Content Commerce

Macrovision Solutions Corporation, a digital entertainment technology provider, announced it has reached an agreement to sell its TV Guide Network property to Allen Shapiro and One Equity Partners for approximately $255 million in consideration.

Posted Dec 23, 2008

Take a closer look at Attributor Corp., one of the 12 companies that inspired the most banter among the EContent 100 judges during the voting process.

Posted Dec 01, 2008

Time once again to crawl out on that slippery limb encrusted with winter ice: the predictions branch. Above and beyond the expected recession woes, digital content is dangling over some sharp challenges in 2009, or at least it looks that way from my chilly perch. Look out below for falling commentators.

Posted Dec 01, 2008

Open Text Corporation, a global provider of enterprise content management (ECM), and SAP AG, announced that SAP will resell Open Text Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) under the name the SAP Invoice Management application by Open Text.

Posted Nov 21, 2008

TM Forum, a trade consortium focused on enabling digital services, announced the next part of its Content Encounter initiative, Content Encounter 3.

Posted Nov 04, 2008

Attributor Corporation, a provider of a content monitoring and programming platform, announced that Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa has chosen Attributor technology to increase monetization of dpa's digital content and develop new products.

Posted Oct 14, 2008

The digital privacy battles now brewing in the House of Representatives and at the Federal Trade Commission finally woke the industry up to its complacency over this issue, but I think many publishers and ad networks proceeded to get up on the wrong side of the bed. The principals in the behavioral targeting industry, which is attracting much of the scrutiny now, seem to recognize that they must better explain their policies to consumers and assure all of us that they indeed are not collecting personally identifiable information (PII) when they track our movements around the internet. Ultimately, though, I think they woke up to the wrong issue.

Posted Oct 13, 2008

It seems that everyone is blogging these days. However, despite the proliferation of blogs that range from diaries and niche subjects to celebrity, corporate, and expertly written blogs, some publishers are still hesitant to add blogging to the mix. The web has opened up a world of communication to people across the globe, but the new culture of user-generated content can mean a lot of things to those in the publishing industry, good and bad.

Posted Oct 10, 2008

Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves in the digital dreams business. We fantasize so extravagantly about the future shape of a technology that we miss some of its more relevant and mundane uses here and now. Take virtual worlds. Environments such as Second Life promised online immersion where realistic avatars moved through 3D space and ultimately enhanced everything from the media viewing experience to shopping.

Posted Sep 19, 2008

Gale announced the launch of, a new online content marketplace.

Posted Sep 16, 2008

A former EContent assistant editor, Kinley Levack, forwarded me an August column from The New York Observer, The Media Mob. Her email bore this subject line: "I will always think of you when I hear this phrase …" Alas, the column was not about the most inspiring bosses ever. In fact, it was about "The New Media Religion: ‘Platform Agnostic.'"

Posted Sep 16, 2008

Effectively targeting specific audiences is one of the leading objectives of online advertisers. Websites have long used demographic information to help advertisers, but the Sept. 15 premier of Bizo aims to make it easier for business-to-business marketers to reach their desired online audience.

Posted Sep 15, 2008

Royal Philips announced that it has assumed full ownership of its former joint venture Teletrax, the global broadcast intelligence company.

Posted Sep 05, 2008

Truition Inc., provider of hosted eCommerce solutions, announced it has launched Version 5.0 of CMS, its Commerce Management System for retailers and direct to consumer manufacturers.

Posted Aug 01, 2008

Amazon announced the release of the ecommerce checkout solution, Checkout by Amazon.

Posted Aug 01, 2008

Is anyone making money on web video?" The publisher of one of the most popular and long-running video shows online recently posed that question to one of his peers and me. The other publisher, who is responsible for hundreds of hours of video content on her suite of branded media sites, just shook her head. "And anyone who tells you he is making money on video is lying," she contended.

Posted Jul 02, 2008

Peer39, provider of semantic advertising solutions, announced the launch of SemanticMatch, the semantic advertising platform.

Posted Jul 01, 2008

Macrovision Solutions announced the acquisition of certain website and technology assets from ThoughtWorthy Media ("ThoughtWorthy").

Posted Jun 17, 2008

Kentico Software has released the new version 3.1 of Kentico CMS for ASP.NET. The new version combines a web content management platform with full-featured E-commerce solution and allows developers to build an on-line store.

Posted Jun 10, 2008

It seems like everyone's talking about free information again: The old meme that "information wants to be free" appears to be recycling in the web's hive-mind. I am still not convinced that information cares one way or the other, but I do know that content owners and providers have widely divergent views on whether or how they should be compensated.

Posted Jun 10, 2008

Alacra, Inc., a provider of online business information solutions, launched the Alacra Affiliate Widget, a pay-per-action advertising vehicle.

Posted May 20, 2008

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) announced the release of "Digital Video In-Stream Ad Format Guidelines."

Posted May 09, 2008

Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), a provider of licensing services and web-based tools, announced a set of enhancements to Rightsphere, the company's rights advisory and management tool.

Posted Apr 29, 2008

Jaduka, a provider of web-integrated communication and transaction tools, has launched integrated content fulfillment, delivery, and transaction services for mobile media and software providers.

Posted Apr 25, 2008

Whenever I begin a speech, I ask a series of four questions and have the audience raise their hands if the answer to a question is "yes."

Posted Apr 25, 2008