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Lionbridge enables more than 800 world-leading brands to increase international market share, speed adoption of products and effectively engage their customers in local markets worldwide. Using our innovative cloud technology platforms and our global crowd of more than 100,000 professional cloud workers, we provide detail-critical business processes, including translation, online marketing, global content management and application testing solutions that ensure global brand consistency, local relevancy and technical usability across all touch points of the customer lifecycle. Based in Waltham, Mass., Lionbridge maintains solution centers in 27 countries. To learn more, visit



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In order to survive, everything must evolve. The EContent 100 list of companies that matter most in the digital content industry is no exception. Every year during the voting process, we see how the changing list reflects the way the larger industry is developing. In 2017, a couple of trends emerged. The first, is the importance of artificial intelligence (AI), which is probably obvious to anyone in the content business. The second is the increasing importance of digital asset management (DAM). Next year, DAM will need its own category, but this year, we did our best to honor its contributions to the industry within our existing framework.
Editorial/Feature - November/December 2017 Issue, Posted Nov 01, 2017
Econsultancy, the digital marketing research firm, in partnership with Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. a digital communications company, released a new study titled "International Content: Monetizing Global Content Assets and Measuring Success." Based on a survey of more than 270 executive-level marketers across a variety of international businesses, the report examines the role of international content in driving global expansion, while improving customer experience (CX) and increasing revenue.
News/News Item - Posted Sep 12, 2017
From the first time a customer or prospect engages with any external-facing facet of a business, that CX is being tested. And while many organizations are laser-focused on making a sale to drive revenue, delivering a positive experience must go far beyond the initial transaction. Read any marketing publication today and you will find information on how to address the customer's needs before an actual purchase is made, but few touch on one of the most important parts of the overall customer journey: the post-purchase customer experience.
Editorial/Industry Insights - - Posted Jul 12, 2017
Lionbridge Technologies, Inc., a translation and digital communications company and a Gold Level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), announced that it has released version 1.5 of its Oracle Marketing Cloud application, available on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.
News/News Item - Posted Apr 20, 2017
Engaging with customers in their language is essential to delivering great experiences. Language is more than just using the right words. It also involves crafting all content that touches the customer in such a way that it demonstrates empathy and understanding.
Column/Content and Commerce in Context - - Posted Apr 04, 2017
We present EContent's annual Trendsetting Products list. Each year, we turn to our inboxes, our coverage, and our contributors to find out what products are helping content creators of all kinds stay on top of their game. I hope you find these products as interesting and as potentially helpful as we do!
Editorial/Feature - May/June 2017 Issue, Posted May 01, 2017
Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. announced updates to the Lionbridge connector for the inRiver product information management (PIM) platform. The connector allows businesses to seamlessly integrate Lionbridge's translation automation technology with inRiver's PIM software, enabling them to easily create ecommerce experiences for customers around the globe.
News/News Item - Posted Mar 28, 2017
The internet has closed the distance between countries around the world, democratizing access to content from wherever you are, whenever you need it. Increasingly, companies are operating in global markets—whether they intended to or not.
Editorial/Feature - - Posted Feb 01, 2017
Lionbridge Technologies, Inc., announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to be acquired by an affiliate of H.I.G. Capital, LLC ("H.I.G."), a leading global private equity investment firm. Under the terms of the agreement, Lionbridge stockholders will receive $5.75 per share in cash for each share of Lionbridge common stock, representing a 17% premium over Lionbridge's 60 day-weighted average price per share as of December 09, 2016.
News/News Item - Posted Dec 13, 2016
The EContent 100 list of companies that matter most in the digital content industry is now in its 16th year. Similar to most adolescents, it's going through some changes. We added new judges and new categories. As a result, we've got many new companies on the list. Among other changes, this year we added Online Video as a standalone category. We all know that video's popularity is on the rise; and as it's becoming a bigger part of the content puzzle, it clearly needed its own category.
