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Dow Jones is committed to providing organizations with business critical information to monitor, interpret and share essential data for informed decision making.

Product Description

Factiva – one of the largest business aggregators and archives in the world – provides unmatched global business news from 31,000 sources spanning 200 countries in 26 languages, plus the user interface both for Web and iPad is available in 9 languages. In fact, over 60% of the key sources in Factiva are not available for free on the Web. Factiva allows users to capture essential business intelligence and effectively find and monitor news on an industry, company, region or topic. Visual summaries enable users to quickly scan the landscape of information to discover trends, uncover opportunities and mitigate risk. Effortless information sharing gives key constituents around the globe news customized to their needs, in a copyright compliant manner, with tools such as easy to use newsletters, alerts and podcasts. With Factiva, business intelligence is always accessible, from the desktop, smart phone or iPad allowing users to always be informed from anywhere in the world.

Whitepapers, Archived Webcasts and Sponsored Content
  • The independent industry publication VIP has carried out its annual product review of The review covered a range of criteria including sources and content as well as workflow functionalities, delivery formats and add on modules. Factiva was found to be an innovative product and a leader in its field.
  • Searching the Web yields plenty of irrelevant information that you don't need and can't use. The True Value of Information explains how a value-added aggregator, like Factiva, can help you to: • Analyze and provide information to support investment decisions that increase profitability and maximize returns. • Write opinions on internal/external investment strategies and performance. • Monitor your firm's investments to understand opportunities/risks and achieve short and long-term goals. Find out more in The True Value of Information, written by Mary Ellen Bates, a leader in customized information research.
  • The Dow Jones Knowledge Professionals Alliance is a global virtual community of knowledge professionals who learn from each other, share insights and techniques, and strengthen their professional expertise. When you join the Knowledge Professionals Alliance, you gain access to a trove of resources that help you perform more effectively in your role and demonstrate your value to your organization.
  • Complimentary webinar led by Mary Ellen Bates covering: - Insight into industry trends, such as the increase in pay walls and what that means for your organization - How to communicate the value of high-quality business information and increase your visibility - Recent survey results illustrating the value and use of premium content from the Dow Jones Knowledge Professionals Alliance site

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