Content Commerce

FIRSTGATE Internet AG, a European content commerce company, known in the US as FIRSTGATE Internet Inc, has introduced the click&buy system.

Posted Jan 21, 2003

Blackwell's Book Services, a book supplier to the library market, has announced that its Collection Manager purchasing system for libraries now includes a full-text preview feature powered by ebrary, a provider of information distribution and retrieval technology.

Posted Dec 20, 2002

ECNext, a provider of market expertise and Web commerce services for business publishers and advisory firms, has announced the appointment of Chris Skudder as chief executive officer.

Posted Dec 10, 2002

IBM has announced that it is working with the National Geographic Society to digitizing more than 10,000 of its images of culture, adventure, and nature and to make them commercially available worldwide.

Posted Dec 03, 2002

Verity Inc. has announced that Sharper Image Corporation, a specialty retailer, has selected search technology from Verity for its ecommerce Web site.

Posted Nov 26, 2002

En Pointe Technologies, Inc., a provider of information technology products and services, has announced that it has completed the acquisition of the assets of Tabin Corporation, a Chicago-based regional reseller of technology products and services.

Posted Oct 15, 2002

Sandlot has released EclipseNet 6.0, the latest version of its subscription management software that is designed to enable businesses to track and control processes such as marketing, billing, distribution, customer service, and access control.

Posted Oct 08, 2002

The Web is transforming the traditional publishing paradigm in a number of ways. Chief among them is the idea that online content has to become more service-oriented.

Posted Apr 01, 2002

As other revenue streams dwindle for content publishers, many are revisiting the idea of selling branded merchandise via their sites, but this time they are going beyond slapping logos on coffee mugs and hoping for a sale.

Posted Mar 01, 2002

No, these are not your father's corporate Web sites. They are doing a lot more than just presenting company information. They're courting customers, suppliers, and partners in B2B applications, and enticing consumers in B2C venues. They're using several kinds of third-party content—reference information, news, bulletin boards, educational information—to attract these different audiences. In short, they are doing all of the sorts of things that the dot coms are doing—or were doing before the bottom fell out for them.

Posted Jan 01, 2002

A funny thing happened on the way to the revolution in New Media. Content, which once enjoyed consensus status as King of Digital Media, came under increasing attack to the legitimacy of its crown. And since commodities cannot be King, the search is on for a replacement.

Posted Jul 01, 2001

Face this reality: many factors are conspiring to create growing enthusiasm for calling a close to the “all free, all the time” Internet era, which translates into a universe where pay per view makes sense. And it's a foregone conclusion that customers will pay for valuable content. Micropayment technology may finally get its day in the sun.

Posted Jul 01, 2001