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Out on the limitless frontiers of the wild wild web, the right to privacy can’t always be enforced for the simple reason that the existing laws don’t apply to this new medium, or the medium is just evolving too quickly for the laws to keep up. The other side of this issue is that the notion of privacy is evolving itself as web users increasingly live public lives online. So where's the harm in exchanging just a bit of data for content online?

Posted Feb 26, 2008

Thoma Cressey Bravo, a private equity investment firm, and Macrovision Corporation announced that an affiliate of TCB has entered into a definitive agreement with Macrovision Corporation to acquire Macrovision's Software Business Unit.

Posted Feb 22, 2008

Javien, Inc. is a well-known provider of content commerce technologies, primarily because of its platform product, Javien Digital Payment Solutions (DPS). The technology is aimed primarily at new media companies, such as digital music sites, to deploy and manage subscriptions, pay-per-view, downloads, micropayments, and alternative billing. In late January, the company announced the release of its New Media Payment Gateway, a product that allows customers to directly process payments for their content.

Posted Feb 12, 2008

A colleague recently pointed me to, a market research aggregator that promotes its free, short industry profiles as well as access to off-the-shelf market research reports and customized research. What I initially found interesting was that it had a real Web 2.0 feel. The free industry reports are in the MarketWikis area of the website, and they are, in fact, in a wiki format, complete with discussion and edit tabs.

Posted Feb 05, 2008

As most traditional publishers are painfully aware, digitization has a tendency to commodify everything in its reach. Just think how much of the content we paid for a decade ago—from newspapers to premium video and audio content—is available now at no cost online. From news to business information, phone calls to software applications, the new model is giving away the store in the hopes of making a profit in some other way. Most text and video content relies on advertising to pay its way now, while service-based products, like web applications and digital calling, put some limitations on the free offering in order to upsell a richer version.

Posted Jan 29, 2008

PersonalBrain, a product of TheBrain Technologies, links networks of information including ideas, concepts, files, and webpages in a manner that attempts to mimic the thought processes of each unique user.

Posted Jan 25, 2008

Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), a provider of copyright licensing solutions, announced the launch of Copyright Labs, a testing ground for new services, applications, and products.

Posted Dec 14, 2007

Macrovision Corporation, a provider in protection, enablement and distribution solutions, and Gemstar-TV Guide International, Inc., a provider of video and entertainment guidance, announced the two companies have signed a definitive agreement for Macrovision to acquire Gemstar-TV Guide in a cash and stock transaction.

Posted Dec 11, 2007

Alacra Content Marketplace (ACM), a new service launched by online business information provider Alacra, Inc., will allow small and large publishers to post and sell business research and other content via the company's Alacra Premium and the Alacra Store eCommerce services.

Posted Nov 16, 2007

A closer look at Macrovision, which helps keep content vendors in control of their creations online.

Posted Nov 14, 2007

A closer look at iCopyright, which boasts an 80% market share of major publishers and newswire services in the United States.

Posted Nov 14, 2007

BSG Clearing Solutions (BSG), a billing and payment service provider, announced the addition of a new mobile phone payment solution to its Advanced Payment Gateway (APG) service.

Posted Nov 13, 2007

Macrovision Corporation, a company that provides distribution, commerce, and consumption solutions for software, entertainment, and information content, announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire All Media Guide Holdings, Inc. ("AMG").

Posted Nov 09, 2007

RoyaltyShare, a provider of digital royalty and content management solutions to the entertainment industry, announced $4M of additional Series B financing from Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments (BDMI) and Trident Capital.

Posted Oct 23, 2007

RoyaltyShare, a provider of digital royalty and content management solutions to the entertainment industry, announced it has expanded its service.

Posted Sep 21, 2007

It wasn’t all that long ago that, if you wanted to purchase an item online, you needed at least a credit card or a checking account to complete the transaction. Not so any longer. With the latest online payment solution developed by BSG Clearing Solutions, dubbed Bill2Phone, all you’ll need is a telephone. Or, more accurately, a telephone bill.

Posted Aug 24, 2007

A new Pay Per Article service offered by NRC-CISTI, the Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information, allows any researcher to search a database of more than 11 million articles and pay by credit card to view and print those selected without requiring registration.

Posted Aug 07, 2007

EBSCO has announced its enhancements to the EBSCONET Subscription Management System, a multi-lingual web-based management tool.

Posted Jun 26, 2007

Voxant, the Viral Syndication Network (VSN), has announced a new viral payment program that can earn websites and blogs up to $4 CPM for publishing content from VSN's online news site, TheNewsRoom.

Posted Jun 01, 2007

Entriq, a company that enables content providers to leverage new media distribution, and ProGames Network, an online gaming channel, have jointly announced a fully integrated broadband-to-mobile commerce solution.

Posted Mar 30, 2007

Digital infrastructure provider VeriSign has announced the first North America Mobile Messaging Index, a quarterly report that will provide statistics detailing the growth and user trends pertaining to all categories of mobile messaging in North America.

Posted Mar 30, 2007

Javien Digital Payment Solutions has partnered with eBIZ.mobility Ltd. to integrate with its OneTouch Online Purchasing solution.

Posted Feb 06, 2007

Bitpass, an online micropayments firm backed by Disney’s venture arm and Guy Kawasaki, has announced it will close.

Posted Jan 23, 2007

The Zug-based (CH) FIRSTGATE Holding AG, owner of ClickandBuy, a European digital payments platform and epayments system, has received funding from Intel Capital.

Posted Jan 23, 2007

According to a study by Telephia, a provider of syndicated consumer research to the telecom and mobile media markets, there are 23.5 million mobile subscribers in the U.S. who have phones with integrated music players.

Posted Jan 12, 2007