Editorial/Feature - November/December 2016 Issue, Posted Nov 01, 2016
Many marketers are working with digital agencies to create effective global marketing programs. While creative agencies can help to design campaigns that reach customers across a wide array of digital and traditional channels, they often lack localization and translation expertise to ensure that campaigns resonate from region to region. But savvy digital marketing agencies are partnering with language service providers and localization experts to further expand their capabilities.
Editorial/Industry Insights - - Posted Oct 26, 2016
Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. announced the availability of Lionbridge onDemand for WordPress. By connecting Lionbridge's onDemand translation platform with WordPress, organizations are able to create and manage multi-lingual websites and blogs with ease from within their working environment, while maintaining global brand consistency.
News/News Item - Posted Jun 23, 2016
Lionbridge Technologies, Inc., announced that it has signed a partnership with BETSOL, a provider of technology and staffing solutions for contact centers. With the agreement, BETSOL will resell Lionbridge's GeoFluent real-time translation solution to provide clients with omni-lingual support across their self-service, chat and agent-assisted digital channels, including chat. This allows BETSOL customers to increase customer satisfaction (CSAT) using their existing chat platform and without having to hire bi-lingual agents.
News/News Item - Posted Jun 16, 2016
Lionbridge Technologies, Inc., announced a joint solution that combines Lionbridge onDemand, the industry's first Translation as a Service (TaaS) with Transifex, a leading software for continuous translation. The companies say the integrated solution provides agile developers with a streamlined, integrated solution for multilingual web apps, mobile apps, websites, help centers, video subtitles, and other global content.
News/News Item - Posted Mar 29, 2016
New Year's may have come and gone, but it's never too late to make resolutions, predictions, or even predictions about predictions for the coming year. Case in point: Even though it's been a few weeks since Hotwire PR released its annual Communications Trends Report-which forecasts significant trends for marketers in 2016--many industry professionals are still digesting the published prognostications and determining which will develop into viable trends.
News/News Feature - - Posted Jan 04, 2016
The EContent 100 list of companies that matter most in the digital content industry is now in its 15th year. We added new judges and new categories. As a result, there are many new companies on the list. Among other changes this year, we thought it was important to recognize digital marketing technologies in their own category.
Editorial/Feature - December 2015 Issue, Posted Dec 01, 2015
Progress announced the latest release of Telerik Sitefinity CMS and Digital Experience Cloud (DEC). This newest release aims to improve multi-site synchronization and predictive analytics, provide richer development tools, and extend content tracking and personalization to mobile apps. As part of the release, Progress also announced new translation features and a strategic alliance with Lionbridge.
News/News Item - Posted Jul 23, 2015
Ask 10 consumers to define "digital marketing" today, and you'll likely get 10 different answers. Some consumers may reference irritating browser pop-ups and spam, while others will cite YouTube tutorials and email newsletters. No matter what form it takes, digital marketing is only going to increase--especially in a world where ad-supported free apps and content are more popular than ever.
Editorial/Feature - - January/February 2015 Issue, Posted Feb 11, 2015
Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. announced the general availability of the Lionbridge onDemand API. The onDemand API is the first translation API that provides support for a broad range of translation options, cost levels and content types. This enables technology platforms to write to a single API, rather than managing separate integrations and custom development with numerous providers.
News/News Item - Posted Jul 22, 2014
Ektron announced a new Enterprise Technology Partner Program. The initiative will pair Ektron with partners such as Brightcove, Lionbridge, and Webtrends to provide integrated solutions that protect and enhance customers' enterprise technology investments. Other notable Ektron integration solutions include Facebook, Microsoft Search Server, SharePoint, and
News/News Item - Posted Nov 11, 2010
Linguistic and cultural issues impact the success of businesses seeking to expand throughout the increasingly global marketplace, as well as successes closer to home—given the fact that many countries are populated by those speaking different languages. Previously, only companies of a certain size looked beyond their borders. Today, every business is in competition with every other business across the planet.
