Content Commerce

ActivePoint, a provider of contextual natural language search and guidance engines that are designed to emulate the human communications process to provide pinpointed discovery, has announced the availability of its TX5 Discovery Engine system suite.

Posted Mar 11, 2005

Crisp Wireless, a provider of mobile content management and wireless delivery software applications, has launched enhancements to its mLogic Store, a content management and ecommerce solution that supports Web and mobile discovery portals, over-the-air provisioning, flexible billing models, and digital rights management. Crisp Wireless’ mLogic Store is designed to enable businesses to increase revenues by distributing digital assets through various wireless distribution platforms such as Web sites, branded mobile portals, and in-store kiosks.

Posted Mar 08, 2005

Parks Associates has released a new report entitled Digital Music: Analysis and Forecasts, which suggests that portable music services will not have a big impact this year. Respondents in the recent Parks Associates survey Global Digital Living strongly favored the single-track purchase model over a subscription when presented with both options.

Posted Feb 18, 2005

eMeta Corporation, a provider of digital access control and commerce solutions, has announced the availability of its eRights Suite for the software industry. The eMeta eRights Suite is intended to provide off-the-shelf applications for licensing, commerce, billing, and reporting that enable software vendors and service providers to reach beyond traditional licensing to increase sales and subscriptions, minimize customer price resistance, expand markets, and increase recurring revenue.

Posted Feb 08, 2005

BitPass, Inc., an Internet payments company for digital content and services, has announced the introduction of BitPass Studios, a service designed to enable anyone to sell music, photos, reports, and other digital files by uploading those files and inserting a URL into an email or an instant message (IM).

Posted Dec 10, 2004

JCB, an international payment brand, has announced that it will start a three-month pilot project for its mobile infrared credit payment system under the name "JCBeam Trial."

Posted Nov 30, 2004

I take pleasure in looking forward to the more promising new revenue streams (and trickles) of the coming year.

Posted Nov 29, 2004

Bitrix has announced the release of a new edition of the Bitrix Site Manager for small business.

Posted Nov 23, 2004

DigitalContainers Inc. has signed a deal with Paperback Digital, Inc., a provider of MP3 audio books, to securely package and distribute the company’s original Frankenstein radio broadcasts from the 1930s for sale in P2P networks.

Posted Nov 09, 2004

iPhrase Technologies, developer of the OneStep platform for online search and customer interaction, and Coremetrics, a provider of Web analytics, marketing, and merchandising solutions, have partnered to provide integrated search analytics to retailers, financial services organizations, and technology companies.

Posted Oct 15, 2004

FAST Search & Transfer, a developer of enterprise search and real-time alerting technologies, has announced FAST ImPulse, an enterprise search, navigation, and merchandising software solution for B2B and B2C ecommerce applications.

Posted Oct 12, 2004

Peppercoin and Moneris Solutions have announced an alliance intended to meet the small payments processing needs of merchants, whereby they will deliver a small payment processing product suite.

Posted Sep 28, 2004

ContextWeb, Inc., a provider of contextual advertising solutions, has announced the launch of ContextAd, a successful round of funding, and a new board of directors.

Posted Sep 21, 2004

Network Subscriptions has announced the launch of the Business Network, a unified subscription to six online business and reference publications.

Posted Sep 14, 2004

BitPass, Inc., an Internet payments company, has raised $11.75 million in a Series B financing.

Posted Sep 07, 2004

Atomz, a provider of hosted enterprise Web site applications, has announced the second major upgrade this year to its Atomz Commerce solution.

Posted Aug 03, 2004

Javien Digital Payment Solutions, a provider of Internet commerce technologies for the digital content market, has announced that Thomson Financial has deployed its payment processing technology for new, premium digital products.

Posted Jul 27, 2004

RDK has announced a new biometrics-based system that is designed to enable users of mobile devices, such as PDAs and cellphones, to easily and safely make online payments using fingerprint, voice, and iris authentication, and other biometrics technologies.

Posted Jul 23, 2004

Crystal Semantics, has announced the launch of a linguistics-based technology designed to enhance the search capabilities of ecommerce sites.

Posted Jul 23, 2004

JCB, an international payment brand, AEON Credit Service, a retail-affiliated credit card company, and NTT DoCoMo have jointly announced that JCB and AEON have developed the QUICPay payment solution for cards with contactless IC chips.

Posted Jul 23, 2004

ECNext, a provider of technology and services for marketing, selling, and delivering commercial business content via the Web, has announced the launch of the “McGraw-Hill Construction Information Center,” an ecommerce Web site branded for McGraw-Hill Construction, part of The McGraw-Hill Companies.

Posted Jul 20, 2004

ECNext, a provider of technology and services for marketing, selling, and delivering commercial business content via the Web, has announced the launch of an ecommerce site for The Information Network, a market research and consulting company targeting the semiconductor, computer, and telecommunications industries.

Posted Jul 06, 2004

Peppercoin has announced Peppercoin 2.0, a small payments solution that is designed to reduce transaction processing and customer service costs.

Posted Jul 02, 2004

For some reason, everyone in the industry is loathe to admit what the numbers clearly demonstrate: Web content—or at least some important sectors of the digital content economy—has waged a quiet but remarkable comeback.

Posted Jun 08, 2004

Understanding information arbitrage affords intriguing opportunities worth exploring, if you’re on the sell side of the econtent business, or exploiting, if you’re an information consumer.

Posted Jun 04, 2004