Content Commerce

Learn about two companies that have significant potential to change the way we monetize podcasts and market books.

Posted Dec 05, 2019

Mobile continued to grow in 2019. From ad spend to mobile traffic, the numbers are on the rise--and users are willing to pay for the apps they find most useful. Learn more in this season's infographic.

Posted Nov 01, 2019

Content creators face growing monetization challenges as strategies evolve to overcome them.

Posted Oct 14, 2019

MPP Global, the technology company that delivers eSuite, a subscriber management and billing platform, has announced enhanced Experience Optimization capability, a feature-set enabling media companies to craft tailored subscription marketing campaigns to boost acquisition of new subscribers and re-engage current subscribers with hyper-personalized products, pricing, and promotions.

Posted Oct 03, 2019

No more judges. No more categories. This year, the EContent 100 list of companies that matter most in the digital content industry was decided by our readers. From web content management to digital experience tools, from content monetization to translation and globalization, you weighed in to determine the 2019 winners.

Posted Oct 02, 2019

Machine Vision AI-Powered feature automatically captures highlight clips from livestreams - including live picture-in-picture playback exclusively for Fortnite.

Posted Sep 26, 2019

The new end-to-end solution spans creation to closed-loop measurement for e-commerce and in-store with partners AdLib, IRI, Shoppable, SKU Ninja + WhyteSpyder and RetailSync.

Posted Sep 17, 2019

Berlin-based independent publisher also adds its 300 Germany-based journals to the RightsLink Author Solution.

Posted Sep 12, 2019

Diagonal View, a digital video network, delivering tens of millions of subscribers and billions of views across YouTube and other digital platforms generated from professionally produced content that BitMovio users will now enjoy through the next-gen gamified streaming video platform.

Posted Aug 06, 2019

The basic dynamic of having content disintermediated and fragmented from its source—and aggregated by a third party—has not changed, even if some of the faces and demeanors of the platforms do.

Posted Jul 16, 2019

Robust data team provides strategy, support, and flexibility. Teikametrics' Flywheel SaaS software has been adopted by thousands of sellers, brands, and agencies to maximize profit on Amazon.

Posted Jun 27, 2019

Transformative video technology disrupts traditional video player cost models to help publishers create new revenue streams, engage readers, and offer premium video inventory to advertisers.

Posted Jun 25, 2019

The EU's new Digital Single Market Directive will disrupt the relationships among digital platforms and audiovisual (AV) rightsholders such as studios and licensees. Here, there are lessons to be learned from science publishing.

Posted Jun 07, 2019

BigCommerce, a SaaS e-commerce platform, announced a strategic partnership. New partnership also adds secure, auto-scaling cloud hosting for retailers using WordPress CMS.

Posted May 21, 2019

Originally introduced more than a decade ago as a decentralized, digital ledger supporting bitcoin, blockchain has evolved beyond well beyond supporting digital currencies. In the case of content sharing, blockchain promises unprecedented levels of creative freedom.

Posted May 17, 2019

Cedato's VCU includes an integrated AI-driven video content composition module that auto-generates unique and engaging video content, with an always fresh, contextually relevant feed.

Posted Apr 25, 2019

Publishing success fundamentally begins with the editorial process of curating and producing great, trustworthy content for your readers, regardless of medium. There is no substitute. Assuming you've already built the content foundation for your brand, now is the time to rethink the value proposition of how and why you distribute content digitally.

Posted Apr 19, 2019

Annual Shopper Experience Index shows the influence of user-generated content on omnichannel shopping and cites mobile and social commerce as areas of focus.

Posted Apr 18, 2019

A new SVoD report from Futuresource Consulting reveals that SVoD already reaches more than 60% of households in North America, 26% in Western Europe, 21% in Asia-Pacific and 19% in LATAM.

Posted Apr 18, 2019

As of January 2019, Netflix counted 139 million subscribers, while Amazon reported 100 million Prime subscribers in April 2018. The subscription model extends to the realm of digital media, where long-standing publications such as The New York Times, as well as newer players such as The Information, have built strong subscriber bases. Nevertheless, many companies may be wondering how to build a strong subscriber base or how to retain those subscribers once they have them.

Posted Apr 15, 2019

While the steady advance of applied artificial intelligence (AI) technology promises to dramatically increase the value of computers in daily business life—for example, helping business professionals monitor and analyze what their competitors are doing— AI and machine learning in competitive intelligence and customer insights applications are on a collision course with copyright law and the content publishing industry.

Posted Apr 12, 2019

Are publishers moving into a post-advertising world? The short answer is "yes," but it's more complicated than that. It's not that advertising has gone away or even that it will. It's more that the ways in which publishers earn revenue to support their business operations are changing in a digital information environment.

Posted Apr 08, 2019

The American Journalism Project is a venture philanthropy organization trying to boost local journalism and increase the visibility and understanding of civic journalism as a public good.

Posted Apr 01, 2019

Leveraging video and FinTech to increase revenues might be one road to salvation for struggling digital publishers.

Posted Mar 27, 2019

For mobile marketers, in-app purchases are a fantastic way to engage your users and provide them the content and bonuses they're hungry for. You give them more of what they want, and in return, you continue to engage with your users as your app thrives!

Posted Mar 15, 2019