Editorial/Feature - - May 2010 Issue, Posted May 10, 2010
Lionbridge and IBM announced a partnership agreement to support the development of automated translation technology. According to the agreement, IBM will offer Lionbridge's SaaS text-to-text language automation software.
News/News Item - Posted Apr 27, 2010
Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. and Author-it Software Corporation (ASC) today announced a strategic alliance to create a unified global content lifecycle program.
News/News Item - Posted Oct 20, 2009
Vasont Systems, a provider of component content management solutions, announced the availability of its new integration between the Vasont Content Management System (CMS) and Freeway, the web-based translation management platform from Lionbridge Technologies, Inc.
News/News Item - Posted Nov 18, 2008
Upon noticing the high rates of international traffic on its social networking site, the hi5 team decided to offer a plethora of international languages. The company started off by adding German, French, and Spanish, but it soon grew dissatisfied with its translation vendor. In September 2007, hi5 turned to Lionbridge for help.
Editorial/Case Studies - - July/August 2008 Issue, Posted Jul 07, 2008
It takes more than desire to move your business into other countries. Companies that successfully transition to world markets understand the cultural, legal, and linguistic differences across these different markets. Further, they build technology and content infrastructure to support a global presence.
Editorial/Feature - - January/February 2008 Issue, Posted Jan 24, 2008
Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. has formed the Content Management System (CMS) Alliance Program, an ecosystem of CMS providers and system integrators with the objective of simplifying global content management and publishing.
News/News Item - Posted Nov 27, 2007
Companies are only as good as the content they deliver, so it pays to go past thinking globally and start structuring content that can play as well in Pakistan and Paris as it does in Peoria.
Editorial/Feature - - October 2007 Issue, Posted Oct 02, 2007
The localization industry is, by its nature, distributed worldwide. The best translators are native speakers living in their locales, though their knowledge of technical content means many are part of the brain drain from developing countries. Common Sense Advisory estimates that the global market for outsourced language services was $8.8 billion in 2005, growing at 7.5% per year. This is big business and localization has seen many revolutions in the technology used to move content to and from translators, each one improving speed and accuracy.
Column/I Column Like I CM - - June 2007 Issue, Posted Jun 01, 2007
Lionbridge has announced that SolidWorks Corporation has successfully connected its internal content management system (CMS) to Freeway, the Lionbridge web-based language delivery platform.
News/News Item - Posted Mar 13, 2007
Our list of the 100 companies that matter most in the digital content industry.
Editorial/Feature - December 2006 Issue, Posted Nov 15, 2006
Whether by acquisition, merger, or the expanding global marketplace, more and more companies find themselves handling content in multiple languages. Managing multilingual content adds (at least) a layer of complexity to the overall content management process. Fortunately, there are systems available that involve both CMS vendors and translation service providers to bring the process under control.
Editorial/Feature - - July/August 2006 Issue, Posted Jul 25, 2006
Hummingbird Ltd., a global provider of integrated enterprise content management (ECM) and network connectivity solutions, has announced the availability of Hummingbird NFS Maestro Server 2006 Enterprise Edition.
News/News Item - Posted Apr 11, 2006
Lionbridge Technologies, Inc., a provider of globalization and offshoring services, has announced the completion of its acquisition of Bowne Global Solutions, a division of Bowne & Co., Inc.
News/News Item - Posted Sep 09, 2005
Vasont Systems, a provider of content management software and data services, has announced that Lionbridge Technologies, Inc., a provider of globalization and testing services, has joined its Vasont Important Partner (VIP) Program.
News/News Item - Posted Jun 01, 2004
CrownPeak Technology, a provider of hosted content management systems, and Lionbridge, have entered into an alliance to deliver a comprehensive multilingual content management solution for joint customers such as Klein Bicycle, a unit of Trek.
News/News Item - Posted Mar 05, 2004

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