Content Commerce

ContextWeb, Inc., a provider of contextual advertising solutions, has announced the launch of ContextAd, a successful round of funding, and a new board of directors.

Posted Sep 21, 2004

Network Subscriptions has announced the launch of the Business Network, a unified subscription to six online business and reference publications.

Posted Sep 14, 2004

BitPass, Inc., an Internet payments company, has raised $11.75 million in a Series B financing.

Posted Sep 07, 2004

Atomz, a provider of hosted enterprise Web site applications, has announced the second major upgrade this year to its Atomz Commerce solution.

Posted Aug 03, 2004

Javien Digital Payment Solutions, a provider of Internet commerce technologies for the digital content market, has announced that Thomson Financial has deployed its payment processing technology for new, premium digital products.

Posted Jul 27, 2004

RDK has announced a new biometrics-based system that is designed to enable users of mobile devices, such as PDAs and cellphones, to easily and safely make online payments using fingerprint, voice, and iris authentication, and other biometrics technologies.

Posted Jul 23, 2004

Crystal Semantics, has announced the launch of a linguistics-based technology designed to enhance the search capabilities of ecommerce sites.

Posted Jul 23, 2004

JCB, an international payment brand, AEON Credit Service, a retail-affiliated credit card company, and NTT DoCoMo have jointly announced that JCB and AEON have developed the QUICPay payment solution for cards with contactless IC chips.

Posted Jul 23, 2004

ECNext, a provider of technology and services for marketing, selling, and delivering commercial business content via the Web, has announced the launch of the “McGraw-Hill Construction Information Center,” an ecommerce Web site branded for McGraw-Hill Construction, part of The McGraw-Hill Companies.

Posted Jul 20, 2004

ECNext, a provider of technology and services for marketing, selling, and delivering commercial business content via the Web, has announced the launch of an ecommerce site for The Information Network, a market research and consulting company targeting the semiconductor, computer, and telecommunications industries.

Posted Jul 06, 2004

Peppercoin has announced Peppercoin 2.0, a small payments solution that is designed to reduce transaction processing and customer service costs.

Posted Jul 02, 2004

For some reason, everyone in the industry is loathe to admit what the numbers clearly demonstrate: Web content—or at least some important sectors of the digital content economy—has waged a quiet but remarkable comeback.

Posted Jun 08, 2004

Understanding information arbitrage affords intriguing opportunities worth exploring, if you’re on the sell side of the econtent business, or exploiting, if you’re an information consumer.

Posted Jun 04, 2004

What role does marketing play in the econtent industry? Marketing is developing and positioning an econtent product so that someone will actually want to buy it.

Posted Apr 23, 2004

According to many publishers large and small, the contextual ad programs set up by the major search engines and some other ad networks are spreading ad revenue wealth generously. But will it last?

Posted Apr 19, 2004

ECNext, a provider of technology and services for selling and delivering commercial-business information via the Web, has teamed with E4X, Inc., a provider of online multi-currency services.

Posted Apr 06, 2004

ECNext, a provider of technology and services for selling and delivering commercial- business information via the Web, has announced that the Dow Jones & Company publication, the Far Eastern Economic Review (The Review), has engaged ECNext's ecommerce platform and services to sell its business reports on the Web.

Posted Mar 05, 2004

Imagine a digital content-commerce environment where buying and selling the rights to a game, song, or ring tone is as easy as buying a newspaper. That is exactly the goal of Navio, a digital commerce service provider that launched a brandable version of its primary customer interface this month.

Posted Jan 30, 2004

Psst! Wanna make some quick cash? Here, take these search engine text ads and run them next to some of your own relevant content.

Posted Jan 01, 2004

Yaga, Inc., a provider of commerce services for digital content and online businesses, has been chosen to supply digital content commerce services for Journal Interactive, the Internet division of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and member of the Real Cities Network.

Posted Dec 12, 2003

ECNext, a provider of technology and services for selling and delivering commercial business information via the Web, has added another market research and consulting firm to its client list.

Posted Dec 12, 2003

The EContent 100 issue with the most important, influential, and successful companies in the content industry seems like a good spot from which to project forward a bit and “Follow the Money” into the content industry’s likeliest revenue streams in 2004.

Posted Dec 12, 2003

Payment One Corporation, a provider of payment solutions for digital content, online premium service, and internet access providers, has announced that SkyNET Telesystems, a pioneer in VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) long distance services has deployed PaymentOne's payment and billing services for its online subscribers.

Posted Nov 18, 2003

Altova Inc., producer of XMLSPY, has announced the availability of Release 3 of Altova's recently released, version 2004 product line, a family of XML development and XML content authoring tools, designed to enable new XML and Web services applications.

Posted Oct 24, 2003

Specialty-content cards, using AT&T PrePaid Web Cents technology, are now available at all Wal-Mart stores.

Posted Oct 24, 2003