Content Commerce

According to a study by Telephia, a provider of syndicated consumer research to the telecom and mobile media markets, there are 23.5 million mobile subscribers in the U.S. who have phones with integrated music players.

Posted Jan 12, 2007

Volantis, a supplier of Intelligent Content Adaptation solutions for the Mobile Information Age, has launched Volantis Content Services.

Posted Jan 12, 2007

ClickandBuy, an online payment service for web-based and mobile content, has announced its latest product update ClickandBuy Version 2.0.

Posted Dec 12, 2006

Emojo has launched the Affino NX eBusiness Suite, an integrated online business solution.

Posted Dec 05, 2006

Volantis, a supplier of Intelligent Content Adaptation solutions, has delivered its latest version of its Mobile Content Storefront to customers.

Posted Dec 01, 2006

Perilous as it may seem, I will once again mark the EC100 issue with a look ahead to next year’s emerging revenue models, which we may well be calling old hat this time next year.

Posted Nov 15, 2006

Bango has launched a safe subscription service that gives mobile users worldwide another way to pay for content from ringtones and videos to news and blogs, on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis.

Posted Nov 07, 2006

Javien Digital Payment Solutions, Inc., and Gold Mobile have partnered to provide a mcommerce solution for companies planning to capture a share of the mobile content sales market.

Posted Sep 15, 2006

If you’re reading EContent, no one needs to tell you what an important medium the internet has become for delivering content and reaching consumers across the world. But, according to a June 2006 study conducted on behalf of the Online Publishers Association (OPA) by the Center for Media Design at Ball State University, advertising dollars aren’t keeping up with skyrocketing consumer web demand.

Posted Aug 28, 2006

Dialogue Communications has launched its Payforit solution for mobile payments on the Vodafone and Orange networks.

Posted Aug 25, 2006

Javien Digital Payment Solutions, Inc., has announced DPS V8.0 of its ecommerce technology.

Posted Aug 18, 2006

RoyaltyShare, a provider of digital royalty solutions to the entertainment industry, has announced its formal company launch with a suite of web-based services that provide management of both mechanical and artist royalties.

Posted Aug 04, 2006

ITtoolbox, an online community enabling professional IT knowledge sharing, has announced the launch of ITtoolbox Demographic Targeting, an addition to the lineup of targeting tools, including contextual matching and geographic targeting.

Posted Jul 14, 2006

Amdocs, a provider of software and services to enable integrated customer management and the intentional customer experience, has announced it signed an agreement to acquire Qpass, a provider of digital commerce software and solutions.

Posted Apr 21, 2006

Bango, a mobile content enabler, and mBlox, a mobile transaction network, have announced a global collaboration to deliver a fully integrated content billing solution that leverages the power of the mobile internet.

Posted Apr 11, 2006

After so many lean years and post-bubble disgrace, it is hard to believe the gusher of ad dollars and profitability flowing to some segments online. A year ago I wrote about the industry’s need to wake up to the reality that the Web bounce back was for real. Now even I am a bit amazed at the sustained double-digit ad sales growth we are seeing. In fact, some sites are butting up against the limits of their own success with a problem most publishers would love to suffer—sold-out inventory

Posted Apr 03, 2006

eMeta, a division of Macrovision Corporation, has announced a new release of its eRights Suite offering that is designed to help businesses license and monetize their digital content and services.

Posted Mar 28, 2006

Users taking control was the theme of this year’s Software Information Industry Association’s (SIIA) Summit held in New York City January 31 and February 1, 2006. However, another underlying current flowed through the event: a shift in the business model to leverage the appeal of free content.

Posted Mar 15, 2006

Click and Buy, an ePayment and storefront provider for online and mobile digital content and services, and Skype, an Internet P2P telephony company, have announced the availability of Click and Buy as an online payment option for Skype users.

Posted Feb 28, 2006

Macrovision Corporation has announced that it has agreed to acquire eMeta Corporation, a provider of software solutions that enable companies to control and sell digital goods and services online.

Posted Feb 17, 2006

Kentico Software, a Web content management solutions vendor, has announced an extension of its Kentico CMS with a new ecommerce module.

Posted Jan 27, 2006

Owen Media Partners, Inc. and ECNext have announced the launch of the Owen Media ecommerce site providing international company and manufacturing intelligence to business professionals.

Posted Dec 22, 2005

BitPass, Inc., provider of a commerce platform for digital content and services, has announced an agreement with MSN to enable digital content sales on targeted international MSN portals.

Posted Nov 15, 2005

Analysis of free versus fee content invariably focuses on content that must be paid for by consumers in its original form (such as newspaper and magazine articles) but that is often offered for free at an advertising- and sponsorship-supported Web site. Many pundits believe that if content is offered for free in one medium, it will cannibalize another, and that’s all they obsess about. Yet despite all the debate about free and paid content business models, market observers have largely missed the flip side of free content: valuable information that individuals are eager to give away for no charge and that smart companies then aggregate for profit.

Posted Oct 04, 2005

The 9thXchange, Inc. announces a new media, multi-platform, all digital file marketplace backed by a legacy royalty system.

Posted Sep 09, 2005