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Digital Element, a provider of geolocation and IP Intelligence technology, is extending its NetAcuity Edge online marketing international geographic data set. NetAcuity Edge targets down to ZIP code and postcode levels, helping use geolocation to provide more targeted advertising. The non-cookie-based technology helps advertising networks, web publishers, search engines, social networks and analytics platforms offer a more personalized online experience while protecting user privacy.

Posted Jun 16, 2011

Limelight Networks, Inc. announced that the company has been granted its eleventh patent by the United States Patent and Trademark office. The new patent is No. 7,961,625, and was granted for "Routing under heavy loading." In 2009, Limelight initiated a formal program to recognize developers' innovations. This most recent patent is the ninth one to be awarded since the start of the program.

Posted Jun 16, 2011

Webtrends partnered with ShopIgniter to provide a social ecommerce analytics solution to enterprises. ShopIgniter, a social ecommerce software company, and Webtrends, a provider of analytics and social engagement solutions, combined their expertise to devise a new way to understand customer value which involves purchase and product interaction with social media engagement and referral.

Posted Jun 14, 2011

WebVisible and Media General, Inc. announced a partnership that will provide online advertising technology to local businesses advertising with Media General's newspaper and television properties throughout the Southeast. The partnership is designed to provide new revenue opportunities to Media General by expanding the company's portfolio of advertising solutions.

Posted Jun 09, 2011

Zmags introduced CommercePro, a merchandising and intelligence platform specifically optimized for e-commerce. CommercePro is a rich media merchandising solution that lets brands and retailers transform content into digital experiences across multiple platforms, including online, mobile, and social.

Posted May 26, 2011

Demandware, Inc. unveiled a prototype application called Facebook Shop that lets users extend ecommerce to the more than 600 million users of Facebook by selling directly through a branded Facebook store. Through the Facebook Shop application, retailers can set up a storefront on Facebook with all of the capabilities of the Demandware Commerce platform.

Posted May 24, 2011

Simulmedia, Inc., a television ad targeting company, completed a $9.25 million round of new financing with participants from all existing investors which included Avalon Ventures, Time Warner Investments, Union Square Ventures, and Simulmedia CEO and founder Dave Morgan.

Posted May 17, 2011

ClickFindGet, Inc. launched a monthly service that simplifies the process of building networks of websites that are optimized to drive traffic to primary revenue websites, called Niche Traffic Builder. Based on the web traffic accumulation model, the Niche Traffic Builder is for use by web marketers.

Posted May 03, 2011

Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (CCC), a not-for-profit organization and provider of licensing solutions, announced the launch of "Get It Now," a service that complements academic institutions' Interlibrary Loan (ILL) borrowing services by providing immediate fulfillment of full-text articles from unsubscribed journals.

Posted Mar 31, 2011

People often take for granted the notion that content comes bundled with an inherent value. It's an easy mistake to make, especially with so much digital content available instantly with a price tag helpfully affixed for immediate purchase and consumption. All content experiences are not created equal, however, and that experience can make a world of difference in how valuable content is for a user. Even excellent content can be dragged down by a poor user experience that prevents users from easily finding and engaging with the content they need. With user expectations rising steadily, that failure to engage can translate into poor site ROI and even a major impact on a company's brand.

Posted Mar 25, 2011

Journalism Online with its Press+ offering, which enables publishers to seamlessly integrate an innovative paid content engine with their web sites, has been sold to R.R. Donnelley & Sons, a global provider of integrated communications with more than 60,000 customers worldwide.

Posted Mar 24, 2011

The Hearst Corporation has joined with Analog Analytics to offer daily deals to supplement its online revenue. Analog Analytics is a white-label local daily deals service that offers digital coupons and deal certificates, which reportedly works with more than 850 publishers and broadcasters, including NBC, CBS, and MediaNews Group.

Posted Mar 22, 2011

Demandware, Inc., announced the release of a new Demandware Commerce platform, which features enhanced product content management capabilities, available this spring. The new functionality aims to aid merchants in preparing product information, creating a brand image, and delivering to consumers across multiple channels, applications, and devices.

