Content Commerce

Offerpal Media, a developer of virtual currency payment alternatives, announced it has acquired Tapjoy, creators of the Tapjoy platform for mobile developers and a provider of monetization and distribution services on the iPhone, Android, and other emerging mobile platforms. As part of the agreement, the co-founders of Tapjoy will join Offerpal in leadership positions to help expand its mobile business. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Posted Mar 25, 2010

Military book publisher Osprey Publishing announced that five of its military history books are now available as "‘freemium" apps via the Apple App store.London-based digital publishing company Exact Editions oversaw the development of the applications.

Posted Mar 23, 2010

Springer advanced its relationship with the Copyright Clearance Center, a not-for-profit organization providing copyright licensing solutions for various forms of publishing.

Posted Mar 05, 2010

NICE Systems Ltd., a provider of strategic insight and customer analysis solutions, brought real-time data analytics to its NICE SmartCenter suite of business solutions.

Posted Mar 05, 2010

Ebook and audiobook distributor Overdrive announced a set of new services that will expand its digital distribution network for copyrighted digital media.

Posted Feb 23, 2010

When ContentNext founder Rafat Ali, took the stage at the debut paidContent Conference, he made his position clear saying that he "supports a variety of business models and revenue streams." And for this event, the bottom line theme was supporting the bottom line.

Posted Feb 22, 2010

KonaKart and dotCMS, two Java-based software development firms, collaborated to develop an open architecture to facilitate plugin interaction between KonaKart's e-commerce solutions and dotCMS's content management systems.

Posted Feb 05, 2010

In discussing the decision to shake up the CODiE Awards by moving the program from its traditional home during the spring NetGain conference in San Francisco, SIIA Content Division vice president Ed Keating noted that "there's not much difference between a rut and a groove." That premise of breaking out of a rut was certainly in evidence in the product strategies of the 15 winning companies, winnowed from more than one hundred nominees through two rounds of voting.

Posted Jan 29, 2010

iCopyright announced a new billing and licensing service designed to supply content to business and enterprise users.

Posted Jan 19, 2010

A global survey conducted by the Nielsen Company of more than 27,000 consumers in 54 countries found that consumers had widely varying attitudes about their willingness to pay for online content, with an emphasis on both demographics and the specific type of content.

Posted Jan 08, 2010

Oxford University Press (OUP) has signed an agreement with Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) to license the reuse of approximately 100,000 books and journals from the U.S. and Oxford University Press in the U.K.

Posted Dec 22, 2009

EPiServer has added an integrated ecommerce platform to its existing web content management and community platform.

Posted Dec 15, 2009

Google announced changes to First Click Free, a program that allows the search giant to index paid content in a way that is transparent to consumers while still ensuring the ability of the content providers to receive payment for additional content.

Posted Dec 04, 2009

Rob Tarkoff, senior vice president and general manager of business productivity solutions at Adobe, did little to cushion the blow when he said to attendees at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference: "Enterprise software is failing." Story by ITI Reporter Jessica Tsai, CRM Magazine.

Posted Nov 06, 2009

I just finished reading the 20th anniversary edition of Neil Postman's Amusing Ourslves to Death. Even in the harsh light of hindsight, his analysis of television's effect on discourse remains compelling. In fact-when I consider the effectiveness of television as entertainment medium-I can see how efforts to transform news into entertainment in an attempt for the function to fit the form has contributed to the declining value of news.

Posted Oct 30, 2009

ECNext, an ecommerce service provider for business-to-business publishers, has changed its name to Manta Media.

Posted Oct 02, 2009

As we move into fall, the year-long revival of the paid content argument shows no sign of easing.

Posted Oct 01, 2009

Until fairly recently, if you wanted to publish a news article or magazine feature, it required a large staff and huge presses housed in vast buildings. It took great wealth to buy the means to publish and a factorylike process to sell the ads, produce the news, and distribute the product. Because newspaper production was well beyond the means of most people, we relied on newspaper and magazine publishing companies with the requisite resources to produce the news for us, and in return, they charged large sums of money for display and classified ads-and they thrived. Today, that's all changed.

Posted Sep 28, 2009

It's not news that magazines are anorexic, newspapers are dropping in droves, and industry leaders are calling for everything from forbidding the use of headlines for linking to putting up pay walls around anything and everything. It feels frantic, even desperate.

Posted Sep 28, 2009

If memory serves, the digital revolution was offered up to us as a great new driver of efficiency. Even at the most basic level of owning a PC, we were told that these new machines would organize our records and even clarify our ways of thinking. Really? Has anyone looked behind my desk lately?

Posted Sep 09, 2009

PaymentOne, a provider in alternative payments for digital merchants, announced it closed a $7 million round of equity and debt financing led by AER Investments LLC.

Posted Aug 25, 2009

Jambool, Inc., operator of the Social Gold virtual currency and payments platform, has raised $5 million in a Series B fundraising round led by Madrona Venture Group.

Posted Aug 21, 2009

Because of the increased popularity of smartphones, including the iPhone, which can connect to the internet through Wi-Fi, mobile operators have been losing access to billing programs that once ran through the operator's network.

Posted Jul 31, 2009

Swets, a subscription services company, announced the launch of its eDeal Renewal Service.

Posted Jul 28, 2009

As I write this at the end of 1Q 2009, things look especially grim for business information on almost any platform. In print, across 200 B2B titles that ad auditing group IMS tracks, ad pages were down in January and February 28.3% from the same 2-month span in 2008.

Posted Jul 20, 2009