues.
News/News Item - Posted Feb 13, 2013
Any self-respecting electronic publisher knows that content must adapt to the latest technologies and platforms to remain relevant to a fickle public. Today that means making your product available on as many portable devices as possible. "Users are turning to their smartphones and tablets more than ever before to search, play, shop and access the content they love while on the go. That's why it's critical to put your content, brand or business on an app, keeping users engaged and tuned in," says Li-at Karpel Gurwicz, marketing manager for Conduit Mobile. "Consumers want to be informed and entertained at the click of a button, and by putting your content at their fingertips at all times, you'll stay ahead of the competition as you increase brand awareness and build your online community."
News/News Feature - By - Posted Jan 14, 2013
First there was Blogger. Then there was Twitter. Now, somewhere in between those concepts is Medium, the ambitious new creation of co-founders Biz Stone and Evan Williams, who are responsible for all three social media online publishing tools.Launched recently by Williams' and Stone's Obvious Corp., Medium offers a fresh take on blogging by combining some of the best features already built into competitor sites such as Tumblr, Pinterest, reddit, and Zeen. Medium's design lets users collaborate on works consisting of words and/or images that are published on the site. After reading a work, users can provide feedback to the author, indicate if they liked it, and supplement it with additional content.
News/News Feature - By - November 2012 Issue, Posted Nov 12, 2012
Mag+ introduced its new Mag+ App SDK (Software Development Kit), which opens the Mag+ engine to publishers, agencies and app developers. Now publishers can choose between using Mag+'s award-winning white-label app or building their own app with the SDK, while still taking advantage of the Mag+ creative toolset and powerful distribution backend.
News/News Item - Posted Nov 19, 2012
Mag+ went live with version 4.0 of its digital publishing platform. Major enhancements to Mag+ include its support for Apple iOS 6, and for publishing to Android smartphones and iPhone, including to the brand new iPhone 5.
News/News Item - Posted Sep 20, 2012
A new collaborative, online publishing tool, Medium, has been announced. The brainchild of Twitter co-founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone, Medium is designed to allow users to collaborate on works being published on the site, according to the company blog. After reading a work, users can indicate if they liked it, give feedback to the writer, and add to it. Once a work is posted, it will be organized into "collections", which are defined by a theme and a template.
News/News Item - Posted Aug 15, 2012
Mag+ has announced the launch of its latest digital publishing platform, Mag+ 3.5. With this version, the company says it will be much easier for publishers to develop digital content intended for a range of mobile devices without the need for device-specific iterations. Publishers will be able to transfer creations from one device to another in a new InDesign template and the content will be reconfigured to fit the new device.
News/News Item - Posted Jul 05, 2012
Mag+ named Gregg Hano as the company's chief executive officer, effective May 7.
News/Peopleware - Posted Apr 17, 2012
According to IDC (International Data Corp.), the number of U.S. users accessing the internet via mobile devices will exceed those using wireline devices, such as PCs, by 2015. The research firm cites the use of smartphones and enthusiastic adoption of tablets as the force behind this trend. These statistics have long been a source of excitement for publishers looking for new revenue streams, but with the explosion of platforms comes the pressure to be all things to all people. From iPhones to Android devices, from the Kindle Fire to the iPad, from mobile-optimized sites to custom-designed apps, publishers struggle to find the right balance between fiscal responsibility and being on their readers' platforms of choice.
Editorial/Feature - January/February 2012 Issue, Posted Feb 08, 2012
Mag+, part of Moving Media+, has provided the Apple Newsstand with almost a dozen magazines designed especially for the iPad. Titles from Mag+ include Popular Science+, Popular Photography+, Outside+, and Maxim+. Newsstand is available with iOS5, which was released last Wednesday.
News/News Item - Posted Oct 18, 2011
I admit that I have been a longtime skeptical observer of the digital magazine format, although 6 or 7 years after its introduction the platform is getting some traction with readers and publishers. Generally designed as facsimiles of printed periodicals, the digi-mag always seemed to fill an unnecessary niche between old and new media, between physical magazines and websites. It has the interactivity and rich media potential of a digital product (hot links, embedded multimedia), but it retained the lush design sense of print. But was this a solution in search of a problem?
Column/Follow the Money - By - March 2008 Issue, Posted Feb 19, 2008
Day Software, a provider of global content management and content infrastructure software, has announced that M.A.G. Capital, LLC (formerly Mercator Advisory Group, LLC), has provided investment capital of approximately CHF 2.3 million to Day.
News/News Item - Posted Jul 01, 2005
Mobile needs to be free to take any shape in order to find and empower users when and where they need it. But by virtue of its malleable nature, mobile is difficult to grasp and as a result, content providers—already cautious from scars garnered during the wild and wooly dotcom days—aren’t so quick to chase what might seem like a PDA pipe dream.
Editorial/Feature - By - August/September 2003 Issue, Posted Sep 22, 2003
How can an online artifact establish the same relationships as a good magazine? Is it possible for a non-print magazine to succeed? I looked at these questions a year ago and believe it is time to reevaluate them both.
News/News Feature - By - January 2003 Issue, Posted Jan 01, 2003

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