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Connotate, Inc

120 Albany Street
Tower II, 4th Floor
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
United States
Phone: 732-296-8844
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Connotate is the market leader in web content extraction. Our combination of patented machine-learning technology and real-world experience allows our customers to precisely target and extract data from hundreds or hundreds of thousands of web sources, creating high-value proprietary data sets.  

Information service providers and other data-centric companies rely on Connotate because our unmatched scalability and flexibility lets them extract web content they couldn’t access before. With Connotate, customers dramatically increase their content harvesting capacity, dramatically reduce time to add new data sources, drive down their ongoing cost of content extraction, and radically reduce the complexity of their downstream operations.

Connotate is available as an on-premise web data extraction platform, or as a managed data service. For more information please visit our website:

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Connotate, Inc., a web data extraction platform provider for the information services industry and data-centric businesses, announced an $11 million Series B-1 financing led by Long River Ventures, with participation from existing shareholders .406 Ventures, Castile Ventures, Fernwood Funding LLC, Prism Ventures, and other angels.
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Jennifer is the production operations manager for the hosted data services team at Connotate, which provides web data monitoring and extraction services for its customers. "My team writes all the processes to automate the reading, collection, publishing, and pushing of data to our customers," Beach says, noting that her group oversees 450 servers. That means working closely with Connotate's sales and professional services web harvesting teams to make sure the company delivers exactly what customers expect. "We're technologists and engineers, but with strong business analyst skills."
Editorial/Faces of Econtent - By - March 2014 Issue, Posted Mar 07, 2014
Thomson Reuters needed to find a way to streamline its data monitoring and collection processes so that they could increase productivity and improve the quality of the data that they brought in. Content operation groups within the organization had been searching hundreds of websites manually, an ad hoc and unmanaged routine that didn't easily allow the sharing of best practices between the groups. Not only was it time-consuming, but it also posed a risk of coming up with inaccurate and incomplete data.
Editorial/Case Studies - By - November 2011 Issue, Posted Nov 04, 2011
Connotate, Inc., a provider of data collection solutions for the web, announced the release of Agent Community V3, the latest iteration of its flagship web data monitoring and collection solution. Agent Community allows non-technical users to capture and analyze dynamic Web content and data via a patented visual abstraction technique and easy-to-use interface.
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Editorial/Feature - December 2009 Issue, Posted Nov 24, 2009
Connotate has announced Agent Community GEN2 Developer Edition, a new addition to the Agent Community GEN2 platform that adds developer functionality to its existing offering.
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In May, people from across the globe gathered in New York City at Enterprise Search Summit East, for two days of intensive, in-depth discussions about the world of search. With a host of new problems to conquer, and a handful of older issues yet to be solved, attendees and speakers alike arrived prepared to hammer out fresh solutions and new answers. Popular key note sessions like "Search, Scent, and the Happiness of Pursuit," lead by Jared Spool, founder of User Interface Engineering, and "Improving Security Through Information Awareness," with Win van Geloven, VP information technology, National Coordinator for counterterrorism, the Netherlands, armed attendees with the breadth of knowledge today's professionals need to make decisions.
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