Content Security

The Hoge Raad der Nederlanden, the Dutch Supreme Court, has adopted ARX's CoSign digital signature software.

Posted Aug 21, 2009

Data leakage prevention (DLP) company Fidelis Security Systems has announced that Fidelis XPS is the first DLP program to be added to the U.S. Army Information Assurance Approved Products List.

Posted Aug 21, 2009 has released an eponymous online identity verification service that has brought the public records identity verification technology used by financial institutions to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media websites.

Posted Aug 21, 2009

State College-based Optical Image Technology (OIT), maker of the DocFinity suite of document management and workflow software, announced a new partnership with Cyber Technologies, a Phoenix, Arizona-based company that specializes in digital information security.

Posted Aug 18, 2009

IBM added to its security portfolio with its acquisition of Ounce Labs, Inc., a privately owned Massachusetts enterprise source code security testing company, for an undisclosed amount.

Posted Jul 31, 2009

Proofpoint, Inc., a provider of SaaS email security, email archiving and data loss prevention solutions, announced that it has signed a global distribution agreement with COMPUTERLINKS, a value-added distributor of IT security, IT infrastructure, and Internet technology solutions.

Posted Jul 28, 2009

Digital content licensing startup GumGum has raised $2.6 million in funding, according to a recent SEC filing.

Posted Jul 10, 2009

Zscaler, Inc., a provider of cloud-delivered, multi-tenant Security as a Service (SaaS), announced the immediate availability of Safe Search for Microsoft Corp.'s newly-released Decision Engine, Bing.

Posted Jul 07, 2009

Cloakware, an Irdeto company, a provider of security solutions protecting software and content, set-top boxes, mobile phones and media players worldwide, launched the Cloakware Advanced Research Center (CARC).

Posted Jul 07, 2009

Gone are those innocent days at the turn of the century when the worst accusations being leveled at peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing networks were that they facilitated the unauthorized swapping of Metallica songs among tech-savvy teenage boys. The interminable hullabaloo over Napster seemed like ancient history in early May when the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade, and Consumer Protection convened a hearing to discuss the Informed P2P User Act (H.R. 1319), which was crafted in the wake of the discovery of documents on P2P networks that raise strong privacy and even national security concerns.

Posted Jul 03, 2009

Finjan Inc., a provider of real-time web security for the enterprise market, has responded to reports on thousands of Twitter messages embedded with malicious URLs by making SecureTwitter free to all users.

Posted Jun 26, 2009

Vamosa, a provider of software and solutions for Enterprise Content Governance (ECoG), released Check & Fix, a web site content monitoring service that checks and automatically fixes errors.

Posted Jun 26, 2009

Quest, a provider of enterprise systems management, and Intellitactics, a provider of appliances and software for enterprise security management, announced an agreement that features Intellitactics SAFE enabling a menu of new managed security services from Quest.

Posted Jun 19, 2009

Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), a provider of copyright licensing solutions, announced that application vendors QUOSA and TDNet have joined Reprints Desk in integrating CCC's rights advisory and management tool, Rightsphere, directly into knowledge management applications.

Posted Jun 16, 2009

Proofpoint, Inc., a provider of unified email security, email archiving, and data loss prevention solutions, introduced a new version of Proofpoint ARCHIVE, Proofpoint's SaaS email archiving solution.

Posted Jun 09, 2009

Recommind, a provider of search-powered information risk management (IRM) software, has launched free resources aimed at helping enterprises minimize the risks posed by corporate data.

Posted Jun 05, 2009

Social networking sites and online collaboration tools make it easier for employees to collaborate and share their knowledge. Add email and instant messaging (IM) to the mix and the result is a knowledge-sharing system that can bolster communication and productivity throughout an enterprise.

Posted Jun 01, 2009

VASCO Data Security International, Inc., a software security company specializing in authentication, launched DIGIPASS for Mobile Enterprise Security Edition.

Posted May 29, 2009

DocuLex, a provider of document and content management software development, announced that its Archive Studio WebSearch now has the ability to detect unauthorized or inappropriate email content.

Posted May 27, 2009

Bitrix Inc., a CMS and Intranet Portal development company, announced new security features on its suite of web based applications, including the Bitrix Site Manager and the Bitrix Intranet Portal.

Posted May 22, 2009

LockLizard, a DRM vendor, released LockLizard Flashguard Flash Security, its latest product extending its DRM management systems to shockwave flash (swf) files.

Posted May 15, 2009

Gemalto, Microsoft, Nokia, and Philips have announced an initiative to address the issue of trust in new and emerging digital services.

Posted May 12, 2009

ISO and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) have jointly developed a new standard that defines authenticated encryption mechanisms that provide an optimum level of security.

Posted May 08, 2009

Fidelis Security Systems, a provider of data leakage prevention (DLP) solutions, announced the extension of its Fidelis Extrusion Prevention System product line with the release of Fidelis XPSConnect.

Posted Apr 24, 2009

Arcot Systems, Inc. and Adobe Systems Incorporated announced that they are collaborating on a new solution for more secure correspondence management.

Posted Apr 21, 2009