Posted Mar 15, 2011

ChinaNet Online Holdings, Inc., a full-service B2B Internet service provider that helps small and medium-sized enterprises expand their sales networks in China, announced the launch of a mobile platform that includes SMS text functionality to drive increased traffic to its portal. ChinaNet's mobile platform is formatted to display franchise information for all wireless phones, including smartphones. Initial testing of the platform began in December 2010 and was formally rolled out to customers on March 1.

Posted Mar 10, 2011

Bizo announced the release of the Bizo Audience Marketing Platform (BAMP), a platform designed to help marketers reach and influence their target demographics at multiple locations around the internet. The platform is driven by anonymous third party-certified data on more than 85 million business professionals.

Posted Mar 10, 2011

Discovery Communications, the nonfiction media company that owns 28 entertainment networks including the Discovery Channel, TLC, OWN, and Animal Planet, announced that it will make its entire footage archive available through its new content licensing business, Discovery Access. More than 100,000 hours of stock footage content will be available for outside parties to license through Discovery Access.

Posted Mar 08, 2011

Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (CCC), a not-for-profit organization and provider of licensing solutions, launched its Rights Delivery Platform. The platform allows for "one-stop shop" access to hundreds of millions of additional rights previously available only through RightsLink installations.

Posted Mar 03, 2011

HubPages is launching its HubPages Ad Program, which will give its writers access to premium ad rates. The offering will help users get access to advertising revenues while retaining all rights to their own content. The HubPages Ad Program will also give digital advertisers and brands access to over a million pages of content via ad networks and exchanges, as well as through the direct sales team that HubPages is currently building.

Posted Mar 03, 2011

SteelHouse is introducing an ad platform that aims to address frustrations with existing online advertising methods. It has adopted a segmentation approach, as well as a policy which allows users full transparency regarding ad placement, profit and performance. Additionally, SteelHouse maintains that it will only charge its clients for lift.

Posted Mar 01, 2011

Kalio Inc., formerly D.M.insite, will introduce an application for mobile ecommerce. The KalioMobile application will unify mobile and online retail sites, because online retailers will not need to create a separate mobile infrastructure. Instead, "customers can manage their mobile site as an extension of their primary website," according to Kalio co-founder and chief executive officer Larry Kavanagh.

Posted Mar 01, 2011

As a mathematical genius in A Beautiful Mind, Russell Crowe used analytics to assist the government in breaking Soviet codes. While it may not be as exciting as top-secret informant assignments, the analytics industry is expected to take on a lead role in 2011 as businesses embrace its capabilities. The IDC says it expects the global market for analytics software to grow from $25.5 billion in 2010 to $34 billion by the end of 2014.

Posted Feb 21, 2011

Google simultaneously announced and released Google One Pass, a new service from the search giant that lets publishers dictate pricing and subscription models for accessing digital content. The service is designed to allow users to access their content on tablets, smartphones, and desktops, using a single sign-on. The service can also accomodate existing subscribers.

Posted Feb 17, 2011

MVB, VLB, and the Copyright Clearance Center are teaming up to offer the VLB Books in Print Catalog through "MVB RightsLink - Powered by CCC," an automated and standardized rights trade system for small licence deals for the German-language sector. As part of this cooperation, the software and technology from CCC's Rightslink will be integrated into the VLB.

Posted Feb 10, 2011

After a year of hand-wringing about how digital users must "learn to start paying for their content," we appear to be moving to a healthier and more mature place where publishers are starting to internalize, rather than externalize, the media revenue problem. At a recent conference that I organized for digital media strategies, publishers who are successfully selling content directly to businesses and consumers challenged their peers with a straightforward proposition.

Posted Feb 09, 2011

AOL Inc. announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire The Huffington Post for $315 million, the news, analysis, and lifestyle website founded in 2005, which now counts nearly 25 million unique monthly visitors.The new group will have a combined base of 117 million unique visitors a month in the United States and 270 million around the world. Following the close of this transaction, AOL will accelerate its strategy to deliver a scaled and differentiated array of premium news, analysis, and entertainment produced by thousands of writers, editors, reporters, and videographers around the globe.

Posted Feb 07, 2011